Margaret Atwood: WTF!


Margaret Atwood is a Canadian author and I think I have read everything she has ever written. If ever I expected an author to be on the side of women it was the author of the Handmaids Tale. For anyone unfamiliar with this book, film, or the television adaptation here is a summary.

Written in 1985 the novel is set in a futuristic dystopian America now renamed Gilead. Gilead is a theocracy, women are subordinate to a new ruling class (new?) of males known as Commanders. There is a fertility crisis so fecund women are both prized but treated like breeding stock. The fertile women are assigned as surrogates to the commanders to provide offspring who will be taken from them to be delivered to the Commander’s wives.

Real Life 2023. Male rapists in female prison, the creation of a new “eunuch” class to infiltrate /police women’s space; ( Soon the eunuchs will be joined addition by the penis retention class). A certain class of women will give new meaning to the phrase “too posh to push”; by hiring surrogates to carry their babies; they will, almost invariably, be working class and legal contracts will use dehumanising language like “gestational surrogates”. In the public sphere women are called “breeder”;”gestator”;”uterus-havers”;”chestfeeders” or worse, One publication assigned men (wannabe women) ownership of the term “vagina” and described actual women’s vaginas as “front-holes”.

This is the living dystopia before we even get the sterilising of autistic, proto-gay and other vulnerable children at gender abbatoirs. 👇. Marci Bowers public statement while President Elect of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH).

Handmaids tale.

These two images delineate the hierarchies in the fictional tale. Replace “Commendars” with “Trans Overlords” and it almost seems Atwood’s book could be the instruction manual.

The women are divided and allocated roles as handmaids, wives, domestic servants, brothel workers or women assigned to keep their sisters in-line. In real life the “Aunts” dominate the NGO Sector.

Atwood is I believe in her ninth decade, she is rich and successful and, you would think, uncancellable. However, she also lives in Canada. Recently she posted this about her beliefs on “trans” issues.

Margaret Atwood speaks

Here are a couple of clips: 

She begins with a reference to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. Not much to disagree with there…but then

She makes an extraordinary leap to centre “trans” people. Of course, she propagates the mythical epidemic of trans murders. What is actually happening is that 68% of those deaths are males involved in prostitution and mainly in South America. I looked at this for the U.K. context and this demographic committed 12 murders while there were 9 victims. One of the victims was killled by another man who identifies as a “woman”. (Since I did this analysis there has been one more death but no details about whether this was related to their status as “trans)


Russia are laying claim to a territory they claim was always “theirs” much like men who claim they are “women” and here Atwood sides with the invading force. She ends with a mindless platitude.

Women didn’t vote for this. Most of the legislation was passed in stealth, tacked onto popular causes and activists warned to “avoid press coverage”. They needed to circumvent democracy to strip women of our sex based rights because they know forcing women to share intimate spaces with penis owners is unpopular, to say the least.

Well done Ms Atwood.

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