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A look at this paper by Gary Butler, Natasha De Graaf, Bernadette Wren and Polly Carmichael, from March 2018.

Paper below.

Assessment & Treatment for GD

I have said many times that once you believe in an innate “Gender Identity” the pathway to normalising bodily modification becomes easier. What is astonishing, to me, is the fundamental mischaracterisation of those of us who are loosely identified as “gender critical”; as if we are the ones who cannot tolerate diversity of personal expression. Let us unpack this introduction to the paper. 👇

Children and adolescents are presenting, in ever increasing numbers, with “Gender Dysphoria” which manifests as a rejection of “conventional gender expectations”. There has long been a feminist project to reject sexist stereotypes, my feminism has never argued, if you don’t conform to those expectations, you should modify your body so it is more “congruent”. It astonishes me that some of the same women railing against “beach body” propaganda 👇 can see the regressive nature of “gendered expectations” ,in this campaign, but not in the idea the way you feel about yourself necessitates, not just a diet and a spray tan, but serious, life-altering, drugs and surgeries.

It would seem to be a reasonable line of enquiry to wonder whether these excessive pressures on teenage girls, in the age of the “selfie”, might have contributed to rise in females presenting at gender clinics? This is the scale of the increase. 👇. Notice that the paper adopts the captured language of the gender industrial complex by referring these girls as “birth assigned females” .

What did one of the paper’s authors, Bernadette Wren, Tavistock employee, have to say about this phenomenon? Here she is speaking to the Women’s and Equalities Committee. (Source Hansard). 👇

The cutting edge of a revolution.

Notice here Wren reveals the influence of trans lobby group Gendered Intelligence. She is not a neutral observer, this is what she is calls a “revolution many of us have really fought for”. Yet, what we have witnessed is a new form of bodily hatred, in the female sex, and we have responded by taking the cutting edge of the scalpel to young girls’ breasts.

In another admission Wren says her service has never turned anyone down for physical intervention.

Wren also ponders on whether we may find we have embarked on a path that is very “unwise”. Yep, you can say that again!

The Paper also recognises the pressure within the service to embark on medical treatments. This looks like an admission that there examples of this within G.I.Ds.

Elsewhere Wren acknowledges the influence of the internet and a growing tolerance of bodily modification, as a factor driving referrals.

This 👇 exposes a fundamental contradiction (one of many) within Gender Identity Ideology. If we were really more tolerant of “diverse gender expression” surely we would not be encouraging hormones and surgeries so your body confirms to stereotypical expectations?

Apart from the over-representation of females there is a startling percentage of autistic kids at gender clinics. This is so noticeable many people argue there is some connection between the condition, being neuro diverse, and “gender dysphoria”.

A more plausible explanation, to me, is that many of the ways we express ourselves as women, or men, are not innate but depend on our ability to pick up social cues. I am not a proponent of “blank state”, but we do learn, culturally determined, expectations, for our sex. Since this is something more difficult, for people with autism, the resultant feeling of incongruence could be predicted. Add in a typical propensity for black and white thinking and it’s the perfect storm for autistic people. I should add that I am no expert but I have an autistic nephew and have found it so instructive to see how he navigates the world.

That Stonewall tweet.

Another issue that lays bear this ideology is illustrated by the age range of referrals to the Tavistock. The youngest referral, to the Tavistock I have found, is age three.

Recently Stonewall sent out this tweet, which caused a lot of controversy. I believe the term is they were ratio’d

This sparked a lot of backlash but it’s not an unusual belief in the gender ideologue sector. Here’s what this paper says about the age of presentation of “gender incongruence” . It simply never occurred to me to judge my two boys, when aged two, according to gender conformity in their play.

Here the authors lend credence to “nonbinary”, “gender fluid” and “gender neutral”. I cannot take anyone seriously who buys into this nonsense. Sadly our political elite openly spouts this ridiculous ideology, even in parliament, and some seem to think it’s a solid foundation on which to make public policy and enact legislation. How these people can express a belief in the fluidity of “gender” while performing irreversible, medical, interventions in kids as young as ten is beyond my ken.

The people doing this to our kids don’t know what they are doing. How are these two statements, in this paper, compatible? You simply cannot claim something is physically reversible and that the effect of locking puberty is “largely unknown”. 👇

Another admission in this excerpt 👇 and they really do suggest the answer may be to start kids younger?

The paper spends some time discussing the issue of capacity to consent, informed consent and Gillick competence. They then outline scenarios where a child is not able to consent and this must be given by a parent /guardian. So, what if the parent doesn’t agree? Sadly, we know the answer to this from the experience of parents in Australia, the U.S and Canada; the State will remove the child from your care!

They proceed to recognise that the effect of blocking puberty, in the male sex, stunts genitalia and may compromise the ability (it does) to perform “traditional” surgery to construct a “neo-vagina” . I am going to go out on a limb here and say they should have thought about this before they started blocking puberty! It’s also a lie that they can create a clitoris in males. Sadly, our boys really believe this and if I sound merely angry I am failing to convey my white hot rage at these charlatans!

Not only is it not possible to make a clitoris out of penoscrotal skin it is becoming clear that these boys will not have the capacity to orgasm. I make no apology for including this quote, from Marci Bowers, again. Bowers should know they had the surgery as an adult man and have made a living performing these surgeries, including his most famous patient, Jazz Jennings.

They also know that the vast majority of these kids, if left alone, would desist and many would simply be homosexual.

Something tells me these excuses for a failure to do long term follow up are because they know what is down the road and are terrified to find out that they were indeed “unwise”. Remind me again who campaigned to change NHS numbers?

No conflict of interest?

I want to say a word about how journals accept it when these authors blithely claim they have no conflict of interest. Not only are they ideologically blinkered, their professional reputation, and salaries, rely on the Gender Industrial Complex. Additionally, now the law suits are coming, they have to pretend they didn’t know all of this, even though it’s increasingly apparent.

Our children have been lied to!

Scholars with a background in medicine/medical ethics will do a more expert job tackling this paper, I am neither. I am not a neutral observer, as long term readers will know. All I can see is the harm to my own one and I while I have to refrain from expressing this, in so many settings, I cannot repress the knowledge. Like too many parents I have a ringside seat to the self-harm my own GP is colluding with…

You can support my work here, only if you have surplus income and don’t prioritise me over any legal cases trying to bring this ideology crashing down.

Researching the catastrophic impact of the Gender Industrial Complex on children as well as the pernicious influence of Gender Identity Ideology on women’s and gay rights.


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