Quick post in solidarity with Jennifer Bilek who asked me to look at the funding for this organisation from the Arcus Foundation.

Gate have received an enormous injection of cash from Arcus Foundation going back to at least 2013.

Gate was founded by one of thesignatories to the Yogyakarta principles, Mauro Cabral Grinspan, You can read more about these principles here:

Yogyakarta Principles

It is worth noting that another signatory to the Yogyakarta Principles, Robert Wintemute, has admitted that little thought was given to the impact on women’s rights.

Mauro Cabral Grinspan who was the executive director of Gate at the time of this picture.

Cabral-Grinton hails from Buenas Aires and styles themself as an intersex and trans activist. She is also a trans-identified female. It’s not clear if she really suffers from a disorder of sexual development or if this is how she describes a “trans” identity. Cabral-Grinton was also a member of the World Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). Interestingly she also convened a working group which recommended the removal of the concept of a “gender variant child” and pointed out the danger of a negative impact on proto-gay kids. This was in 2013.

You can read this document below.

Gender Incongruence in childhood

Arcus Foundation has an open records of the grants they dispense and their purposes. One of the grants, to GATe, was to fund activists to lobby the World Health Organisation to normalise the idea that people are born in the wrong body and facilitate billion dollar profits for Pharmaceutical companies and the Gender Industrial complex.

GATE also funded trans activists to attend a symposium organised by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). WPATH is a Lobby group which was founded by an activist called Harry Benjamin.

GMI insights projected the profits that can be made on the “transgender” surgeries alone. They projected a Compound Annual Growth rate (CAGR) of 25%+. Note, this does not include the profits to be made by a lifetime dependence on opposite sex hormones. To maximise the mining of profit from healthy, human bodies lobbyists h needed to change laws and capture the health sector. Gate is one of the organisations that have worked to this end.

In this industry forecast they did note that one impediment to the growth rate was rising rates of regret. However, for anyone who regrets their surgery and has removed ovaries/testicles they are still a source of profit because they remain a lifelong dependent on synthetic hormones.

You can read more about the Arcus Foundation in an earlier piece I did on the “charitable” arm of medical technology billionaire Jon Stryker.


Inventing the “anti-gender movement.

GATE also produced a 173 page document t labelling women defending sex based rights as violent and funded through shadowy means and makes spurious allegations that feminists are in league with anti-abortion groups. These are some clips from the section on the United Kingdom.

They also describe “Gender Critical” feminists as people who do not believe it is possible to change sex.

The report itself appears to just accept the word of the respondents on the situation in the U.K. They are not identified but all claim to be working for trans-lobby groups based in the U.K.

The organisations named in the report are listed below. A gay rights organisation, a group of left wing trade unionists, an organisation set up to defend female sports and another that defends “sex” as a legally protected characteristic! All mainstream views in the U.K.

The kind of things set out as successes for the “anti-gender” movement are things like protecting female sports.

Naturally they also claim that womwn defending their rights are also committing violence such that trans activists have been driven to retaliate but this is all in self defence.

The attack on women’s rights is made very clear in the Gate document which shares many characteristics with three documents I covered in my series accusing feminists of engaging in a moral panic. . All deny that women defending sex based rights are “feminists” and all use the label “anti-gender” and make ridiculous assertions of shadowy funding and alliances with anti-abortion groups. You can read that series here:

Moral Panic?

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