The destruction of Nancy: The girl nobody wanted.

I have covered this in passing but I feel it warrants a post all of its own. Nancy was born a girl and her parents wanted another boy; their other two children were boys. There does not appear to have been any attempt to hide this from Nancy who says her brothers were celebrated whilst she was relegated to a space above the garage.

I cannot find any account that explores what the process was for assessing Nancy before she was put on testosterone. Clearly she needed therapy not drugs and surgeries. Drugs and surgeries were what were delivered.

I have no idea what assessment process was used at the Gender Clinic, maybe Nancy didn’t open up about the motivation for becoming ”Nathan”. What I do know is that the current ”affirmative“ model would not screen out a ”Nancy” in much the way it has not explored the homophobic bullying that has led my son (gay & male) down the same path. Nancy was also a Lesbian.

The testosterone and surgeries left Nathan feeling like (in her own words) a ”monster”. She had a double mastectomy and a phalloplasty. The latter surgery has high rates of complications and it appears Nancy was out of luck there too.

Finally Nathan applied to be voluntarily euthanised. For this we were told Nathan had six months of psychological investigation. This was taken the night before which was spent dancing with friends.

It turns out somebody made a documentary about her. You can watch the trailer here :

Nathan: Free as a Bird

These were the words of Nathan’s mother after learning of her daughter’s death.

In the trailer there is footage of Nancy laughing with friends an lighting a big fat cigar. Shown dancing with friends as part of a last goodbye. I will leave you with Nathan’s own, heartbreaking, words.

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