Martine Rothblatt: We are not our genitals: Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Transgender to Transhumanism.

This is the updated title to the Apartheid of Sex.

This entire movement is built on appropriation and plagiarism of ideas then distorted out of all recognition. Rothblatt is no exception. In this chapter he feigns support for feminist ideas but twists them to support his own identity as a female impersonator. Instead of fighting to allow different expression, regardless of your biological sex, Rothblatt wants to destroy the categories of sex and with it the very basis of our humanity. Sex stereotypes are culturally and temporally shifting so much of the expectations imposed on males and females are neither natural nor inevitable. It does not follow that the path to liberation is to deny those differences that remain and push the idea of a life dependent on pharmaceuticals or surgeries.

Penetrators & Recipients

Rothblatt outdoes himself with this statement. I am going to go out on a limb here and say Martine is a total prick! He knows exactly who the males are in this scenario despite his appalling language. Language which assumes a passive role for the female and assumes the missionary position.

This is one of the places where Rothblatt’s claims we have “transgendered” brains and confuses personality traits for “gender”. No, love you are just confused. Single sex spaces are in existence because of the male sex and it’s propensity to forcibly “penetrate” the female sex class who are unwilling recipients! It’s because of rape that women need single sex facilities and nobody is raping us with their personalities.

Rothblatt then attempts to represent feminist though about the origins of the status of females within society. He correctly locates it in our ability to reproduce and the uncertainty of male parentage. He also notes male envy of female biology and talks about all the societies in which the males mimic menstruation in their rituals. It is a tad ironic that he is a living embodiment of this envy which has driven him to claim the identity of “woman” for himself and push extreme technology to replace the role of females in gestation and childbirth. He also advances the theory that women were convenient targets for testosterone fuelled, male aggression.

He then treats us to theories about matrilineal societies and cultures which allowed women to express our full range of human attributes. Paying a bit of lip service to feminism before he drops this corker. Apparently he does acknowledge male violence, in comparison to females, but it’s O.K. we have laws about that kind of thing.

Rothblatt seems to think we have male anger under control and conveniently ignores the fact that female perpetrators make up a small percentage of domestic abuse perpetrators and the overwhelming perpetrators are male. The prosecution rates are woeful and none of this has stopped three women a week being murdered, by men. That *should* is doing a lot of work there Martin!

Then there is some guff about deadly female soldiers and a reference to Gertrude Erle who swim the channel two hours faster than her male predecessors, in 1926. Rothblatt’s conveniently overlooks the fact that females actually do have an advantage in endurance feats over long distances. They definitely do not in covering shorter distances. I refuse to give credence to the idea he is unaware of these facts.

A further segment plays to his “feminist” readers when he debunks the idea of #LadyBrain. He is not doing this for any “feminist” reason he needs this to be true so he can argue his brain is not in any way “male”. The thing is love, your brain is in a male body and that is the issue.

And here is what he really wants. See women are as good as men, ergo men can share mixed sex spaces with them. You are not in any group that is female, Martin, That is the issue.

Thisnis where he was heading all along. We don’t need to exile men from womens spaces. We are all one gender continuum and labels like male /female are repressive. Sigh.

Finally we are onto his other obsession. Transhumanism. Leading, surprise, surprise to sex robots,

Men can become women and machines can be transgendered /trans humans.

Finally if we accept that a man with a penis can live as “she chooses” then we can accept a disconnect between humanity and the new robot humans. Let me remind you this is a very wealthy and influential man. He has a God complex visible from outer space. Our children are being sacrificed on the alter of transgenderism to make way for his religion. We need to stop this Bond Villain on steroids.

Even up the fight donate to those of us working tirelessly to shed light on the dark underbelly of transgenderism.

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