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I have had a look at Anthony Watson before because he donates to Dawn Butler M.P. I was moved to do some digging after she made this pronouncement on breakfast television; while she was standing for Deputy Leader! (It was not her only foray into LGBT politics, but it was her most high profile statement). She retracted it a few days later after much, deserved, public ridicule.

Who is Anthony Watson?

Watson is an extremely wealthy, gay, man. This is his wikipedia entry. He is described as “one of the most influential gay men in the world”. He was also elected to the Board of GLAAD, which stands for Gays and Lesbians against Defamation, in 2013. The irony of their name will become clear.

Anthony is quite a big donor to the Labour Party, in the U.K. You can search this data on the Electoral Commission website here: 👇

Electoral Commission

Here are the search results. As you can see he made 22 donations in all approaching £340,000. This will not sound much to readers in the United States but, in the U.K, donations are much more regulated. As an individual donor he would be regarded as a significant contributor. {As an aside the Trade Union movement dwarf the contributions, by individuals, hence why so much effort has been expended courting them. They deserve a stand alone piece focussing on how they betrayed their female members, especially the Unions whose membership is predominantly women. Trade Union leaders are more focussed on their male members, pun intended}.

Watson was clever in his donating strategy. He did donate directly to the Labour Party but the majority of his donations, 22 in all, were give directly to M.Ps. He directed his monies to those in the running for key leadership positions. Below is a PDF of all his donations ranked in descending order, based on the level of contribution.

Donations Watson

Here is a screen shot showing the top beneficiaries. Angela Eagle and Owen Smith were both attractive targets for Watson, as they were in the Labour Leadership bid. Ditto Yvette Cooper. Dawn Butler was, at one point, in the running for the Deputy Leadership. Wes Streeting and Peter Kyle were also recipients, this is unsurprising as both are Gay Man and Kyle represents Hove, which is near Brighton, and arguably the U.K centre for Trans activism.

Both Dawn Butler and Wes Streeting continue to attract Watson’s £’s in 2022.

Wes Streeting

Streeting was formerly employed by, Lobby Group, Stonewall, as Head of Education. He was also accused of being a member of a sinister facebook designed to smoke out women who believe in women’s sex based rights. This involved the now disappeared ”Lily Madigan”, a man who took a women’s officer post, in the Labour Party and disappeared from public view after some rather sordid allegation. You can find a detailed account on Graham Linehan’s substack, here is a clip. 👇

According to screenshots, taken at the time, Wes Streeting was a member of that group. That the group existed is not in doubt; more than one women, of my acquaintance, was named as a ”transphobe” by the, rainbow draped,witch-finder generals.

If Wes Streeting was involved, it would seem he has gone on somewhat of a journey. No MP can keep on top of all aspects of modern day issues and many gay men seem to have assumed this is the new Gay Rights issue. Throw in his past association with Stonewall and he may have taken his opinion off the shelf. Whatever the truth of his position this is from an interview, in the Guardian, in January this year (2022).

I would still be wary of what compromises he thinks women should have to make but, if nothing else, it could suggest he has seen which way the wind is blowing. Either that or Labour MPs are wanting women’s votes in the bag before they betray us.

Proponents of this new manifestation of male imperialism; you have met your match on Terf Island.

Angela Eagle.

Eagle is more of a puzzle to me. She is a Lesbian and therefore, one would have assumed, she would understand that female homosexuals are attracted the same SEX. Perhaps Angela is unaware that dating apps, specifically for Lesbians, are banning women for making it clear they do not want to date males, however they identify. Is she aware of the ”Cotton Ceiling” which is transgender speak for the barrier Lesbian’s knickers present to “male lesbians”? Stonewall even employ a man who ran a “male only” (MAAB: Male Assigned at Birth) event on how to overcome the cotton ceiling.

In Tasmania a Lesbian only event, for females only, was declared in breach of Equality Legislation. You can read about this below.

Tasmanian Lesbians

A browse through Eagle’s Parliamentary record on Hansard shows her to be a consistent proponent of Gender Identity Ideology with no concern for women’s rights to single sex spaces, she argues for males to be allowed to self-id as women and blames anyone raising concerns as stoking a culture war” She also exhibits no concern for the medicalisation of gay youth, even though Lesbians are over-represented in detransitioners You can get a flavour of her purported views in this Hansard record of the debate on the GRA. 👇. Digested read is #BeKind with a sider order of outrage and references to Section 28. Not an inkling of awareness that sterilising gay youth is far, far, worse than Section 28.

Gender Recognition Act 2022

Angela Eagle would appear to be joining a long list of Lesbians colluding with their erasure. The list includes Nancy Kelley and Ruth Hunt, current and former CEOs of Stonewall. Kelley and Hunt are in relationships with females and happy to deny young Lesbians the opportunities which were available to them. I call them Vichy Gays.

GLAAD: Gays & Lesbians against defamation.

Now to take a look at the organisation to which Anthony was appointed as a board member. This is yet another organisation who have been funded by Arcus Foundation. If you don’t know about Arcus I covered then below: Digested read. Arcus is a Foundation which bankrolls Gender Identity Ideology across the Globe. Set up by the heir to a billion dollar medical technology empire, so part of the Gender medico-Industrial complex.


GLAAD thank the Arcus Foundation for funding here:

They specifically funded this project. 👇 If you ever wonder why we are subjected to relentlessly trans propaganda look no further than a broken media. The business model is broken and big business stepped in to groom an entire industry.

{Arcus Foundation fund a lot of media outlets/training for people to push Transgender Propaganda}.

Against defamation?

Bearing in mind GLAAD claims to be against defamation, yet one of their projects defames anyone raising concerns about the trans agenda. This is a something called the Accountability Project which is deeply sinister and eerily reminiscent of the McArthy Witch-Hunts of 1950’s U.S.

“Are you now, or have you ever been, a believer in biological sex”

You can access this project here. Profiles of those targeted is accessible via a drop down menu:

Accountability Project

I was unfamiliar with many of the names but these are some who are singled out and whose ”crimes are listed. Germaine Greer,JK Rowling, Abigail Shrier, Debra Soh and U.K journalist Helen Lewis.

Debrah Soh and Abigail Shrier have both written about the phenomenon of Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria and the transitioning of vulnerable kids and teens.

Germaine Greer is singled out for recognising biological reality and Lewis for participating in a democratic consultation about allowing ”self-identity” to trump biological sex.

Of course they include JK Rowling. Her offence: Mainly, her entry is based on the association fallacy. They don’t bother to name Maya Forstater lost her job for gender critical beliefs. Maya recently won an appeal against a Judge 🤦 who labelled her views as “a belief unworthy of respect in a democratic society”. This was found to be incorrect, in law. The outcome of her Employment Tribunal is pending.

I saw Goody Rowling talking to Goody Farrow.

I am indebted to Julian Vigo for the information about the accountability project. I cannot find this statement on GLAAD’s website but Vigo notes they originally planned to put it behind a paywall. 😳

Respect my sex or don’t get my X.

If you can afford to donate to support my work you can do so here. Contrary to rumour Grassroots women don’t have the backing of billionaires. We are not beneficiaries of the Foundations pushing Gender Identity Ideology and #BigMoney is backing #BigPharma.

Researching Gender Identity Ideology; the new Patriarchy in a frock. Raising the alarm about what is happening to our gay offspring.


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  1. How long ago was glinners substack on Liam madigan I subscribe to it, so can scroll back find the article

  2. It is difficult to search Graham’s Substack, despite the wealth of very important material. There may be reasons for this…. I googled “Lily Madigan and found this article by Rosie Kichen dated Nov 2017:
    The Labour Party knew there was an “agitator” in their ranks but did nothing to control him, for the reasons you describe. He was “useful”.

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