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I had a look at intercom trust in 2019. I am writing this in 2022. They first came to my attention when they one a Pink News award for their community work. It was presented by Dawn Butler. This is how describe their organisation:

At the time it was noticeably pushing transgender ideology but it had not populated the FAQ’s on same sex orientation. This was a screen shot from May 2020, where the FAQs still had not been updated.

I checked again, it is now three and a half years later: This remains unpopulated in 2022!

It was in May 2020 that I noticed Intercom Trust had also worked on a Transgender guidance pack for Cornwall schools. This was a collaboration with the POLICE! You can read my blog on this below 👇

Cornwall: Transgender Guidance

Intercom trust have attracted £774,859 from the National Lottery dating back to 2007.

If you check their website the promote a number of LGBTQ groups. 17 of them are ”trans” groups. There is no Lesbian Labelled group, for only females, or gay groups explicitly badged as gay and male only.

Woman on Wednesday’s

If you check the Women’s group this is the type of content a young Lesbian would encounter, the aptly names Woman on Wednesdays. Here same sex attraction is replaced by ”Women loving women identities”

Hairy Guys.

The gay men’s groups are not so explicit that the men have to include females. It’s almost as if this is a tale of two sexes.

This is a familiar pattern. They are emboldened to make a full frontal attack on Lesbian rights but a bit more hesitant about interfering with gay male’s rights.

LGB Alliance

In an interesting development LGB Alliance has secured a £9000 grant to undertake a scoping exercise for a new service to help young people who are Lesbian Gay and Bisexual. Many of us were concerned that this grant would be withdrawn as happened to a grant from the Arts Council. This grant was to make a film about older gay males. The explanation given for the withdrawal of funding was because of an attempt, currently underway, to strip LGB Alliance of its charity status. This action has been instigated by the charity Mermaids who fear their market share of gender non-conforming kids will dry up; if these kids realise they can have happy, healthy lives as Gay men, Lesbians or bisexuals. As intended this has delayed LGB Alliance initiatives and allowed critics to complain that LGB Alliance are not setting up positive initiatives. Mermaids is headed up by a heterosexual woman, by the way.

The Arts Council have distanced itself from the decision and blamed it on a local group. They were questioned about this decision by Damian Green, MP, in a parliamentary session. Something tells me this is not the full story.

If intercom Trust cannot even populate the FAQs for sexual orientation, run female only Lesbian groups but push Trans Ideology on gay kids then they ought to be honest and openly campaign as a Transgender Charity.

I am going to look at the National Lottery funding in this area. This will be the first of a series.
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