Tara Hewitt: NHS.

This week the EHRC issued guidance which attempted to clarify, for service providers, that single sex services can be provided to women only. Tara Hewitt, an NHS employee, immediately took to twitter to denounce the guidance and urge senior NHS staff not to comply. Shockingly many senior people in the NHS Agreed.

EHRC Guidance.

The guidance itself is actually a restatement of the law. Even those men with a Gender Recognition Certificate, conferring a legal ”gender” status as a ”woman” ,can be legally excluded from female only spaces providing the exclusion is “legitimate and proportionate”. The problem we have had, for many years, is the widespread policy capture which has made service providers wary about using these exemptions, hence there is little case law to flesh out the circumstances in which women have the right to expect a single sex space actually excludes males. The Trans community is very litigious and between their legal challenges and the relentless ”trans” propaganda, NHS trusts have capitulated to the demands of the ”trans lobby”.

The end result has been this shocking case of a female patient, raped on a ward claiming it was female only. On reporting her rape she was told it had not happened because there was no man on the ward. The hospital itself lied to the victim.

For a hospital to collude with this is, of course, heinous but they are not helped by the privacy requirements built into the Gender Recognition Act. If the man in question had a Gender Recognition Certificate and this information is obtained because of your professional role, there are legal sanctions for revealing this information. At the present time the fine is set at Level 5 which is an unlimited financial penalty. This has created the bizarre situation where a member of staff is forced to tell you that an obvious man, is a woman.

What do we know about Tara?

This is Tara Hewitt. They are currently head of Diversity and Inclusion for the Northern Care Alliance (NHS).

Tara is also a trans-activist and co-founder of a Lobby group TELI.

Tara is employed by the NHS and once stood as a candidate for the Conservative Party. Because they have a public profile we know more about Hewitt than, perhaps, we would like. Tara is a Catholic who is opposed to women’s reproductive rights. In their spare time they also have a few interesting hobbies. {As covered in the Liverpool Echo, link below}.

Tara Hewitt

Tara has a YouTube channel and one of the uploads was a presentation given to staff from the Macmilla charity. It makes for a very interesting watch.

Tara Hewitt

Tara announces their job title as Diversity and Inclusion lead for UniversityHospitals Trust, South Manchester. Hewitt had been incited to give a talk to Macmillan by one of the people present who worked with them on the Manchester LGBT Cancer Support Alliance. Tara advises that they also work as a freelance diversity consultant and have worked with NHS Trusts across the U.K, they also lecture Health and Social Care students in different Universities. They have also advised prisons on inclusion. Tara was also part of an initiative called ”Trans Equality Legal Initiative” with these partners. 😳

Garden Court Chambers are currently being taken to an Employment Tribunal by Alison Bailey, one of the founders of LGB Alliance. You can read about her case here and also donate.

Alison Bailey

Action For Trans Health are one of the most extreme Trans Activist groups. Here are just a sample of the demands made, in a manifesto, which was public in 2018.

You may also remember the case of Jess Bradley, the first NUS Trans Officer who disappeared after posting pictures of himself indecently exposing himself at work. Here he is with Action For Trans Health.

As an aside, Tara is the worst presenter and totally unable to garner any engagement. I would love someone who had been there to tell me how it was received.

First there is some ramblings about intersectionality, with a trans spin. Then Tara tries to get participants to guess how many trans people will present with cancer. He claims this will be 300,000 out of a population he estimates at 600,000. He then proceeds to define trans people.

Transsexual in Tara’s world is someone who operates in a Gender Binary and has adopted the opposite Gender Role and this is irrespective of surgical status. According to Hewitt they dont need surgery to legitimate theor ”trans” status. Next he includes Drag Queens and Drag Kings. Next he moves on to cross-dressers and has this to say, in a room which appears to be predominantly, possibly all, female.

He doesn’t stop there:

It’s telling that this talk is met with stony silence. I would have reported this as sexual harassment. Tara then gives a mini lecture about why we should not judge so long as people are happy! (He can fuck off. I am judging, right now!). This is someone with no boundaries who we are allowing to influence policy and who also, by the way was appointed to Chair the Board of Governors at a boys school! (I checked he is no longer there).

He then lists a whole load of other ”identities” under the trans umbrella including transvestite which is when you want to parade your fetish in public. Some bether about non-binary and gender queer and them a tiresome lecture about pronouns….Sigh.

He also reminds the women to use the terminology that the trans person uses. One of them is that some transwomen prefer their penis a clitoris and it is polite to use the trans persons own terminology.

Tara then moves on to explain that a significant number of trans identified people are involved in ”sex work” and also many of them are sexually exploited. He does not link these two things and cautions his captive audience about not stigmatising those in the ”sex trade”. In order to reinforce the instructions to comply with the demands for preferred pronouns and not shaming men’s sexual proclivities, Tara throws in some made up statistics. The women are not even making eye contact.

This is who is influencing the NHS!

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  1. Where do you start, i mean its like I’m on a different planet if these folks really are influencing the NHS and government policy.

  2. I’ve tried three times to donate but each time I reach the address pane and try to enter my details things go wrong.

  3. Sadly, this type of ‘information’ is presented by a trans woman here in New Zealand too. This person who is a senior has stated openly that they have never had a physical relationship in their life due to being ‘excluded’.

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