Crispin Blunt: Gay Rights Champion?

Crispin Blunt came out as a gay man after a twenty year , heterosexual, marriage ended in 2010. Crispin Blunt has subsequently thrown himself into LGBTQ activism and was the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for LGBT issues. Crispin was forced to resign as Chair of the APPG , in April 2022, after defending a Wakefield MP convicted of sexual offences against two minors.

You can read about this here:

Imran Khan convicted

Following the conviction Blunt issued this astonishing, misguided, defence of Mr Khan.

Following criticism and some high profile resignations, such as Joanna Cherry, he retracted the defence and resigned as Chair of the APPG.

Blunt and Transgender rights.

Blunt is particularly keen on the T in LGBT and very angry at women who raise concerns about Transgender Identity Ideology.

You can get a flavour of his thinking in this article.

Crispin Blunt in Politics Home

He actually calls women defending our rights ”strident” ; language reminiscent of an unreconstructed misogynist from the 1970’s. He also accuses women of ”provoking” the angry responses from trans-activists. On the plus side we are now at the stage where the anger of trans-rights campaigner can no longer be denied so, like a good old Men’s rights activist, Blunt blames women. 👇

He goes on to claim transgender people are vulnerable to violence and high rates of suicide. This is another familiar tactic which seeks to frame males as victims and associate women’s rights campaigners with violence against ”trans-identified” men; even though the perpetrators are men . He then makes a further un-evidenced claim that men who identify as women are not a threat to women. 😳. Those of us who have been in the trenches for a while recognise this as an appeal to emotion; an attempt to use female socialisation to blackmail us to work against our own interests.

He then claims people are not informed about this debate because we have not met any ”trans” people. Not to worry Crispin has looked at the issues, in depth, since last summer and he is here to educate the hysterical women. His final flourish is to claim U.K women’s rights group are a product of the U.S religious right! Maybe if he had actually looked at the background to women’s rights campaigning groups, in the U.K., he wouldn’t have fallen for this blatant propaganda.

Subverting democracy

Having set himself up as a faux peace maker, and voice of reason, Blunt worked behind the scenes to try to get the government to legislate on reforms to the gender recognition act. Of course his proposals were acceptable to the APPG LGBT group; who are backed by “Trans” Lobby groups, and disregarded the voices of women.

The APPG on LGBT group has close ties to Stonewall and is currently serviced by another Transgender Lobby group, Kaleidoscope Trust.

You can read more about this on the Sex Matters website 👇

Secret deals.

Who funds him?

So, I decided to have a look at who funds him. PDF Here from the Electoral Commission’s website. For a man who claims to care about Global rights for Lesbians, Gay men, Bisexuals and even those claiming a ”transgender” identity, he takes a lot of donations from places where homosexuality is illegal. Most of this seems to be to fund visits so maybe he is doing good work trying to persuade these regimes to reform their laws on homosexuality and women’s rights. 🤔


His top donor is a man who runs Ghazala Medical centre. There is no evidence that they are involved in “transgender” medicine, that I could find.

He also takes an interest in legalised cannabis. Maybe he is taking the High road? Blunt by name…. 😂

In conclusion it would seem that Crispin has swallowed propaganda from “Trans” Rights Lobby groups, wholesale. He says he only discovered the issue last summer and yet has waded in with some ill-informed pronouncements. He seems to have quite a low opinion of women and zero understanding of child safeguarding. His intervention to defend a child abuser, which he conflated with LGBT rights, shows a lack of historical awareness. Does he have any idea how hard gay men had to campaign to repudiate the conflation of gay men with paedophiles? His attempt to get Self-ID in through the back door was, rightfully, sanctioned. We can only hope that the new chair of the APPG on LGBT issues remembers that one of those letters has aspirations that harm the other three.

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