Martine Rothblatt: Transgender to Transhuman:



This is the second edition, with a new title, of Apartheid Of Sex.


The foreword to this edition was provided by Harold Blackman. Blackman was a historian and consultant to the Simon Wiesenthal centre. He opens by claiming that Martine, writing with lawyerly precision, will be seen as a visionary who made the case for the transgender movement.

Sex denialism

Like the first edition it relies, heavily, on the idea than any separation of the sexes is akin to apartheid. Furthermore Rothblatt’s vision includes the ultimate in sex denialism, to the extent that he opposes recording sex on any official documentation.

Rothblatt is not the only one drawing a comparison to South African apartheid. Here is David Lammy (U.K M.P. and the man who steered the Gender Recognition Act through parliament) using the same argument.

Brockman proceeds to argue that Rothblatt’s ideas, that there is “no absolute binary male-female distinction” would have impressed Charles Darwin. He claims Rothblatt has built his case on evolutionary biology, animal and human, which turns out to mean a variation of the clownfish argument. For neophytes this is based on various fish who switch between male and female to balance out the sexes; his examples are the swordtail and butter hamlets.

If this argument fails to persuade, Brockman argues, Rothblatt has other contentions that may convince you. Perhaps you are more persuaded by the “transgendered brain” but, for Brockman it is the minimal differences between the sexes that should end “gender segregation”.

If you wonder why women, fighting for single sex spaces, are often called “Nazi” this is an equivalence made frequently by Rothblatt.

Writing gay men and Lesbians out of history

No account would be complete without referencing the “transgender” contribution to the Stonewall riots, even though these accounts range from merely exaggeration to the totally fabricated. Brockman does not disappoint. For a true account of the Stonewall riots see Fred Sargeant, who was actually there.

Fred Sargeant on the Stonewall Riots

The eradication of homosexuality

Could there be any clearer statement of intent than this quote. 👇

Gay straight and even bisexual will lose all meaning”.

Transgender to Transhumanism.

Not content with destroying sex based rights and gay history, Rothblatt is also going for, arguably, what it means to be human. Martine envisages a future when we escape the prison of the flesh and our own mortality. This is what underpins the Terasem movement; “indefinite life extension

You can read the preface, in full, at the link below.

Martine Rothblatt’s The Apartheid of Sex 15 Years Later

Part of a series on Transgender to Transhumanism. More to follow.

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Martine Rothblatt: Transgender to Transhuman: Preface


This is the title of the second edition of the Apartheid of Sex, authored by a trans-identified male: Martine Rothblatt.


You can read more about Rothblatt here :

Apartheid of Sex 2 : Martine Rothblatt

For this post I am just, briefly, going to cover the preface to the second edition. If you think Rothblatt sounds like a mad professor, who nobody could possibly take seriously, you would be very much mistaken (except for the “mad” part). The reason I returned to look at Rothblatt is that, as of this month, he has been appointed, as trustee, to the Mayo Clinic; who are a key player in “transgender” medicine and have been ranked as the first hospital in the world.

Here Martine talks about his vision of making ourselves into hybrids, escaping the limitations of our flesh by creating living, human avatars. It seems likely that this will be restricted to elites leaving the rest of us as a, flesh based, underclass.

The God Delusion

He came to the conclusion that technology would enable the ultimate separation of the mind and body and allow a fusion of human beings with computers. Clearly masquerading as a woman has not fulfilled his wishes and he is driven to more extreme measures. He has not changed from male to female that is an illusion/delusion. He remains an arrogant male with added god complex.

This is a man determined to master nature and by doing so he would remove all traces of what it means to be human. What kind of mindset would you need to have to envisage living as a floating brain hooked up to machines?

Bodily dissociative disorder.

This research likely has some bearing on Rothblatt’s fantasy world.

Internet gaming: Bodily disassociation

Martine believes his “mental gender” is more important than biological reality. What is truly astonishing is the complete lack of self-awareness. Everything about Rothblatt screams alpha male; uber masculinity and a desperate need to elevate himself above his fellow humans. The claim to a “unique” identity “beyond male or female” is a desperate bid for a new hierarchy, with Rothblatt at the top. He seems to be trapped in patterns of rigid thinking which confuses an inability to conform to sex stereotypes with “gender”; when it is really just your personality. He is selling the ultimate in conformity as non-conformity, carving sex stereotypes into, and out of, your own flesh.

In order to affirm his delusion Rothblatt needs to reshape society to accommodate his whims. Not satisfied by destroying the idea of sexual dimorphism, by eradicating the categories of male and female, he wants new categories beyond human and non-human. To be transhuman is to be beyond flesh; a hybrid of man and electronic circuitry.

Carceral feminism?

Throughout the book Rothblatt presents a bastardised version of “feminism” to claim that transhumanism, gender ideology, is a logical extension of feminist thought and to feign concern for women’s rights.

Note that Rothblatt claims the position at the top of the victim hierarchy claiming that men like him have it worse and it is they who show courage!

Rothblatt is one of the architects of the new subjugation, exemplified by the incarceration of men in female prisons. Here is a piece I did on Rothblatt’s vision for the carceral system, with a couple of quotes below 👇


Let that sink in. Single sex prisons has not prevented rape (male rape in male prisons) so we will introduce heightened risk, for females, by unleashing men on them. Women are to be incarcerated with males and given mandatory contraception to guard against prison pregnancy which, by implication, refers to the increased risk of rape. Notice also that women are pressed into service as aids to rehabilitation.

What is more horrifying is that this evil genius has had significant success with his bizarre vision. He has succeeded in mainstreaming ideas of the “transgender woman” versus the “cis woman”. We are putting men in female prisons, even rapists. We are lauding men like Martine as “stunning and brave”.

Brave New World?

Well worth reading Brave New World in the light of Rothblatt’s dystopian vision. Full text here 👇

Brave New World

Aldous Huxley imagines a world where babies are grown in test tubes and bred for pre-ordained social roles.

Mother is a dirty word, love, romance, monogamy are frowned upon. Strong feelings are ameliorated by drugs, an elite censors dangerous works including Shakespeare. The babies are brought up in a love free environment, nobody knows who’s offspring they are. Their careers train them for their station in life, electric shocks are administered if they show an unhealthy interest in the beauties of nature.

Unzipped genes: Taking charge of Baby-making

To appreciate the pertinence of Brave New World we have to look at another work by Rothblatt.

A couple of quotes so you can see the language Rothblatt uses. This is the language of a consumerism and eugenics. Choosing from a “menu”

I will cover “Unzipped Genes as part of this series. For now it is just worth knowing that this multi-millionaire is driving the spread of “transgender ideology” and even has his own religion.

I will break off before I dig into the chapters of his book. We are in Bond Villain territory here.

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Researching the history and the present of the “transgender” movement and the harm it is wreaking on our society.


Apartheid of Sex 2 : Martine Rothblatt


Forgive the title, especially those of you with experience of actual apartheid. This is the title of a book by a heterosexual, married, trans-identified male : Martine Rothblatt.

I have written about Rothblatt before but, as of August 2022, he is now on the board of the Mayo Clinic, which among other things, provides “transgender medicine” ; hence he needs a further post (s). 👇

You can read my first post here.


Rothblatt’s Finest Hour.

Rothblatt is a remarkable person with an impressive list of achievements, some of which. seem laudable. For me, his finest hour was his actions when he discovered his daughter had a life limiting condition, pulmonary arterial hypertension. One source stated that this was expected to take her life within two years, though Rothblatt is quoted as saying within three months, in one article. Irrespective of any discrepancies about the time frame it was a life threatening condition, at that time.

Rothblatt threw himself into research to search for a cure. Of course, it helped that Rothblatt was a millionaire, but he does seems to have done the initial research himself. He is evidently a smart guy so I find this plausible.

His mission was successful: He found a scientist willing to help, at a price, and the results saved his daughter’s life.

It’s possible there are some distortions /exaggerations in these accounts, the money sure played a role but he was tenacious in his fight to save his daughter’s life and it seems churlish to try to diminish that achievement. Whether this success fuelled a “God complex” seems like a reasonable supposition based on his future activities.

Onto the more controversial stuff:

First off, Rothblatt was described as the highest paid “female” CEO. I wonder if Rothblatt’s ponders whether another man might take an award /post/ achievement away from his daughter? (source

He also has an interest in cyber technology, specifically constructing robots with an ambition to make them sentient. He created one, called BINA48, to which he uploaded information, about his wife, based on her digital footprint. Rather spookily the robot is called the same name as his wife, Bina, and the creation is referred to as a “gynoid” .

This takes us onto another of Rothblatt’s pet projects, not unconnected with the robot wife.

Rothblatt’s is a renowned transgender activist but he has the added twist of transhumanism.

👇 “One of <his> goals is to tear down walls and barriers that exist between the digital world and biological existence”

Before I do a full review of the book I refer you to these articles on Rothblatt. Their coverage is such that it would be superfluous to add more here.

First up from the women are human site. (Superb resource, well worth signing up).

Mad Architect of Gender Ideology

This gives you a flavour.

Next is part 1 of a series on the 11th Hour Blog. Worth reading the whole series which will give you an idea about how strategic this movement is. It took a lot of planning to spread this ideology, globally. U.K readers while find our own Stephen Whittle pops up.

Rothblatt: Transgender to Transhumanism

You can also find a thread about this book, by me, on twitter:

Apartheid of Sex

I will do a detailed review of the book, Apartheid of Sex, for this blog;for completeness. However, my thread 👆is quite comprehensive so I will postpone that until I have read and reviewed his other book. (Post script: I have now read the book, Transgender to Transhumanism, and it is a new edition of the Apartheid of Sex, so I will cover that and post on the differences, if it seems worthwhile).

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