Julie-Anne Curtiss: Rugby Player


Thank you to Nancy Kelley, of Stonewall for drawing my attention to Curtiss when she supported his crowdfunder to support a legal action against the RFU (Rugby Football Union); to demand to play against young women. Since this tweet the crowdfunder seems to have been removed and Curtiss has locked their twitter account, deleted their instagram, removed some of his YouTube videos and ended his blog, which now appears to have been deleted.

Curtiss is a heterosexual, late “transitioning” male, who has more than one marriage behind him, and has fathered three children. He has one who would be at least 17. He refers to his “child” in this YouTube video mourning the loss of a young, trans-identified, male, Brianna Ghey, who was stabbed to death killed (trial pending).

Brianna Tribute

This is his twitter profile, now locked.

I took the trouble to archive his blog which you can read here:

Tyler Girl blog

The blog starts in 2010 and is immediately preoccupied by “trans” issues from which he denies he derives any sexual gratification but admits some men do: well, he would say that wouldn’t he?

This is what he has to say about homosexuals. Like a lot of cross-dressers the toleration for homosexuality seems limited. This has echoes of the Beaumont Society (Society for cross-dressers who then claimed a “trans” identity)who made it clear that “overt displays of homosexuality will not be tolerated”. Remember this man has the public support of the erstwhile, gay rights, charity Stonewall yet he seems to have an issue with flamboyant, gay men, who he calls “fairies”.

He’s not keen on Lesbians either. Joanna Charity is an MP and a lesbian, her crime is to defend single sex spaces and same sex attraction. To Curtiss she is a “f**king TERF”.

He explains that he started accessing support groups, on-line, and it was here he got a tip to use occasions where dressing up was acceptable to experiment, with cross-dressing, in public. He decided to dress up as his ex-wife, which is not creepy at all, and here’s what he posted about that: The 1970’s called and it wants its jokes back.

He also set up a facebook profile in the name of Julie-Anne and used it to interact with unsuspecting women. He describes this as not allowing the “man-suit” to get in the way of interactions with the women.

His description of letting “Julie-Anne” emerge gives me the vibe of “becoming the thing he loved” like a lot of the narratives of autogynephiles. This reads, to me, as a man in the grip of a paraphilia which he can’t repress even though it will probably drive a wrecking ball through his marriage.

The Wife

During this period he is flaring the idea of coming out to his wife. She was not keen on the idea. He claims they had two conversations which left him frustrated but determined to persuade her to accept “Julie-Anne” by “chipping away”. I don’t know if Jacqui was worn down by his persistence. I imagine she had no idea about autogynephilia and was probably in ignorance of the other “woman” (Julie-Anne) in their marriage.

In his second attempt, after noticing his change of personal habits, growing his nails and shaving his body hair, and she is quite clear that she is only interested in marriage with a man.

I have not located any information as to whether their relationship survived or if, indeed, this was a factor in the break up of his earlier marriage.


Curtiss my, or may not, have persuaded his wife to accept him but he seems to have done quite a job of persuading a female rugby team. He produced a video to accompany his crowdfunder, now deleted. . Courtesy of a mutual twitter follower. I managed to get hold of the video and download it. In it, to a background of sad music, he sets out his case and features his coach expressing vehement support for him. Being excluded from the female category has made him very sad. The suicide threats are never far away from this issue.

He is also outraged that the RFU seem to expect him to use the male showers. (This strongly implies he has been using the female facilities). He also displays reckless entitlement re the risk to female players but claims he would be at risk against other men!

He also uses the “there are so few of us” argument. I see purportedly, intelligent, commentator’s use this all the time. Firstly, it only takes one man to steal medals and team places from women, his presence has a rippple effect and that’s before the explosion of men we are seeing entering women’s sports. One man using female facilities also robs all the women from a single sex space.

Next up is the apartheid gambit. Politicians, like David Lammy used this during the parliamentary debates, recording on Hansard, on passing the Gender Recognition Act.

He does seem to have some vocal support from his team members.. His coach gives an impassioned speech, on his behalf, claiming that there is no science to back up the exclusion from males in female rugby because there have been no injuries and , in any case, some girls are six foot five and weigh 70 kilos heavier than other girls. She is particularly outraged that this decision “ignores the science”.

She contributed to the video for his crowdfunder and also tweeted about to display her outrage.

It’s worth pointing out that the two women he quotes who support him are both on his team. The more pertinent community to comment would surely be the women who have played against him.


It’s worth have a look at the blog for his post, in April 2023, claiming that banning him from female sport is one of the ten steps that precede the perpetration of a genocide.

He is right about one thing though, we are not accepting that men can colonise our sex and force us to accept them as “women”. So, yes, this is about sport, but it’s also because you are not female and don’t belong in female sports or out single sex spaces

He seems to be perfectly serious about this using a Genocide Watch tool to outline the steps that are taking place.

Top of the list is the formation of LGB Alliance; a charity set by two Lesbians to defend Gay Men, Lesbians and bisexuals. Next, he lists not being allowed to compete against the opposite sex and finally the proposal to confirm that sex means (biological) sex in the relevant equality legislation. For number two he uses the example of the male rapist, Isla Bryson, who claimed to be “trans” as an example of the build up to mass extermination. The “logic” here requires some mental gymnastics but he appears to mean that because the state is granting leniency to men, who identify as women, nefarious men are using a trans -identity to harm “transgender” people. You have to have quite a twisted logic to frame a man, who raped two females, as an attack on trans-ide tidied males. There are the usual exaggerations about the murder rate for “trans” people and how vulnerable “transgender women” ,would be, in male toilets especially now there is rising rates of knife crime. There are lots of defamatory claims about women defending single sex spaces in literal alliance’s with far right /neo nazis. Apparently the proposal to better regulate access to medical interventions for gender dysphoric youth is akin to mass sterilisation. I am sure you get the drift. I did notice he also admits to reading David Icke.

The claim that any attempt to defend women’s boundaries will lead to a genocide is something I have seen numerous trans activists claim. Most recently in the statement by a “trans” identified man, Emma Bridges, because he is no longer able to compete against women. This is an excerpt from a longer post by Bridges.

There’s a reason people coined the word “transperbole”.

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