Born in the Right Body: Part One.


Today I will be reviewing this book. You can purchase it from Amazon or Ebay, in hard copy, or electronic format. I bought the kindle edition for review purposes but I will be ordering a hard copy for solidarity purposes! Isidora also tweets at the following account.

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Even the first chapter is full of key quotes so I will have to restrain myself.

Chapter One points out that the some of the first victims of the trans-medico complex were gay men whose homosexuality was not tolerated. The hard work of social change was eschewed in favour of body modifications, for the gay men. We are literally carving sexist stereotypes into, and out of, homosexual bodies and disregarding any costs to their health.

I have long said that we are creating a new Eunuch class to police women and Sanger doesn’t shy away from the implications for women either:

The re-designation of some males, as women, has had catastrophic impacts on the status of women in society. The desires of these men have been elevated above the needs of actual woman. Nowhere is this more evident than the phrase “Trans women are women” which is parroted by politicians across the political spectrum; while the language assigned to women is reductive and offensive.

Language is not the only casualty of the lie that men can become women. We now have a new group of sexual fetishists claiming the cover of the “trans” umbrella. We have male rapists in female prisons and a court case against the prison system confirmed this was legal.

Sanger touches on the sleight of hand that replaced sex with gender and is in large measure used as leverage by men with transvestic fetishism/autogynephilia. They needed this obfuscation to push for their re designation as a type of women; even as a type of Lesbian! She also covers the, oft repeated, lies which use people with disorders of sexual development to push the lie that biological sex isn’t real, or is on a spectrum.

Sex matters for all of us even those, perhaps especially those, who are in denial about their biological sex.

Changing sex markers is now routine in the NHS resulting in the ludicrous situation of men being invited for cervical smears. The NHS seems to trust men with delusions to recognise their real sex for health purposes. However, some of these men seem to be in a highly delusional state and not capable of acknowledging reality. Exhibit A. 👇

Because of her medical training Sanger is qualified to examine case studies to make her point.

Chapter 6 examines the complicity of the medical professionals with these ideology which she calls “a pseudoscientific ideology based on wishful thinking”. Again, the author is also trained in psychiatry so in a position to critique their failings. She asks the question about why a delusion about your biological sex is treated differently to apotemnophilia (the desire to cut off a limb).


Another aspect of this which Sanger covers really well is the fantasy element of men who identify as women. Our lives are not slumber parties and fluffy slippers. Identifying “with” us implies empathy when you identify “as” us it is identity theft and it is not just women who pay a price. The effort of maintaining this fiction is exhausting.

Case Study 2 looks at inducing lactation in a male subject and the ethical implications of this as well as females breast feeding while on testosterone. It’s a terrifying experiment on these babies! Sanger makes the point that the accounts of these cases leave out the sex of the baby but the sex of the baby does matter. What will be the impact on a female infant who is dosed up with testosterone as a result of this ideology? Furthermore some men have a sexual fetish with breast feeding, known as Lactophilia, as is evident from the sexualised language used to describe the experience. (And, yes, I am judging!)

The next chapter covers the experiment on children via puberty blockers and the lies trans activists tell to justify this treatment path. The lies about suicide risk is one form these falsehoods take. It’s blackmail.

Chapter 11 details the consequences of using female language to describe males. An excellent over view of all the consequences for women when we lie about someone’s biological sex. She also covers the women who are paid to lie about sex and go along with Gender Identity Ideology from the comfort of their salaried positions. There is a harrowing section on male prisoners being housed with women and the horrendous crimes they are perpetrating within the prison estate.

Chapter 12 challenges those arguing that the P should be included in LGBT+ which, if you missed it, is seriously proposed by sexologist James Cantor, and others.

To this Sanger retorts:

The next section draws on the work of Dr Em who exposes the tactic of paedophiles who aim to normalise their predilection. The tactics are scarily similar to those of trans activists who are eroding the boundaries of women and girls.

The next chapter looks at the strategic use of a technique known as D.A.R.V.O, by trans-activists, which stands for Deny, Attack, Reverse, Victim and Offender. This is used to paint “trans-identified” men as victims, thereby creating a new priestly class immune from critique. This chapter details a case study from Sanger’s own experience which rips off the mask of a man who had sexually abused his niece. The lessons from this individual case can be applied to the institutional D.A.R.V.O to which we are being subjected.

Fantasy versus Reality.

This chapter lays out the consequences of a truth denying ideology and how it is corrupting institutions and policy on a massive scale. A movement built on lies relies on an inversion of the truth to shore it up. Sanger also takes a swipe at the “both-sidesism” at play when men pretend that women are guilty of the same behaviour as the, often violent, “trans” activists. Sanger covers the collusion of the medical establishment, the Ministry of Justice, prisons, law enforcement, schools, the list goes on.

The chapter on symbolism flags and totalitarianism resonated with me; especially the analogy with the Balkans conflict. This chapter also covers the force teaming of the LGB with the T and the historical revisionism of the foundational gay rights movement to centre “trans” activists.

This is a war! A war on reality itself. It’s the madness of crowds and we need society to recover its sense, sooner rather than later!

I will break off here to make sure I do justice to the second half of the book. Sanger has done us a great service with this book. Bravo! 👏👏👏👏

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