Women’s Equality Party: R.I.P

What a waste!

I still have my membership card for the Women’s Equality Party proudly displaying Founding Member number 303. A man would become member 4111 and boast about it on his blog. He will be one of the reasons the party is destined to fail.

This is he, posing with his wife; face painted with rainbows and wearing a Stonewall badge. Jon is a methodist minister and some big name in computer coding. He has three sons.

Jon even appears in W.E.P’s very first policy document. This is him, on page 13. Right out the gate the Women’s Equality Party was branding itself as a party that aimed to help all people.

This is what he said on his coming out blog on becoming a member.

Jon certainly put his money where his mouth was and became quite a large donor to the W.E.P. 19 donations totalling nearly £120,000.

Data from the Electoral Commission. Link attached to the search here and file attached 👇

Electoral Commission


Fast forward to 2018 and Sweet announced that one of his three sons is now his “daughter”

However, I am not ascribing blame to Skeet’s belief he has a “trans daughter”, for W.E.P policy. This is from their very first policy document. Seems they were always going to betray women in favour of the be-penised kind.

Right at the outset the party was compromised by the involvement of the Luvvie class. Back in 2015 I didn’t realise I needed to check a party for woman knew what a woman was. Now, when I look back at the celebrity endorsements, I realise it was doomed from the start. First up: Emma Thompson.

Emma Thompson is full on “Trans Women are Women”.

Here are a few more celebrity endorsements including Jack Monroe and Emma Watson.

Here is Emma talking to trans-activist Paris Lees.

Here is Monroe on coming out as “transgender” joking with James/Juno Dawson.

The modern leadership has gone down the pronouns in bio route. Here are the deputy leaders.

As I said I am not blaming Jon Skeet and his trans-identifying son for this parlous state of affairs but I don’t think he is going to help women’s rights anytime soon if he takes his cues from Julie Serano. This is from his blog. 😳

At some point I will blog on whipping girl but here is a sample.

Those of you following the W.E.P debacle may already know that they recently voted, at their sparsely attended conference, to support the idea that a man can self-declare his “gender”. A disastrous idea for women and girls. Ex-leader, Sophie Walker, penned an open letter, to the new leader (Mandu Reid) , pleading with her not to take this step.

Here is the letter: 👇

She was ignored.

You can watch Mandu Reid performing to camera all the reasons she believes Self-ID is the right policy. She manages to regurgitate most of the talking points of trans-activists. She appears deeply influenced by her own experience of racism and she thinks a women’s movement is a movement, for equality, more generally. Women’s movements fail the moment they fail to centre women and are not confident enough to advocate purely and simply for women. Reid, instead, seems to see W.E.P as a vehicle to advance all her own pet projects. It’s unconscionable to use women’s labour, and money, in this way. She is concerned about the polarisation on politics and sees women campaigning for our rights, as a sex class, as stoking division. She has bought into the TRA language and ideology. There is no way back for W.E.P.

Mandu Reid on Self-ID

Here are a couple of clips

In a turn out of only 138 (Compare that to the 1800 for Filia) the motion was passed. No vote was allowed for the wider membership which suggests, to me, they were not confident it has wide support. W.E.P has revealed itself to be an un-democratic and elitist organisation.

I will return to have a look at the W.E.P and cover their expulsion of Heather Brunskell-Evans, former W.E.P. spokesperson on Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG); after she appeared on the moral maze.

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