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Trans Britain Series. (Part 19a).

This will be my first post looking at Gendered Intelligence though there are some commentators who believe they deserve even more scrutiny than the beleaguered, charity, Mermaids. This post will remedy this deficit and I will also set up a specific page to the menu look I will therefore post it to the Trans Britain series and also Gendered Intelligence. This will be another series within a series.

The charity was set up by a trans-identified female and her, female, partner. They first set it up as a Community Interest Company and only became a charity in 2019. Stewart did not become a salaried employee for a few years but when she did she was paid a salary of £42,000 increasing to £54,000 + by 2021.

In their very first submission to companies house they advise that they had been working with the erstwhile charity for gay men, Terence Higgins Trust; Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC); British Medical Association; PACE (Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe); Bristol Council and No Outsiders Project.

The following year they secured a grant from the EHRC to work with gay youth, which sets alarm bells off for me; given how gay youth are particularly at risk from Gender Identity Ideology. They also worked with an NHS Trust, in Bristol. They were also granted EHRC funding for a “Trans” youth project and also partnered with Age Concern to deliver an inter-generational project for LGBT people. The charity was also delivering training on “gender diversity” in the education sector, from primary schools to University students. In 2011/12 they were securing Arts Council funding and collaborating with the Science Museum. By 2013/14 they had built up an impressive list of collaborators: including G.I.Ds (Gender Identity Development Service).

Gendered intelligence were, by now, running “Trans” your group across the U.K. including for under 16’s and had begun obtaining grants from Children in Need.

They list Universities, including Oxford University, as recipients of their wisdom below are just a few of those organisations they publicly name.

The NSPCC run Childline and I had a deep dive into their content earlier on this blog.

Queering the NSPCC? FINAL

Their accounts also reveal collaborations with the main teaching unions, universities, the charity MIND and Public Health England. They were also making forays into the Football association no doubt to push for mixed sex sports and were running events on International Women’s Day to force team the women’s sector.


Another project they were involved with was Transvengers, a comic series, presumably designed to appeal to children which was hosted by The Wellcome Collection; a free museum and part of the global charitable foundation Wellcome.

You can see the full set of cartoons at the link below.


As part of this project Gendered Intelligence took teenagers between the ages of 13-19 to a workshop with Dr Jana Funks, a sexologist historian. 👇

My first reflections on this comic is the blatant dishonesty. Children will have no idea that, in the 1980’s, men wore make up and flamboyant clothes, it was also not automatically assumed you were gay, if you did so. Plenty of heterosexual men, in my youth, were as flamboyant as Boy George. During my teens we were challenging homophobia and sexist stereotypes and making some progress. Trans-activists are actually upholding all the regressive stereotypes we opposed and now are carving those same sexist stereotypes into, and out of their flesh.To read the message of these cartoons it’s clear that “trans” activists believe they are at the vanguard of a progressive movement to “smash heteronormativity and challenge sex stereotypes and homophobia. Yet, correct me if I am wrong, the charity is led by someone who seems to think they can only have sexual relationships, with women, if they are actually men.

Here is another one of the cartoons. It is unclear whether they are pretending that gender identity ideology doesn’t proselytise the idea of masculine =dominant and femininity = submissive. In fact there are plenty of men who have internalised the most regressive, sexist, stereotypes about women, as submissive, even as they claim to “be” us.

Just a sample of men who have adopted the idea that they are women from some pornified notion that women are to be used, humiliated and objectified. This attitude runs through “transgenderism” like a stick of Blackpool rock.

Wellcome: Global Foundation

The Wellcome Collection, who hosted the Transvenger project, is part of the global Wellcome foundation. As I write they are coming under scrutiny for their de-colonialism project which has seen them remove historical figures from their collections. {For the record I do think we need to revisit history to unearth overlooked historical figures and rebalance how we understand our past. I would prefer we focus on this rather than clearing out the record of men who clearly made a historical contribution. Ditto on destroying statues: leave them up and contextualise their contribution ; for example, if charitable donations were funded through wealth built on the proceeds of slavery}.

Wellcome also dispenses grant funding around the globe and funds a number of PhDs in the U.K. At the moment they are funding a PhD to cover the history of The Beaumont Society, set up for transvestites and “transsexuals”. Another PhD looks at the experience of “transgender” youth. 👇

Dr Jana Funke, it transpires, sits on the Board of Trustees for Intercom Trust. They are another trans lobby group who purport to be for the LGB and the T but failed to populate the frequently asked questions about being gay for the three years I was checking their website. I wrote about that here:

Intercom Trust

Gendered Intelligence: Partners

This YouTube is from eight years ago and talks about the partnerships that G.I has with the Arts sector. Watching the people talk about the training they had from Gendered Intelligence the overwhelming impression is that these were decent people, terrified of getting it wrong. The relief at now knowing what to say/do re “trans” people is palpable. No wonder this ideology has made such headway in the Arts sector.

Our Partners

Here are a couple of quotes from this video: Here Jay gives us a version of “Educate Yourself” albeit delivered in a disarmingly charming style.

Again this quote 👇 sounds benign but if you are familiar with the agenda this is the velvet glove hiding an iron fist. What Jay wants is to re-engineer society to be organised on the principle of “gender” not “sex”; which places women and girls at risk in mixed sex spaces described as “gender neutral”.

I will return to have a further delve into the paper trail left by Gendered Intelligence submissions to Company House and the Charity Commission. They have their fingers in a lot of pies and it’s worth tracing their influence across U.K institutions.

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