Liberty are a purported human rights organisation who were formerly styled the National Council of Civil Liberties. You may remember the NCCL from its affiliation with the Paedophile Information Exchange back in the 1970’s.

Cur to the 2020’s and Liberty now openly campaign against women’s rights to single sex spaces under the guise of “trans” rights.

In the U.K. the Equality and Human Rights commission has just issued a letter to clarify that the protected characteristic of sex refers to biological sex. This has become necessary because “trans” lobby groups have been successful in persuading large swathes of our media and the charity sector that biological sex is on a spectrum and that society should be organised on the basis of someone’s purported “gender identity”. This has a disproportionate impact on women who fought for decades to get single sex spaces for anywhere we are vulnerable.

I had a look at Liberty and their funding and discovered that they are bankrolled by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

The Paul Hamlyn Fundation have also funded Mermaids.

They also funded another “trans” lobby group, Gendered Intelligence.

The connections don’t end there. A senior employee atLiberty, was formerly employed by the Equality and Human Rights commission (EHRC). Grey Collier is a he/they who self describes as queer and “trans” amd is also a trustee of the controversial charity Mermaids; a charity who is currently under investigation by the Charity Commission and who is currently trying to strip LGB Alliance of its charitable status. LGB Alliance is the only charity that campaigns on behalf of Gay and Bisexual people on the basis of their SEXual orientation.

Collier was not happy about the EHRC new guidance and over to fight it and made the case on twitter, obviously deciding to abandon the calm, dispassionate language of the lawyerly for rehashes transperbole. Notice Collier uses the example of a “trans” man taking a role reserved for females as in, for example rape crisis services. This is a common trick because it is a lot harder to argue that a male should be allowed to provide services to rape victims. (Although in Scotland a man does run a rape crisis service after lying about his biological sex to get the job.

Update from a twitter follower. Corey Staughton now appears to be working at the Legal Aid Society in New York.

More information about links to Stonewall.

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You can read about the man who inveigled himself into the women’s aid sector here:

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