James Morton: Trans Britain (Part 16)


James Morton: Scotland

In the week that Scotland plans to let 16 year olds obtain a “gender recognition certificate” ,with only a six month waiting period, and refuses to rule out sex offenders from changing their legal sex, it is timely that I have reached this chapter. Morton is a trans-identified female who seeks validation as a “male” chauvinist by behaving in the most abominably sexist way in respect of women’s rights. Not content with acting out self-hatred on her own body she has turned this lack of self acceptance into an attack on all women.

Morton has been at this for twenty years! Manager of Scottish Trans alliance she has been lobbying the U.K and Scottish governments to institute the most extremist version of gender identity ideology and , unfortunately, has gained the ear of successive governments and political parties.

Here is the transcript from Morton’s appearance at the Women and Equalities Inquiry which is referenced above. (Also covers the late transitioning, male, Sue Pascoe and the woman who has sent years trying to get an X as her “gender” marker).

Transgender Equality Inquiry James Morton et al

Morton follows the usual playbook in describing the process to get a GRC as humiliating and degrading. On the Scottish context, below, like U.K Stonewall Morton makes it clear that cross-dressing men are covered under the “trans” umbrella. As has become clear Scotland are much more mired in this ideology than even Stonewall.

See my series on the Gender Recognition Certificates to see how easy the process actually is and this is before we move to self-identification in Scotland.

Gender Recognition Act: Series

Morton offers the usual reference to the Yogyakarta principles which have no legal standing and are a wish list from extreme trans-ideologues. One of the signatories to these principles has since acknowledged that insufficient account was taken of the rights of women, during their drafting. You can read more about this in this article but I will include a clip about his change of heart, below. Shockingly he admits that nobody raised the issue of the human rights of women.

Yogyakarta Principles

Morton claimed that “Self-Identification”. as the opposite sex, had raised no issues in countries that have adopted it. There is a lot of emotional blackmail and an implied aversion to recording biological sex, on legal documents, at all. So far so predictable. I do just want to bring your attention to this statement and reference to Vera Baird.

I wonder what her thoughts are on this now? I had her down as one of the good ones but, I confess, I have not done a deep dive on her thoughts; unlike the “Vichy” feminist Helena Kennedy who has utterly betrayed women on this issue. Baird did resign from her post as Victims Commissioner in September 2022 because victims of crime were being let down so I will reserve judgement, for now.

Scottish Context.

It is important to note that, in Scotland, the inclusion of the T with the LGB was accomplished much earlier than was the case in the rest of the U.K. as Morton makes clear in Trans Britain. It is also worth noting that the earlier organisations were a coalition between transvestites and “transsexuals”.

I have covered the Beaumont Society earlier in the series but it’s worth repeating that there was some hostility to homosexuals from the heterosexual transvestites. It is my contention that there is a basic incompatibility between people who are same sex attracted and believers that ones “gender identity” grants inclusion in gay dating pools, even if you are the opposite sex. This is becoming clear in the 2020’s but the tension existed from the start in expressions of overt homophobia,

In order to understand the roots of the Scottish movement I had a look at the newsletter for the TV/TS society and their newsletter the Tartan Skirt as well as figures like Julia Gordon and Anne Forrester. Gordon “transitioned” in his forties and seems better known for being an accordion player; specialising in Scottish folk tunes. Forrester seems to have been the more prolific contributor to the magazine. You can get an idea of the content from this snapshot.

You can find copies of the magazines at the digital transgender archive. The above gives you a flavour of the content. I took one for the team and browsed the archives. There are advertisements for gatherings for men who like to cross-dress. Tips on make-up; the best kind of nylons; where to buy women’s shoes for the larger feet; how to behave in the woman’s loo etc. Despite the fact that the sexual component is obvious Forrester, of course, denies there is any sexual component to it. Well, he would say that wouldn’t he?

The content of the magazine is deeply sexist and the men who do this are creepily fascinating by the “feminine” and project their fantasies about what it means to be a woman. They are like stalkers of our entire sex. There is also barely veiled hostility to the wives who don’t show the proper acceptance of this fetish. Here are a few clips from one list of things about cross-dressers. Not a sexual fetish?

Forrester speculated about why men are into cross-dressing going through the usual theories about hormones in utero; dismissing the sexual component; the need for the breadwinner to obtain stress release (executive relief?) ; lady brain inside a man, before, finally, querying whether they are not reincarnated with the legacy of an earlier, female, existence!

There is also a whole article about how to behave when using women’s toilets! The article goes into great detail even about how to pee so you sound like a “lady” and how to comport yourself when interacting with “other women”. It’s seriously creepy stuff once you know you are being forced to participate in a man’s sexual fetish.

Before I go end this digression I will just leave this clip which is also from the Tartan Skirt. In it there is a fantasy about setting up an organisation for Other Women who are sometimes mistaken for men (O.W.W.S.M.M). The premise of this fantasy is to prey on female socialisation to be kind and get around our boundaries in this way, making the man an object of sympathy and tricking women embraced him as a “sisters”. Something like this strategy under pins the instruction to #BeKind to the men who seek access to our spaces. Now men are even getting paid for larping as women at work, even in rape crisis centres.

The alliance of fetishistic men with the LGB started as early as 1997 in Scotland. For context Stonewall, covering the rest of the U.K, didn’t add the T until 2015.

Gordon was instrumental in their decision to deploy the new name “transgender” to, I would argue, distract from the transvestite origins. Morton claims the intention was always to aim to get protections on the more subjective “Gender Identity” idea. 👇

The group LGBT Youth Scotland also became trans-inclusive at the same time.

Funding by the government and NHS Scotland was also there from the start.

They were generating training resources at the outset and trained the NHS, youth workers, teachers, local council staff and even the police,

It was clear early on that the Scots were diverging in the way they were prepared to legislate on this issue; even to the extent of trapping spouses who’s partner had deceived them at the outset.

Soon a group of activists and allies from the NHS, LGBT Health and the Equality Network got together to form an overarching organisation Scottish Transgender Alliance. They also decided to not only include people who identify as “transgender” but also “non-binary” people as well as, of course, cross-dressers.

The Scottish government were involved almost from their inception 👇. In effect the from the Scottish govt were paying lobby groups to lobby them so creating the impression this was a grass roots movement.

It was Scottish government funding that paid for James Morton’s first post, working for Scottish Transgender Alliance. After one year the funding was due to run out and the Scottish National Party (SNP) came to power. Morton need not have worried the SNP were keen to continue supporting the group. Their motivation was described as related to their desire for Scotland to be seen as “progressive” by the European Union. I think this plays a significant role in their continuing motivation to push this agenda.

They were commended by the Council Of Europe, who are distinct from the European Union but hugely influential with the E.U.

European funding followed and this allowed them to pursue networks across the European Union with other activist groups. In Ireland Transgender Equality Network (TENI) outstripped Scotland’s “achievements” by bringing in self-identified sex.

One of the strategies they deployed was using Hate Crime legislation. They found a useful idiot in the Green Party’s Patrick Harvie and Scottish Trans Alliance were fully involved in drafting the legislation. The purpose of the legislation was to embed gender identity ideology in Scottish Law. A subsidiary purpose was to allow crimes to be reported based on a self-perceived notion of “hate” thus the statistics could be “gamed”. This served to convince politicians they were dealing with a bus abused, marginal, minority by inflating “offences”.

“We need the stats”

Here is Morton gaming the system by encouraging reporting because, and I quote, “we need the stats”.

This next quote shows how ethically bankrupt Morton is in her quest to be validated as a man. Claiming that unleashing men on vulnerable female prisoners was an “ethically important” “strategy” to pave the way for the destruction of female only spaces. The depth of contempt I feel for the people who sat in a room to decide this knows no bounds.

By getting people to accept you could house male rapists in female prisons they could push their other goals; men in single sex wards, girls forced to share changing rooms with boys and forcing to call James Morton a man and obvious blokes “women”. Never underestimate how selfish gender zealots are.

Vichy Feminists.

A reminder that nothing could have been accomplished without the women who collaborated. Trans-activists deliberately force-teamed women in the domestic violence sector. Jo Clifford is a heterosexual late-transitioning man who married and had children. The feminists who colluded with him should hang their head in shame for their complicity/gullibility.

This is how Clifford describes himself:

Lesley Irving and Nel Whiting are deserving of no respect for their advocacy of men in rape crisis centres which have resulted on a man running Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre. Mridul Wadwha lied about his sex to infiltrate a rape crisis service for women. What kind of despicable man would do this? He then compounded his error by claiming that they would accept “transphobes” at the service and counsel them to “reframe” their trauma about men. He is at best doing this for validation at worse this allows a man who fetishises hearing women talk about their rape. A man who fetishised acceptance into female only spaces would salivate at breaching the boundaries of rape survivors for his own desires. Further to this one specific man the Scottish government will now not fund any exclusive service for women. However traumatised at the hands of men they are to be forced to share with males! {As an aside Morton mentions some disagreement within the T as to whether or not men who hadn’t had genital surgery were to be accorded the status of “women”. We know which side won.}

Lesley Irving has been rewarded with senior posts in the violence against women sector

Nel Whiting works for Scottish Women’s aid. Katherine Burrows held directorships with both LGBT Scotland and a Rape crisis centre.

Not content with trashing the resources for women they were also keen to make sure NHS Scotland following the clinical pathways as set out by the lobby group WPATH. Morton talks excitedly about how they rushed the changes through by editing NHS Scotland’s own documents to include the new guidelines and persuading the NHS to accept them. The rising rates of detransitioners can be laid at their door.

As much as I despise the men behind this movement I cannot understand females, in flight from their sex, some of them because they are Lesbians and others in flight from sexual trauma, who work so assiduously to strip protections away from women and girls. I can only conclude that their internalised misogyny is not pacified by the destruction of their own bodies; they despise women who have not adopted the “superior sex”.

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