United Nations: Whistleblowers 1

For those of you with access to the BBC I can highly recommend a documentary on the United Nations which aired last night. Link below.

UN Whistleblowers

It covered their role in introducing cholera into Haiti, financial corruption on a colossal scale, sexual abuse and the betrayal of Uyghur human rights activists to China. I will do a series on the United Nations on this documentary because they are also a big player in the spread of Gender Identity Ideology. There is evidence of a lot of money being deployed to Lobby the United Nations on this issue. Documentary maker, Vaishax Sundar, coincidentally, sent me her piece on the United Nations deploying money, raised to combat Aids, to ”Transgender Clinics” in India. You can read that below 👇.

HIV route to Trans Surgeries


China: Emma Reilly (Case Study 1)

The documentary opens with a member of staff who is returning to her home for the first time in a year, after a hurried departure; necessitated because the United Nations had dispatched the Swiss police to detain her!

Later we will learn that her ”offence” was her opposition to the United Nation’s Human Rights Council revealing the names of Chinese dissidents, to the Chinese State. The Chinese delegation wished to know the names of 13 people who were planning to address the United Nations. They emailed Emma’s department to ask for the names ”as a favour”.

A meeting was held with the Chinese delegation and participants were left with the impression they had conveyed their refusal. Subsequently their boss had lunch with one of the delegates and, ultimately, the information was passed on, despite vociferous opposition from Emma and her colleagues. We then meet one of the dissidents, Dolkun Isa, and learn that Chinese authorities were dispatched to his parent’s house; who were told to ”re-educate me”. His mother subsequently died in a detention camp, in 2018, his father died, in 2020, circumstances unknown ; his younger brother was ”disappeared” in 2016 and another brother has been sentenced to 17 years detention.

Emma Reilly is asked if her parents know she is going to be in this documentary. This is her reply. This is what an actual Human Rights Activist looks like. Shame on her boss.

The documentary is peppered with the United Nation’s responses to the multiple allegations. This is their reply on the sharing of the names of Human Rights activists.

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