We are the Non-Binaries

This is a continuance of my series based on the book Trans Britain. I have struggled to whip up enough energy to tackle this chapter because of an innate resistance to narcissists. One of the people featured in this chapter, Meg-John Barker, is familiar to me as someone who was responsible for a bonkers document by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapists (B.A.C.P).

Here is an article about the document, from 2018, the author was one Dr Meg-John Barker.

Women are Vain Except In the North

Here is an excerpt which was later deleted. Does Barking mad Meg thinks Northern Working class women are men!

People who subscribe to this ideology confuse rejecting sex stereotypes with repudiating your sex. At the same time they claim they are in the business of dismantling these self same sexist notions.

Megan John Barker appears to be in a heterosexual relationship with Edward Lord who identifies as non-binary; which did not stop him joining the male only free masons. Here is Mx Lord.

You may remember Lord for making the single sex swimming, at Hampstead heath, mixed sex after launching a faux poll on twitter. A poll he claimed was open access after he he had pre-emptively blocked any women who were not the new inter-Sexional feminist types. Here is Private Eye on the matter.

Lol! Edward Lord O.B.E thinks he’s is dismantling the Patriarchy. These people are insane!

Meg also has a web-site providing a lot of free materials including her section on having multiple personalities or “Plurals”. Feel free to have a gander:

Meg Barker

Let me remind you that Meg was an an advisor to the British Psychological Society. An organisation that I covered in this series. You may remember the BPS advised it’s counsellors to use their client’s preferred title even if this was “slut”.

British Psychological Society

Meg has a number of “plurals” or “alters” including Fox,Jonathan, Robin, Jack, Max and Ara. I am rather relieved that she has given up counselling. I am quite disturbed that she was accredited and is a lecturer. Ben isn’t an alternative identity and is credited in this chapter.

Also included in this chapter is another person I had not encountered before.

Disturbingly Jos was employed by the Tavistock Gender Clinic. How much damage these deluded fools have done to children is incalculable.

This is how they define non-binary. No wonder they claim non-binary is the largest “trans” category; literally everyone is covered by this amorphous nonsense.

I am out of patience with this ahistorical nonsense; which I imagine is perfectly apparent. WOMEN’s parts were played by males because women were not allowed on stage in Shakespeare’s era. 👇. For many years the women who did tread the boards were associated with prostitutes and much maligned. Anyone with a nodding acquaintance with the history of English theatre would be aware of this, but when your movement is a confection all you have is cultural appropriation and lying.

Ironically the very next paragraph cautions against the risk of “reading the present onto the past”.

After a detour to appropriate different cultures who found their own way to accommodate, usually male, homosexuals, the authors return to the British context to name our own pioneers. This was the first time I had come across the superbly named Nat Titman. (I realise my amusement is a tad immature. I blame the backdrop of a carry-on Christmas). Elan-Cane is the woman who wants to have sex obliterated on per’s documents. Sigh.

Despite the nonsensical nature of the NB movement it should no longer surprise anyone that our supine political class have bought it hook, line, and sinker.

The chapter ends with a list of demands which, bizarrely, includes access to medical transitioning for non-binary people. Luckily for the per-people some medical practitioners are ahead of the curve like the esteemed Dr Helen Webberley who still practices medicine in between her periods of suspension. Does this sound like good medical practice?

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