Gendered Intelligence: Part 19c

This is the third part of a series, within a series, looking at Gendered Intelligence. Taken from the book Trans Britain.

Jay Stewart, a trans-identified female, founded Gendered Intelligence, with her partner Christine McNamara. Once the charity could support a salary Stewart became CEO and now draws a salary of £50+k. To be fair this is not a hugely excessive salary, for the charity sector, and they seem keen to make sure the lower paid staff are paid well above a living wage. In the preceding post I cover the background of the trustees who have had a bit of a shake up in 2022.

Gendered Intelligence now has quite the revenue stream; mainly comprising grants and donations plus all the income from the organisations who pay them to proselytise gender identity ideology.

Here are some of the named funders based on the last published accounts. Note that Children in need and the National Lottery have made repeated grants to the charity. The foundations Esme Fairbarn and Paul Hamlyn Foundation appear frequently in those entities bankrolling trans lobby groups. Gendered Intelligence is frequently in receipt of funding via the NHS in the form of grants, joint research projects and payments to further embed sex denialism in the NHS.The same “Charitable” foundations crop up repeatedly in grant makers to this sector. Note also the involvement with Sport England, Swim England named below. We also know that G.I have close links with the Football Association; all to persuade them to make Sport mixed sex to validate the identities of men who wish to participate in female sports.

The annual reports are littered with references to organisations that have invited Gendered Intelligence to train their staff or, in the case of education, to also indoctrinate their pupils/students. In addition to the formal training, Gendered Intelligence also run youth groups across the U.K. In common with lots of these “trans” youth groups the age ranges seem wholly incompatible with effective safeguarding. Below the age range is 13 to 25. Older trans-identified role models are also invited to meet the young people. These groups are also partly funded by Children in Need.

These lobby groups access our children, from reception age onwards, via schools, under the guise of PSHE, anti-bullying work or diversity training. All of the teaching Unions are also captured and the teacher training courses. {Hence my own son’s biology teacher finding it necessary to apologise to the class for teaching facts about sexual reproduction; no doubt unwilling to offend her “non-binary” child.}

The capture of the political class has also been rapid. Even Conservative, Theresa May, presented an award to Catherine McNamara for her work proselytising to our kids.

Another technique to embed sex denialism in our culture is through media presentation; a kind of product placement to market self-commodification. If you have not seen it I can highly recommend this YouTube, by Kat Karena; which draws a comparison between Gender Abbatoirs and Business Start-Ups. 👇

The Business Model

Jay actually did their PhD on “trans on the telly”.

What I call “marketing” of the “transgender” child, Jay would regard as normalising /destigmatising a “trans” identity. For Stewart “Gender Identity” is innate and watching representations of “trans” people, she believes, allowed the discovery of their “authentic self”. Given that homosexuals are more likely to deviate from societal expectations, for your sex; is it any wonder this explanation is seductive to someone rejecting herself as a “Lesbian”? Add Internalised homophobia to misogyny and *some* Lesbians may find being a man more appealing than being a Lesbian.

Stewart was also steeped in queer theory and is an acolyte of Judith Butler, she was also studying in a University (Goldsmiths) who are major proponents of this ideology.

. This cause would eventually secure a comfortable salary and a place at the table, in the London Mayoral Office. Sadiq Khan is very keen on pushing the mantra “Trans Women are Women” and dutifully presents with pronouns in his twitter bio. It seems he learned his catechism well.

Jay explains that they had not only “found ‘my’ people” but also found “my cause”

It was also an exciting time to be embracing this new cause as the Govt had passed the Gender Recognition Act and this was pioneering legislation. Jay tells us, excitedly, that a conference on Sexuality and Gender, held in Manchester, attracted scholars from all over the world. At that conference an important point was made by one of the speakers; defending the secrecy provisions built into the Gender Recognition Act.

It is the secrecy provision that “forced” hospital staff to lie about the sex of a man, held on the female ward, even after he had raped a female patient. Staff who find out someone holds a Gender Recognition Certificate, in an official capacity, face unlimited fines for revealing that information. It leads to the ludicrous situation that a women, confronted by an obvious man in female only settings, are being gaslit by NHS staff; who are forced to lie about his biological sex. It is also an odd provision since it is illegal to obtain sex by deception and the main convictions, under this law have been females, pretending to be male, to sleep with other girls. So, in some settings it is allowable to conceal your sex but in others it is a criminal offence not to disclose. Yet here the same activist claims it is up to the “trans” person to decide whether to disclose. This is justified by a claim that revealing your sex may expose you to threatened, or actual, violence.

Despite the fact that the GRA is very bad law, for Stewart it does not go far enough because it fails to protect “non-binary” identities, or people who are gender fluid. Apparently the GRA was not sufficiently accommodating because it “reinforced our entrenched gender binary system, with heteronormative assimilationist undertones”.

On the law Stewart has this to say 👇 and she is not wrong. The law likes clarity and this law singularly fails, because nobody knows how to define “gender” without circular reasoning. Furthermore legislating on the basis of subjective feelings; which are contrary to truth and reality, and compelling others to validate a lie, is insane.

There follows some reflection on whether there is a biological basis for a “transgender” identity. This is similar to the “born this way” debate among the gay community. Apparently the notion is hotly contested with some arguing a “trans” gene might lead to selective abortion. Also there is a fear that anyone found not to have this biological marker would not be “trans” enough. I imagine some of those who don’t welcome a definitive “test” are those that have retconned their narrative to bury years of cross dressing, for sexual gratification; they won’t want their cover blown.

As Stewart is considering whether the elders, like Whittle and Burns, can support “trans” youth he gets the opportunity to bid for a grant from the Wellcome Trust. He sets up groups of “trans” teenagers to discuss their issues with professional people working in the field of “transgender” health. Stewart believes the medical experts are just as likely to learn from the young people. There was a rather candid admission from the endocrinologist about the lack of knowledge around “transgender” people. More questions than answers!

Gendered Intelligence collaborated on a conference with an organisation called transfabulous. They were delighted Kate Bornstein and other notable trans luminaries were in attendance. This is how Bernstein showed up.

Kate Bornstein

That name rang a bell so I took a detour to have a quick look. You can easily find a lot about Bornstein just from a cursory look at YouTube. Bornstein was a thrice married man who spent 11 years in the Cult of Scientology. He eventually decided to “transition” whilst a recovering alcoholic and cocaine user. He describes being welcomed by the gay community until he came out as a “Lesbian” where he was, understandably, less welcome. Here is one paragraph on his life: Had a female partner who then decided she was a man while Bornstein found his “slave girrl” side.

This quote was from this book 👇 written by Bornstein which is like Jackie Magazine meets queer theory.

Bornstein invokes the language of spirituality to describe their transformation. This deployment of language denoting a higher knowledge from the “trans” ideologues is a common occurrence in these narratives.

This is another diagram from Bornstein book which has an odd reference to the notion of consent.

Let us zone in on the sexual consent issue; “with or without consent”. 👇

We leave Jay Stewart committing to continue influencing politicians at all levels of government. The route out of this trans-totalitarianism is to yank it up by its roots and unpick the cognitive capture in our institutions and, in particular, the contagion in the mediating classes. Trans lobby groups are the Japanese knotweed of ideologues.

Next up will be a pice on the non-binary contingent. I will have to steel myself to engage with the narcissist wing of the trans-ideologues, in a competitive field I believe the non-binaries take the lead.

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