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I think these youth groups for ”trans-identifying” children and young adults need some scrutiny. I will do a series on these (tip-offs welcom). One of the people involved with this group (TRANS4ME) is, according to their linked-in, a current post-holder at the Childhood & Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Another person is a former CAMHS employee, now linked to social media accounts that promote her porn content. Below are the instagram & facebook accounts for Trans4Me.


They also have a facebook page.


Trans4Me are promoted by Nottinghamshire NHS here 👇

LGBT Groups

Age ranges.

The link from Nottinghamshire NHS shows the age range for this group as 11-21. (I have blocked out the mobile number). The age ranges for this group seem to be quite fluid. The facilitator is named as Sharon O Love.

One of the common themes with these groups is the mixing of early teens with young adults. Trans4Me is a youth group for ”gender diverse” children, teens and young adults. In 2016 they advertised open events for age ranges 13-21. As you can see below: It is at best unfortunate that there is also a website ( which sells on line, synthetic hormones. There is no evidence that there is any link but someone should be checking what comes up when teens search the name of the group. This website is linked below and it was the first hit when I searched their name. 👇


This is the promotional material for Trans4me from 2016. No mention of the need for Parents/Guardians.

Sharon O Love is listed as working for Childhood and Adult Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and running an initiative on self harm. This is currently listed on their linkedin.


Working as a part-time DJ, using the same name, it is not difficult to find a twitter account promoting herself as a DJ. There is not much other than promoting their work but they do share content that any of those children would easily be able to find. I am perhaps incorrect in assuming this is a stage name; either way they are clearly using it in their official capacity as a CAMHS employee.

Sharon’s content is nowhere near as worrisome as one of the other Youth Facilitators, though they both share fetish wear associated with a sexual “Puppy” fetish. You can read about this here

Pup play

Here a couple of quotes from that article: 

Here is more inappropriate content from the CAMHS employee.

The other person (historically) connected with that youth group is a female with an unusual double-barrelled name. There is plenty in the public domain to connect them to this group. I am not going to name this individual because I cannot evidence a current connection to a youth group. There were also employed by CAMHs in Nottingham, as an advocacy worker.

Jacub was invited to talk to students about their transgender experience by Nottinghamshire Universities & colleges. Here they appear very fresh faced and youthful.

Jacub is billed as working with vulnerable teens, with mental health issues and we know they are running a youth group for children as young as 11. CAMHS are happy to promote this group and it is staffed by their employees. Nottinghamshire Council’s Autism team is also happy to promote it. (This despite concerns raised about the over-representation of autistic kids at “Gender Clinics”. Here the age range is shown as 12 -18. It seems to change depending on who is promoting the group.

The groups was visited by members of the police force, council staff, university staff, local amnesty group and a human rights organisation. 

Here is one of the pictures from the group which is eerily reminiscent of the pup fetish. Remember this group is advertising to children as young as 11 and it is run by employees of the Childhood and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS).

Jacub now appears to have moved to Manchester. There is no evidence of them working with young people, currently. They do appear in a smoking cessation promotion campaign run by Greater Manchester health hub and aimed at “LGBTQ” people. I found this promoted by LGBT Foundation.

They leave a clear trail from their name to various social media accounts. They are clearly on the “pup” scene.

The twitter account is full of explicit content. Presumably the only fans content will be much more explicit. The advertise themselves as a “pup” with a “handler”.

This would also appear to be them. See link to twitter account in the bio.

They appear to be placing themselves in very risky situations.

There are multiple examples of explicit content on the twitter page. I will spare you the full content (the censorship is mine) but when I say explicit it leaves so little to the imagination I don’t care to imagine what the paying subscribers are “treated” to:

The last publicly available link to CAMHS and Trans4Me, that I could find, was 2017. The sexting facebook page was created in April 2020. Jacub now appears to have no sexual boundaries and is clearly post testosterone and double mastectomy. Their “handler” appears to be male with Jacub adopting the submissive role. We have to start asking serious questions about these groups. Clearly Jacub is now unfit to work with vulnerable children. The question is were they also unfit in 2017? Are they a product of how that group was /is run or were they already unable to set boundaries?

I did deliberate about using actual pictures, even though I protected the name of the younger woman. In the end, whilst ”jacub”” is likely a victim of this ideology, victims can become perpetrators. I also thought it was important to show how corrupted she has become, in three short years. It also goes without saying that Parents have a right to run for the hills if she turns up at a youth support group. I feel nothing but compassion for the girl in the first picture and, of course, for her parents.

You can support my work here. Please don’t if you are on benefits or a small income. I now have a subsistence level income.

Researching the harms of Gender Identity Ideology. The harms to women and girls and our gay youth. This is not a social justice movement it is a social engineering movement to destroy child safeguarding and raise a generation with no sexual boundaries.


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  1. Thank-you StillTisch. I agree that such groups are harmful: they are proliferating around the UK, Europe and USA. I have a small list of such places already. Where shall I forward it to you?

  2. Ayo ngl idk how you can associate this with pup play when it’s clearly not associated lmao in that image of the people dressed up how is it in any way like pup play other than the fact they’re dressed up like are you gonna call people dressing up for theatre or Halloween “fetishists”? This is so absurd

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