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When you spend your life fighting against conversion therapy whilst unwittingly supporting the most egregious form of gay conversion therapy happening at gender clinics. To be clear I am opposed to any attempt to eradicate same sex attraction, however if Ozanne gets her way the gay conversion therapy happening at gender clinics will become more entrenched.

Jayne Ozanne is a Lesbian and also an evangelical christian. For decades she did not want to be a Lesbian and went to extreme lengths to “correct” her sexuality from “pray away the gay” to exorcism. She did all this voluntarily and at some personal expense, all to no avail. This continues over a lengthy period in which she had two nervous breakdowns and was suicidal. She claims she became reconciled to her sexuality after hearing a voice she assumed was from God, who reassured her of his love.

I steered clear from covering Ozanne for some time, in recognition of her vulnerable background, but her wall to wall media coverage, on the issue of Gay Conversion Therapy, make it imperative that she receives some scrutiny. I am staggered that she does not seem to realise that by demanding that “gender identity” is included in the ban she is in fact supporting the most egregious form of gay conversion therapy, happening at gender clinics.

You can find interviews with Ozanne all over YouTube where she has her own channel. Unfortunately the settings on her channel don’t allow me to link her content but she’s not hard to find. In these interviews she makes it clear that she believes a “transgender” identity or a sexuality is fixed and any attempt to change it is conversion therapy. She also makes an impassioned plea for young gay people to be better supported by the source. Ironically the gay people referred to gender clinics are retreating into a medicalised closet to become faux heterosexuals.

She also says this whist being happy to force women to believe men can be women.

Ozanne set up the Ozanne foundation to campaign for a ban on conversion therapy. On the advisory body is a trans-identified man, who I have written about on this site, and an M.P. Beardsley is a late transitioning male who is in a long standing gay relationship.

You can learn more about Tina Beardsley here 👇

Rev Christine Beardsley: Trans Britain. (Part 8)

Jayne Ozanne was also appointed to the governments LGBT advisory panel where she served for some years until a very public resignation; in dismay at the lack of a law banning gay conversion therapy.

Much of the work of the foundation focuses on working with religious bodies but they also collaborated with Stonewall and Mermaids.

As usual I have looked at the accounts for the Ozanne Foundation, of which Jayne is the director, and at who is funding them. The main funder which stood out was the Foreign Office.

As part of the foundations work they have also set up a group focussed on Banning Gay Conversion Therapy which lists their supporters including Susie Green, late of Mermaids, Peter Tatchell. and Nancy Kelley ex CEO of Stonewall.

What is striking is Ozanne’s inability to recognise that all the arguments against banning gay conversion therapy also apply to “transing away the gay”. She claims that even adults cannot consent to talking therapies, to resolve their issues with their sexuality. She talks a lot about how these adults cannot give informed consent to conversion practices, even prayer, whilst studiously avoiding the fact that we are giving puberty blockers to children, as young as 10, at gender clinics. As I have written about extensively referrals to gender clinics are over whelming same sex attracted. Below are the latest statistics I could find in the public domain, that highlight the over representation of gay youth at gender clinics.

These are the words of a Tavistock whistleblower.

This is a quote from a professor who also raised the alarm.

The Law suits are coming.

I am at a loss to understand why she cannot see that administering harmful drugs, performing double mastectomies on young Lesbians and castrating gay males is the practice that needs banning. As I write a gay man is taking a legal case, in the United States, on the basis that his castration and penile inversion surgery were in fact the Modern Gay Conversion Therapy.

You can find Ozanne lamenting the Conservative goat’s failure to ban conversion therapy on her social media and also Labour’s promise they will introduce it:

I am, of course, blocked.

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