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So many times you will find trans-identified males making decisions that affect women. I am going to do a series on those ”trans” individuals you may not have heard about. Some have contributions to embedding Gender Identity Ideology in the public domain. Some lurk in the shadows so it is difficult to discern the precise role they have played. Irrespective it is inconceivable they did not influence policy.

Meghan Key and Prison Policy.

I first came across ”Megan” when following oral evidence given to the Women’s and Equalities Committee. This is all captured on Hansard, which produces transcripts and links to Parliament TV. This session took place on Tuesday 15th September 2015.

You can watch the full session here:

Parliament TV Oral Evidence to WESC

You can read the full transcript here: Coverage of the session which included Megan starts on page 22.

Oral Evidence Megan Key et al

This was the second session of the day these were the participants for the day.

Megan Key goes first and makes it clear they are not only employed in the probation services but they are also a trans-activist. This is a key motivation for him. Megan is one of seven equality managers across the probation service (NOMS) in England and Wales, and the national lead on trans issues. ( I wonder what reception you would get if you announced you were a radical feminist activist🤔). Megan is Equalities manager (plural) and yet is hell bent on undermining protections for the sex he claims to identify with…

These are some of the organisations they have worked for: Mermaids, Diversity Role Models, Stonewall, All about Trans and his own creation TransWorkersUk. This is a list of the most trans-extremist organisations. Megan isn’t letting them down, as you will see.

Megan was shortlisted for the 2016 Diversity awards where we learn that Megan began identifying as a ”woman” in 2013. Less than two years later he is advising parliament on how to make prisons mixed sex. Naturally he is promoted by Stonewall and making public speeches.

Megan was also involved in an organisation called Gender Matters and was invited into Birmingham Schools. Gender Matters appears now to have been discontinued.

Megan also pops up as a director for the company behind this initiative; a pop up centre to provide an alcohol free venue to serve those who claim an LGBTQ+ identity. Pictured below.

The above examples are illustrative of the deep immersion in a trans-identity which appears to be all consuming. When your life depends on a denial of something as basic as biological sex it needs us all to participate to validate the identity. It is therefore little wonder that Trans Activists are hell bent on socially engineering society so that it appears to reflect back their, carefully curated, self-image. Interestingly Megan has this to say in one of the interviews I found. This in an interview to discuss the importance of “inclusive” language. A bit of an irony klaxon moment. 👇

Leaving Megan’s extra curricular activities to one side the important issue, for our purposes, is Key’s influence on the policy for ”transgender” prisoners. Megan is open about their influence on prison policy and how they were keen, and apparently instrumental, in expanding the number of males housed in female prisons to include those without a Gender Recognition Certificate.

Megan advocates for this “inclusion” despite the paucity of research into the offending pattern of self-identified ”trans” people, or those with a Gender Recognition Certificate. Frequent reference is made to the lack of such research but the Ministry of Justice went ahead anyway. Panel members profess to want some research to be done but Megan points out we need the permission of the ”trans” people themselves because some of them don’t regard themselves as “trans”.

It was the responsibility of our legislators to make sure we knew the composition of the kind of males to be unleashed on incarcerated females, they failed to do this due diligence. More and more evidence suggests we may be placing a subset of the more dangerous males in the female estate. Undoubtedly some will be assuming a ”trans” identity for nefarious purposes but, for some, the driver for their ”trans” identity is sexually motivated due to having a sexual paraphilia; whether full blown autogynephilia or transvestic fetishism. Indeed the British Association of Gender Identity Professionals pointed this out to the Chair of this inquiry, Maria Miller.

Here is a clip where they point out the naïveté of anyone assuming male sex offenders would not take advantage of this loophole.

Unbelievably Maria Miller is more horrified at levels of cynicism from people who question a ”transgender” identity. Basic safeguarding requires a level, I would say a high one, of cynicism. Instead this panel view caution as prejudice and Megan makes it clear that Prison staff are being educated not to employ their instincts; which have been rebadged as “transphobia”. (I am thinking I need to look at Professor Brookes at this stage).

Never mind that stalwart defender of women’s rights, Jess Phillips, is there she will surely speak up for females, surely? Well she did refer to the pesky feminists who want single sex spaces. Here is what she said about those women. 👇 She does NOT agree, how much clearer can she be before women realise she is not on the side of women.

At one point Jess makes the rash assumption that sex offenders would be barred from the female estate. She is soon corrected and makes NO attempt to rebut this argument, even though she is speaking to someone currently inputting to a review of policy around “transgender” prisoners. As you can see, below, Miller swiftly changes the subject to vulnerable “trans” prisoners.

To understand the import of this aim you have to follow the words of trans activists themselves. Here is a quote from James Morton who was involved in drafting Scottish Prison policy. {This was quoted in a book by Christine Burns who has also made his ”transgender” identity his life’s work}.

It’s strategy, stupid!

Basically if we can get society to accept something so egregious as males in female prisons the sky is the limit. 👆. Not to be outdone, as we have seen Key upped the ante to publicly pronounce even being a sex offender, should be no bar to the female estate.

The mad professor lays out his thinking very clearly. After some guff about “trans” people and their timidity and wishing to keep their head down he also uses a version of ”brave and stunning” for anybody coming out whilst in prison. He goes onto say this which is why we should never have entertained the idea that men can become women:

He thinks we have to move on from the idea that male sex offenders don’t belong in women’s prisons “if we recognise them as women. This is the logical conclusion of chanting the mantra ”Trans Women are Women”. From what I can gather from Brooke’s research and his social media profile, he is keenly interested in rehabilitation and may have a religious motive. Much of his research is no doubt motivated by laudable aims but, in this case his, Christian compassion for vulnerable women is in deficit.

In conclusion Megan is one of the men working, in plain view, to undermine women’s rights to make any distinction between his identity and women as a different, sex-based, category. There are a number of such men in key policy positions who are being listened to on ”trans” issues with little regard for women’s rights. Our consent is being over-ridden in a big fuck you to #MeToo. I am going to do a series on men behind the scenes who will, seemingly, stop at nothing to force women to participate in their fantasy.

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