Janice Raymond: Transsexual Empire: Final

If you have heard of Janice Raymond you have probably heard of this quote. 👇

This quote appears in the Appendix and those who use it claim Raymond had only nefarious intentions. This was not entirely unexpected, to Raymond, who knew she would be accused of intolerance. In fact it is a much less angry book than I had anticipated; this may be because the #CottonCeiling had not emerged or the research about autogynephilia. The Cotton Ceiling was coined, in 2012, by a trans-activist and porn star Drew De Veaux and refers to Lesbians who won’t date men, who are heterosexual, and identify as women. It’s a repurposing of the glass ceiling but, in this case, the ceiling is the Lesbian’s knickers. Autogynephilia refers to men who fetish the idea of being a woman and often have a history of transvestic fetishism involving masturbating while wearing women’s apparel. Often the items are stolen from relatives or sometimes strangers. The term was coined by Ray Blanchard in 1985.

This is the final of a series, you can read the rest below:


Suggestions for change 

Raymond makes a number of suggestions for change to reduce the seductive route of “transsexualism”. The proposals stop short of making it illegal.

The legislation proposed would address the issue of sex role stereotyping that harms women, in particular, but also men who don’t adhere to the expectations for the male sex.

Sadly, in 2022, the teaching in our schools has moved from teaching sex stereotypes to teaching the idea one can literally be born in the wrong body. I covered quite a few of these teaching materials in this series. 👇 (State sponsored propaganda)

Transgender Guidance: Education

There were more suggestions which would help women and girls as well as gender non-conforming boys and men. Girls would have something to aspire to be as adults, men who fetishise women as “weak” won’t have a stereotype to flee towards. At the same time softening the aggressive, male stereotype, will help the none fetishistic type of “trans” identified males who flee their sex because of a rejection of this stereotype. Both types of males need to be educated out of the false idea that women are a universal “mother” who owe them protection.

If Janice Raymond had been listened to how many of our young gay males (my son), Lesbians, autistic kids and kids in care could we have saved? She said this over 40 years ago! 👇Instead we gave the Gender Industrial Complex free rein.

Instead of telling those suffering from a disconnect from their sex Raymond suggests consciousness raising. Rather than “affirming” their belief they are the wrong sex, and activating the conveyor belt to hormones and surgery, they would be supported to do explore their subconscious motivations. They would become actors in their own narrative not passive fodder for the “Gender Industrial Complex” .

Rather than creating a lifelong medical patient we could empower an alternative path for men /women in flight from the socially prescribed “gender performance” for their sex.

Like feminist consciousness raising these are steps that the “transsexual” counselling could take. 👇

This would allow the exploration of issues affecting the subject and their impact on society, broadening out an individual tragedy to a societal trend. Raymond is also keen to recognise that it must be the “transsexuals” themselves who must lead these groups. In 2022 we know that many of these males do deserve the term “deviant” but for those males who are not autogynephile we would probably use the term “men who deviate from male sex stereotypes”. 👇

Exploring the idea that gender non conforming men are not “females trapped in male bodies” may just supply a new narrative that saves these men from a life of hormones and surgery.

Why is it not acceptable to say that the primary motivations should be to save these males ( and females) from a lifetime dependence on medical intervention? Is there any other condition where we argue that it is bigoted not to wish people with “gender dysphoria” to recover?

Below 👇 Raymond points to the wider harms of perpetuating sex stereotypes which is a side effect of the belief that a “lady brain” can be born in a man’s body. Men and women who are not inclined to the stereotypical behaviour, for their sex, could be a force for good in challenging sex stereotypes. Instead they are “tamed” by the Gender Industrial Complex so that the stereotypes remain intact.

To accomplish this we need to take the treatment away from those who are ideologically (or financially) invested in creating lifelong medical patients.

Furthermore we need to hear more from those who oppose the medical “solution” such as Charles Ihlenfeld who abandoned the field having become disillusioned.

This is another quote from Ihlenfeld:

Raymond also suggested we need to hear more from people who resolved their own gender dysphoria without resorting to medical treatment.

Sadly, in 2022, the voices we are hearing from are those who have had physical interventions and now regret it.
We also need to stop promoting “trans” as a lifestyle choice. This is what the media coverage was like in 1979, how much worse it is in the 21st Century? The media has effectively acted as the marketing branch of the Gender Industrial Complex for decades.

It is critical that we hear from homosexual men and Lesbians who reconciled to their sex and sexuality as well as women, of all sexual orientations, who know what it is like to find the burden of being a woman, in a misogynist culture, oppressive.

Those caught up in this belief system need to know that the problem’s manifesting as a belief in “trans” identification are normal reactions to the straitjacket of societally enforced sex stereotypes. It is natural, even inevitable, to rebel against these expectations. It can be resolved in your natal sex by bravely, and stunningly, rocking a gender non-conforming life!


In conclusion I find Raymond’s book astonishingly prescient, thorough and compassionate. If only I had encountered it earlier and her warnings had been heeded. I sense that she felt she would be dismissed as scaremongering but, if anything, her darkest predictions pale against the 2022 reality. I can’t wait to start her new book.

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