Kate Bornstein

This was part of a series, looking at Gendered Intelligence. Taken from the book Trans Britain. As part of that series I came across Kate Bornstein. I am minded to publish this as a stand alone piece because Miriam Grossman mentioned Bornstein in her excellent interview on Jordan Peterson’s podcast I can highly recommend that interview. Grossman has been resisting this ideology since at least 2009. She also gives the best overview of the lies of John Money.

Miriam Grossman interview

Jay Stewart, a trans-identified female, founded Gendered Intelligence, with her partner Christine McNamara. In the book, Trans Britain, Jay tells us, excitedly, that a conference on Sexuality and Gender, held in Manchester, which attracted scholars from all over the world.

Gendered Intelligence collaborated on a conference with an organisation called transfabulous. They were delighted Kate Bornstein and other notable trans luminaries were in attendance. This is how Bernstein showed up.

My Gender Workbook: 1998.

That name rang a bell so I took a detour to have a quick look. You can easily find a lot about Bornstein just from a cursory look at YouTube. Bornstein was a thrice married man who spent 11 years in the Cult of Scientology. He eventually decided to “transition” whilst a recovering alcoholic and cocaine user. He describes being welcomed by the gay community until he came out as a “Lesbian” where he was, understandably, less welcome. Here is one paragraph on his life: Had a female partner who then decided she was a man while Bornstein found his “slave girrl” side.

This quote was from this book 👇 written by Bornstein which is like Jackie Magazine meets queer theory. It’s from 1998!

Bornstein invokes the language of spirituality to describe their transformation. This deployment of language denoting a higher knowledge from the “trans” ideologues is a common occurrence in these narratives.

This is another diagram from Bornstein book which has an odd reference to the notion of consent.

Let us zone in on the sexual consent issue; “with or without consent”. 👇

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