Open Democracy?

This media outlet first came to my attention when one of their writers blocked me on social media, a good while ago. I guessed it was because of my “Gender Critical” stance but gave it little more thought. I did spot that they were very much proponents of Gender Identity Ideology,so, I had a cursory look at the usual suspects among the Charitable Foundations that fund heavily in this area. Then I forgot about them, till this. 👇

I was moved to have another look after this exchange was shared on twitter. This was sent to feminist policy analysts based in Scotland.

This is all very reminiscent of the long documents I covered in my Moral Panic series. Here various foundations banded together to delegitimise U.K. Feminists, in particular. They also talk of an “anti-gender” movement and attempt to associate U.K. Feminists with far right / Christian groups and even Viktor Orban, an authoritarian dictator who is not a fan of women’s rights or gay rights. You can find that series here 👇

Moral Panic?

Here is their reply. 👇

Not content with going after Murray, Black, McKenzie they also sent another, even more outrageous request to Forwomen Scotland.

Who funds Open Democracy?

Most of their income comes from grants.

Tracking the Backlash Project

This is the amount of funding they have had for a project called Tracking the Backlash Project. This is for 2021. 2.5 million to attack women’s rights organisations whilst, disingenuously, claiming this project is actually in defence of women’s rights.

I tracked all their 2021 grants as detailed on their website. Here they are, in full. I get the full figure to higher than 2.5.6 million.

Open Democracy

In fact this project is not about women’s rights but about the LGBTIQ+ agenda. Hence Open Democracy have targeted women’s organisations, who defend women’s , sex based, rights.

Attached is a record of all their funding between 2012 to 2020.

openDemocracy’s supporters (2012-2020) | openDemocracy

Here is a full record of 2021 donations

Open Democracy

Some of the organisations are familiar to me as they have been funding the LGBTIQ+ agenda. Once such is Barings Foundation. I wrote about them here:

Baring Foundation

Open Democracy have also received funding from Tides Foundation; who are a vehicle for donors to fund initiatives without revealing the identity of their Donors.

Here is what influence watch had to say about the Tides Foundation: Open Democracy anybody?

Here is a little bit more about the Open Democracy “journalist”, Adam Ramsey.

This is a ludicrous belief system, whatever this baby is being fed it is not breast milk.

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Researching Gender Identity Ideology and how it is being used against women’s rights, gay rights and harming children being taught they could be “born in the wrong body”


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