UN Women: Campus Safety


I had a look at this document, from the United Nations, in 2018. I did a thread about it in 2020. You can find the document below: 👇

campus-violence note_guiding_principles

You can fin my original thread here:

Campus sexual assault

I examined this document to see how the United Nations navigates different contexts when purporting to care about sexual violence against women. This ties in with my series on promoting Gender Identity Ideology in African countries.

What is a woman?

This is how they define gender, explicitly tying it to a “social role” rather than ”biological attributes”. Naturally they assume that women are a “gender identity” class, not a sex class. Yet they also don’t think they are perpetuating ”harmful stereotypes”. 😳.

The glossary warns people not to treat “gender” as a synonym for sex. 😳. If you’re basing membership of ”gender” categories on something you acknowledge shifts temporally, geographically and between cultural contexts is that not rather an unstable category? Could I be a woman in Yorkshire but fail to meet the criteria in the Yemen? So tired of arguing with this nonsense; we have educated the University class into stupid.

Elsewhere the report does advocates for specfic measures to protect women and girls, this includes separate facilities. How are we separating these facilities? By sex or lady feelz?

If gets more muddled when they include a requirement to collect disaggregated data based on sex. I am sensing that they got some pushback in the drafting of these documents and some common sense snuck in.

Cognitive Dissonance.

Live scenes at UN Headquarters.

There are a number of scenarios to explain this muddled document. U.N Headquarters, in the United States is likely staffed by people who are Judith Butler acolytes, steeped in queer theory. Representatives from African nations are more grounded and have less truck with luxury beliefs. The pomo/porn addled really see trans-identified males as the most vulnerable, marginalised, minority but women working / living in African nations know better. Of course we cannot have a document exclusively focused on women so a few references to the alphabet people are required. They are, of course, ”the most vulnerable”. Somebody clearly won the battle to reference sex.

They can’t have a policy in the “west” that opts for gender neutral spaces and explicitly allow sex segregated spaces in the African context because that would look, and be racist. So, they insert paragraphs like this, about context specific and “grounded research”. I hope this was in response to some strong minded women who pushed back on this nonsense but it is a shame the sensible women might all be based in Africa.

The document twice calls for the alleged perpetrator’s rights to be treated with respect. Of course it is the case that there should be due, legal, process but the guidance seems to suggest the colleges will be doing the adjudicating. I suppose the presumption is that the victim may not wish to institute criminal proceedings but it does place quite a burden on university administrators. It may also give rise to conflicts of interest given the risk to the college’s reputation.

In research conducted for the organisation Sex Matters, in the United Kingdom, 98% of respondents wanted single sex facilities. It’s not just women overseas who need single sex spaces. Many men also responded to say they wanted facilities divided by sex.

Single Sex Facilities matter to me

Istanbul Convention

The United Kingdom have, today, ratified the Istanbul Convention which aims to tackle violence against women and girls. They call it ”gender based violence” and this is how they define gender. You cannot defend what you refuse to define!

This entire debate, now we are finally able to have one, is shot through with cognitive dissonance and mangled logic as people try to reconcile contradictory positions. The naive and the nefarious seem to be equally represented. You can’t will male violence out of existence by pretending either sex can identify out of their class and women will magically cease to be victims whilst men cease to be perpetrators. At the present time we are dismantling safeguards for women and children at the speed of light with ZERO EVIDENCE that this will make women and girls safer.

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United Nations: Gender Ideology


To round off this series I just want to point out that the Arcus Foundation, known for funding the spread of Gender Identity Ideology, are providing monies explicitly earmarked for lobbying the United Nations.

I wrote about the Arcus Foundation here:


Here are a few of those grants:

$200,000 to support the work of the UN Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

$250,000 to support Thailand and the Phillipines on SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) at the United Nations.

$500,000 to build a global network of NGOs, UN bodies to improve international standards in Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

$400,000 to strengthen the participation of LGBT groups in UN processes in support of LGBT rights.

Here is a reminder of the excellent, investigative work of Vaishaux Sundar which found money raised to combat HIV was being used to fund ”Transgender” surgeries.

HIV a route to “trans” surgeries

Just to prove my point I had a random look at the twitter account for @UNWomen

And who did they use to celebrate on International Women’s day? JK Rowling? Don’t be daft:

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Researching Gender Identity Ideology, the impact on women’s sex based rights and gay rights.


U.N Whistleblowers. Part 3


This is part of a series on an excellent documentary on whistleblowers who are exposing corruption at the heart of this billion dollar organisation. You can read part one, which contains a link to the documentary here👇

United Nations: Whistleblowers 1

Part one covers the testimony of a woman who worked for the Human Rights Council, at the United Nations. She exposed the U.N for naming Chinese dissidents (Ughur Muslims) to the Chinese, U.N delegation. To prevent her speaking on a virtual seminar, covering the issue of Ughur muslims, Swiss police were dispatched, by the United Nations, to try to section her. She was thus prevented from speaking. Embedded in that post is an article, by Vaisax Sundar, who asks why money to fight the A.I.Ds virus is being used to fund “Transgender” medicine in India.

You can read Part 2 here:

UN Whistleblowers: 2

Part Two covers alleged financial corruption at the U.N. The whistleblowers, in this case, had their reputations destroyed. One of them had his name leaked to the U.N employees, in Kosova, who he had accused of corruption, he feared for his life. The other man has been investigated for four years accused of using prostituted women.

Part 3 will cover Haiti

The United Nations embarked on a ”peacekeeping” mission to Haiti, during which time their negligence led to the introduction of Cholera, not seen there for over a hundred years, and the deaths of 10,000 people. The troops, stationed there, were also accused of multiple rapes of women and children.

We first meet Phillip Alston.

UK readers may recall Alston for his strong criticism of the Conservative government, in 2010.

Alston is not very complementary about the current Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonia Gutteres. Alston argues that successive SGs are ambition men, who prefer to turn a blind eye when confronted by wrong-doing. He is also critical of his predecessor Ban Ki Moon.

A local journalist covered the outbreak of Cholera and how it was traced back to raw sewage leaking from a U.N. base. A mother talks about the loss of her daughter who told her ”Mum you are going to lose your little girl”. After her death she could not bury her daughter who’s body was thrown into a pit. An attempt to obtain compensation failed because the United Nations, has immunity from prosecution.

Alston authored a report on the Cholera which contained the following:

Ban Ki Moon would eventually make a public statement apologising for the U.N’s role in the cholera outbreak. There would be no compensation for the victim’s families.

Sexual Abuse in Haiti

Next we meet a survivor of a rape by a U.N solder, she recounts how her mother had no food for her but soldiers were handing out cookies to local children. She went to the base, in her school uniform, and was brutally raped.

Local journalist, Jeremie Dupin, explains how we alerted the United Nations to the many rapes committed by their staff.

He goes on to explain that this was not isolated cases but this was widespread and systemic, U.N, personnel were behaving as if they were above the law.


Another U.N official becomes visibly distressed when addressing issues of sexual abuse/rape by U.N personnel. Like many of the other participants he began feeling proud of his employer but this turned to shame as multiple allegations of sexual offences emerged.

Eventually Bambera left the organisation

U.N Headquarters

The sexual abuse is not confined to third world countries. Female participants speak of a culture of sexual harassment. Jobs offered with demands for sexual favours. The women were forced to adopt strategies to stay safe. One woman talks of hiding in the women’s lavatories standing on the toilet so their shoes were not visible. Two woman talk of attempts to drag them out of an elevator to take them back to his room. One of the women named her attacker to her counsellor. As soon as she names him he told her there was nothing he could do. The perpetrator was his boss.

Surveys of U.N staff show a third had been sexually harassed/assaulted. Management sided with the perpetrators and one woman was fired based on false allegations. A woman hired to address the issues left because too many senior managers are complicit. This is what she had to say:

The final segment is chilling. A leaked conversation is played revealing that the fish rots from the head. Antonio Gutteres is named as cutting off a member of staff reporting the blatant sexual abuse that hapoened to a seior woman, by a man who put his hand inside her trousers. Another commentator says, in his view, the United Nations are corrupt at all levels. This makes the United Nations complicity in removing sex based protections, for women, all the more sinister. My next piece will cover their role in attacking sex based rights for women.

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Researching Gender Identity Ideology and the attacks on women’s sex based rights.


UN Whistleblowers: 2


Part two on the excellent documentary on UN Whistleblowers. Link to the documentary is in part one which you can find here. 👇

United Nations: Whistleblowers 1

James Wasserstrom: Case Study 2.

James Wasserstrom’s experience begins with the United Nation’s ”peace-keeping” mission in Kosovo. As part of that mission it was identified that one of the issues Kosovo faced was an electricity shortage. A project was underway to put the development of a new power plant out to tender. This was the beginning of Wasserstrom’s problems.

After consistent rumours, one participant was corrupt, Wasserstrom dutifully investigated and found enough to substantiate the claims and couriered his findings the General Secretary of the United Nations. One of the allegations was that a bidder was prepared to offer a kickback to the equivalent of 10% of the value of the contract; equivalent to 500 million dollars. This resulted in Wasserstrom being asked to become an official whistleblower, supposedly protected by the U.N’s own whistleblower policy. In reality, far from protecting him, his name was, instead, leaked to the very U.N staff he was accusing of corruption.

There began a sustained targetting of Wasserstrom, by his own colleagues with the ultimate aim of severing his, 28 year, relationship with the United Nations. At times he feared for his life.

John O’Brien: Case Study 3.

John’s experience shares many features with the experience of Wasserstrom, he also uncovered corruption on an institutional level. Contracts were handed out to friends and family and, when attempting to expose these practices, to his boss, O’Brien says he was told to keep quiet. On one project an Independent expert was brought in to review a climat change mitigation project. His conclusion was that the project was nothing but a money laundering vehicle.

The United Nation’s response 👇. From ”strong indicators of deliberate misappropriation” to case closed.

The United Nations also tried to discredit O’Brien; accusing him of visiting prostitutes even trying to interview his terminally ill girlfriend. O’Brien rejects these accusations and says he has clear proof it was fabricated. The distress at this betrayal, by their own organisation is palpable. The UN still have John under investigation four years later.

Wasserstrom suffered a similar fate and reports that job offers are withdrawn at the last minute, he believes this is because of the smears attached to his name.

My next piece will focus on the conduct of the United Nations, in Haiti, where their negligence led to a cholera outbreak that killed over 10,000 people. Additionally, many women and children were raped by U.N staff.

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Researching Gender Identity Ideology. This series looks at the United Nations who are utterly captured by this Ideology which makes them very dangerous for women’s rights. We need a UN Whistleblower to speak up about the Lobby groups persuading them to trash women’s sex based rights.


United Nations: Whistleblowers 1


For those of you with access to the BBC I can highly recommend a documentary on the United Nations which aired last night. Link below.

UN Whistleblowers

It covered their role in introducing cholera into Haiti, financial corruption on a colossal scale, sexual abuse and the betrayal of Uyghur human rights activists to China. I will do a series on the United Nations on this documentary because they are also a big player in the spread of Gender Identity Ideology. There is evidence of a lot of money being deployed to Lobby the United Nations on this issue. Documentary maker, Vaishax Sundar, coincidentally, sent me her piece on the United Nations deploying money, raised to combat Aids, to ”Transgender Clinics” in India. You can read that below 👇.

HIV route to Trans Surgeries


China: Emma Reilly (Case Study 1)

The documentary opens with a member of staff who is returning to her home for the first time in a year, after a hurried departure; necessitated because the United Nations had dispatched the Swiss police to detain her!

Later we will learn that her ”offence” was her opposition to the United Nation’s Human Rights Council revealing the names of Chinese dissidents, to the Chinese State. The Chinese delegation wished to know the names of 13 people who were planning to address the United Nations. They emailed Emma’s department to ask for the names ”as a favour”.

A meeting was held with the Chinese delegation and participants were left with the impression they had conveyed their refusal. Subsequently their boss had lunch with one of the delegates and, ultimately, the information was passed on, despite vociferous opposition from Emma and her colleagues. We then meet one of the dissidents, Dolkun Isa, and learn that Chinese authorities were dispatched to his parent’s house; who were told to ”re-educate me”. His mother subsequently died in a detention camp, in 2018, his father died, in 2020, circumstances unknown ; his younger brother was ”disappeared” in 2016 and another brother has been sentenced to 17 years detention.

Emma Reilly is asked if her parents know she is going to be in this documentary. This is her reply. This is what an actual Human Rights Activist looks like. Shame on her boss.

The documentary is peppered with the United Nation’s responses to the multiple allegations. This is their reply on the sharing of the names of Human Rights activists.

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