Russell Reid: Part One


Reid was a clinician at the Charing Cross Gender Clinic and a member of the Parliamentary Forum for Transsexuals, set up by Lynne Jones, M.P and Zoe Playdon. In 2007, following reports by patients and colleagues, a fitness to practice hearing was held; where he was found guilty of Serious Professional Misconduct, following which strict conditions were imposed on his practice.

The full transcript of that hearing is attached.

Russell Reid

Important context for Reid is his interest in apotemnophilia. This is about people who hate ome of their limbs or otherwise identify as disabled. Reid was involved in a case where a man persuaded doctors to amputate his limbs.

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Twister Film on apotemnophilia

It occurs to me that what was regarded as serious misconduct in 2007 is now routine practice, especially at the unregulated “clinics” operating abroad. Here are details of the patients taken from the hearing transcript with some supplemental information from The Guardian and a website run by a trans-identified male. They follow a common pattern of early access to hormones and premature referrals for surgery. (My son obtained hormones within a period of 6 weeks, no counselling and to this day he does not “live as a woman”, whatever that means. By which I mean he does not dress in a parodic imitation of women or use female spaces). The link to “episodic transvestism” as a pipe line to transsexualism is interesting to see. 👇 (A male who identifies as “transsexual” tells me this is a standard joke in his circles. “What’s the difference between a transvestite and a transsexual? Answer: 5 years).

Patient C is rather more disturbing. There was a lack of a rigorous assessment but the Guardian shared some addition detail.

Hearing: Russell Reid

He was a convicted paedophile. This was reported by journalists covering the hearing but does not appear in the transcript by the GMC.

A further source claims C had more sinister motivations; he wanted to become a woman to get close to his ex boyfriend’s children. (This source is someone who is trans-identified I don’t know their sex but as they claim “female” they are likely a male. Irrespective it is a very comprehensive source).

Russell Reid

Patient narrowly missed out on an unnecessary double mastectomy.

Patient D was a very vulnerable patient; suffering from manic depression and delusions that she was Jesus!

Another person who took legal action against Reid was Claudia Mclean. You can find Claudia on twitter and read about where Julie Bindel covers Claudia’s experience.


I have broken off to do a piece on Reid as an accompanying piece to my series on the book “Trans Britain” by Chris Burns. I will do another one on Reid on a paper he gave at the “Gendy’s conference.

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