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I came across Wadwha’s submission to the Transgender Equality Inquiry when I began a series to look at all the contributions. This has proved to be quite a time consuming endeavour and will be a long term project. You can see all the written submissions at this link below. Many are anonymous but some familiar names appear.

Written Submissions to Trans Equality Inquiry

Mridhul, for anyone unfamiliar with him, is a man who describes himself as a woman and has used this identity to take a paid post, at a rape crisis centre. Under U.K law these posts can be restricted to females which makes it an attractive proposition for these men. Wadwha has taken his need to be accepted, as a woman, to extreme lengths. What kind of man uses rape victims as validation aids and what kind of women aid and abet him? This is him from six years ago in a YouTube promoting the need for a self-declaration, Gender Recognition Bill. The “people just had to accept it” is a revealing form of expression; dripping with male entitlement. Link below, at 4:44. This YouTube also includes an appearance from Vic Valentine the pink news “journalist”.

Pink Saltire.

This is Mridhul laughing about lying about his biological sex to infiltrate the women’s aid sector. He really is laughing. He then became the CEO of Edinburgh rape crisis even though he LIED and is a man! This clip is via Wings of Scotland’s YouTube account.

Edinburgh Rape Crisis receives a large amount of funding from the Scottish National Party (SNP), also the National Lottery and the tampax fund. Here is Mridul with Nicola Sturgeon. Mridhul would go on to stand as a candidate for the SNP but he did eventually resign from the party. (When I started this piece I did not know it would end with Sturgeon’s resignation)!

Mridul’s departure from the party was in protest at a vote to allow female rape victims the right to refuse to be examined by a male. This gives you the measure of the man.

Astonishingly he remains at Edinburgh rape crisis despite some of his public pronouncements. Let us take a look at a few of them.

The above was a comment on the Guilty Feminist podcast. The comments appeared to be linked to the ongoing debate about female only services for victims of sexual assault. Wadwha’s response was in the vein of “even bigots get raped” but don’t expect not to be challenged over your “prejudices”

In the wake of the backlash to these comments the Scottish Green Party weighed in to support him, is issuing a statement via Maggie Chapman.

What Chapman failed to add is that she herself had worked at Edinburgh Rape Crisis.

Of course we have seen much more of Chapman in her disgraceful performance over the Scottish Gender Recognition Bill.

Chapman is on the extremist wing in relation to Gender Identity Ideology. She had this to say before the Scottish Parliament vited down amendments to stop rapists getting legal recognition as “women”.

You can watch this in full, below, on Alf Up a Tree’s Youtube: Alf is an important chronicler of this moment in history.

Maggie Chapman

In his submission, to the Transgender Equality Inquiry, Wadwha begins by boasting about his involvement in the Rape Crisis centre and in aid for womens of domestic abuse. He also reveals that he has manage to inveigle his way into the police service to provide training. He is also writing publications for the Scottish Government on forced marriage.

He also reveals his affiliation with Scottish Trans Alliance.

In this next paragraph he seems keen to let us know that his has stolen a paid role from a woman. He also provides some statements about “trans” victims he also makes it clear he includes “cross-dressers” under the “trans” umbrella. There is no data to back up his claim that rates of violence against the “trans” community are comparable to male violence against women and girls.

He extends those point to call for working together to oppose all forms of “gender” based violence in a move known as force-teaming.

He then moves swiftly to demand an end to the legal provisions that allow women to exclude men like Wadwha from imposing himself in a space for vulnerable survivors of male sexual violence.

He then proceeds to call for mandatory training on “trans” issues and for all women only refuges to be denied government funding.

He ends with a series of demands about “trans” migrants.

This is Wadwha’s submission

TRA0219 -Mridul Wadwha

I will just end with some clips from an interview which Wadwha did with The Student.


A couple of clips jumped out at me. He is, of course, afforded female pronouns throughout. I am sure I am not the first person to notice what a strange emphasis he had in the interview on orgasm during rape.

He also makes a rather tone deaf observation about how he tries to keep the work “fun”

He also has the gall to say that men couldn’t possibly do the work he does.

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Mermaids: Transgender Equality Inquiry: Written Submissions


A trawl through the written evidence submitted. This will be a series.

Here is the link where you can find all the written submissions and watch /read transcripts of the oral evidence.

Transgender Equality Inquiry:Evidence

I will looking at all the submissions and cover the newsworthy ones. This will be an ongoing project.


Since Mermaids are in the dock at the moment let’s start with them. Here is their written submission:


As Belinda Bell, Mermaid’s Trustee is giving evidence in Mermaids attempt to have Charitable Status withdrawn from the U.Ks only charity exclusively for those who are same sex oriented or bisexual it seems apposite to start with them. Dr Belinda Bell is not a medical doctor and is very keen to stress that Mermaids do not given medical advice. Here are a few snippets from her testimony this morning.

Here are a few clips from their submission to the Transgender Equality Inquiry:

First up: Puberty Blockers are reversible:

The President Elect of WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health), Marci Bowers, a surgeon who performs body modifications in this field and who is “trans” identified said this about puberty blockers. Especially in natal males:

Susie Green, of Mermaids, is well aware of this having joked about her son’s stunted genitalia on camera. See below: 👇

Susie Green

This makes the surgery much more complicated because there is not sufficient penile tissue to work with and surgeons have to be “creative” in using flesh taken from elsewhere.

Mermaids were at the forefront of lobbying for earlier treatment justifying it with arguments about minimising the need for more surgeries in future.

They were not adverse to lobbying GPs on behalf of parents as was detailed in parent testimony in my series on “trans children

Here they are describing a “full biological puberty” an “undesirable condition” and, again warning of the undesirability of delaying the administration of puberty blockers.

In addition they promote binders but then warn about the muscoskeletal damage they can cause.

Mermaids Tips on Binding

Furthermore they are well known for leveraging fears about suicide to demand earlier intervention.

There is no evidence for this claim put out by Susie Green. Not exactly the kind of language you would expect from a Charity CEO?

Here’s Susie recommending Helen Webberley, of Gender GP, who had been suspended for supplying cross sex hormones to a 12 year old and is now suspended again. Her husband and work colleague was also Doctor but he has now been struck off the medical register.

Here they are quoting a clinician arguing it could be considered unethical to “withhold treatment”.

If you have not seen enough you can read more on Susie Green and her oral testimony, to the panel of the Transgender Equality Inquiry, here:

Open Oral Evidence Megan Key et al

If you want to offset the influence of funded lobby groups, and tip the balance in favour of gender critical women, on this issue, you can support my work here:

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