Gendered Intelligence: Part 19b

Continuing coverage of Christine Burns book: Trans Britain. Gendered Intelligence is a significant player in the U.K and I have not covered on this blog before. In part this was because organisations like Transgender Trend have covered them extensively. In common with the rest of this series I will cover this chapter and intersperse it with information retrieved from their publicly filed information, with Companies House /The Charity Commission and any other media about the organisation.

You can read the first part here:

Trans Britain Series: Part Three

The charity was set up by Jay Stewart and Catherine McNamara. Stewart is a trans-identified female who is in a relationship with McNamara who describes herself as “non-trans”. Stewart did not become a salaried employee for a few years after founding the charity but she is now the C.E.O. The trustees of the charity have changed over the years. McNamara stepped down this year and another former trustee is Megan Key who I have covered on this blog. You can find my posts on Key here: 👇. Headlines on Key is that he is a late transitioning male, gave evidence to Parliament on “transgender” prisoners, as he works for the prison and probation service. The update covers his public proclamations on his sexual proclivities.

Megan Key: Probation Services

And here

Megan Key: Update.

Current Trustees:

Former chair of the Board of trustees is a trans-identified male, and father of three, by the name of Chryssy Hunter. Hunter holds a PhD from London Metropolitan University on The Equality Act 2010.

He is not a fan of the Equality Act which he believes only protects “legible” and “fungible” identities. You can find his PhD on line here: (I will add a stand alone piece on Hunter because he is fascinating).

Hunter’s PhD

In his PhD Hunter reveals that he was brought up in Hull, to parents who were bemused about his cross-dressing behaviour:

Hunter is also involved in the Bent Bars Project which works with prisoners. He is on record speaking about prison abolition.

He reveals a lot in this interview with Novara Media:

Interview Novara Media

In this interview he makes it clear that “trans women” belong in the female estate and he nicely skips different patterns of sex offending between males and females. Males account for 99% of incarcerated sex offenders He is also on record describing it as “shocking” that a male could be excluded from a female only group discussing their own experiences of sexual assault.

The tone of the Novara Media interview is hostile to “terfs” and “transphobes” who have their concerns completely belittled and dismissed. As usual he mis-characterises radical feminism as “biological essentialist” and essentially conservative. Naturally, this is Novara Media after all, they also dismiss the arguments as coming from right wing, middle class women, who can have nothing in common with female, working-class prisoners. It is an interview well worth listening to because it shows how wide the gulf is between women determined to defend female only spaces and the men determined to ride roughshod over our right to withhold consent. There’s the usual co-opting of people with disorders of sexual development and claims that biological sex isn’t real.

Stephanie Lynette Stevens is a new trustee, as of May 2022. Stevens is also a YouTube influenced who has quite a large following. This is one of Steven’s YouTube posts. It’s quite explicit about their own post operative experience. Although delivered in a giggly and breezy tone he does reveal that post operative complications have made dilation difficult and there is insufficient depth for penile penetration.

Post Op sex

Browsing through the channel Stevens talks about a long standing eating disorder, dealing with post-operative depression and anxiety. They also report a health care involving a hormone induced blood clot which forced a three day hospital stay. This is one of the side effects that can occur in males taking oestrogen.

Hafsa Hassan Quershi is also a new trustee as of May this year. Describing herself as a Bisexual, disabled, queer, muslim. She lives in Birmingham with her spouse, Nick. Hasan joined Stonewall as an account manager in 2019. She has also been an employee of the Ministry of Justice and received role model awards from the Gay Times.

Since November 2022, Mx Amstel Mark Page Von Spreckelsen has been the Chair of the Trustees. He is a management accountant now working for an Arts charity. He has previously worked for Sussex, NHS Trust and been treasurer for a number of LGBTQ charities.

He describes himself as non-binary and gender fluid and has an interest in mental illness.

Another new Trustee is Dr Geoffrey Warburton who is a self employed psychologist and psychotherapist who specialises in bereavement; having been previously employed as a grief consultant by the NHS. He was also a finalist on Master Chef. Dr Warburton appears to be a gay man who lived through the A.I.Ds crisis and helped set up support services. He has a TedEx talk on grief and comes across as quite charming.

Dr Lynnette Goddard, now professor, is based at Royal Holloway, University of London.

These are her research interests. Note the womxn for women.

Final trustee is Warren Alfred Koehler, there’s not much in the public domain about him.

In 19c I will cover the details of Stewart’s chapter in Trans Britain.

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