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Sarah Brown is another trans-identified man featured in this book. Trans Britain by Chris Burns. Like Burns he also claims a “Lesbian” identity while he appears to have traversed the familiar path of a male cross-dresser. Brown is also an advisor to the erstwhile gay rights charity, Stonewall. He is also a former Liberal Democrat councillor and remains influential as an LGBT advisor.

Post transition Sarah Brown retained her wife and later added a third party to the relationship together with his children. Zoe is another trans-identified male who is also influential in the Liberal Democrats.

You can find an article, on Huffington post about Brown’s polyamorous relationship. In it Brown describes how the compulsion to cross-dress escalated until he was no longer satisfied by performing his fetish on a part-time basis. Instead the compulsion dominated his waking thoughts and he was so much in its grip he began modifying his body with synthetic hormones and, eventually, surgeries. Like a lot of these men he was an early adopter of the internet which allowed him to find men with similar compulsions. He recalls attending the trial of Russell Reid who was a man who aided people seeking the type of surgery commonly called “sex change surgery”. Brown writes in support of Reid even though he was sanctioned for a rather reckless attitude to his I wrote about Russell Reid below:

Russell Reid: Part One

Brown immediately became an activist and describes meeting fellow traveller Roz Kaveney in 2007.

Brown spends quite a lot of time criticising Julie Bindel’s attitude to “trans” surgeries because she had written about Reid and interviewed some of the patients who came to regret their surgeries. She used rather uncompromising words like “mutilate” and Brown took the opportunity to remonstrate, publicly, with Bindel. Brown was to meet Roz Kaveney once again and they shared their anger at the resentment against men who call themselves “lesbians”.

I have had the misfortune to read Whipping Girl and at some point I will blog on Serano. For now this will give you a flavour of his attitude to women and place Brown in their proper context.

By 2008 Brown was boasting about the success in influencing BBC Editorial decisions and starting the sex denialism that has now thoroughly infected/corrupted the national broadcaster.

He then proceeds to display his male rage at an event which excluded males. This was the Michigan Women’s festival. As Brown points out many men still insisted on attending the festival and, for those of you who don’t know, one of those protestors of this festival would go on to murder two Lesbians and their son in his rage at being excluded.

Closer to home Brown recounts protesting Queer up North for the temerity to host an artist who had also appeared at the Women only festival in Michigan. This was to be a pattern in this man’s activism. A clear anger at any woman asking him to stay in his lane. His stated aim was to embarrass the organisors of events that recognised biological sex. The next, rage inducing, incident was a London Pride that expected males to stay out of the female toilets. Brown was very angry about this and claims a “transwoman” eventually resorted to the male bathroom and was sexually assaulted. The perpetrator was never found.

Brown takes another detour to protest Stonewall giving an award to Julie Bindel. This time there was a counter protest about which Brown has this to say:

Brown then lists what he sees as the achievements of trans-activists. Not for the first time it occurs to me how self-defeating are the aims of this new wave of Men’s Rights Activists. It simply never occurs to them that they will never experience the energy of a women only event that includes them. The energy in a space, invaded by males, however they identify, will never be the same as an actual women only event. That’s the tragedy; though I am all out of sympathy. Shame on the organisors of a Lesbian event for having a male fetishist as a speaker.

Brown claims to experience homophobia now he is a “lesbian” seemingly oblivious to his own homophobia in claiming that label.

Some of Brown’s political activities do not appear in this book but have been catalogued elsewhere. Naturally he is a proponent of BDSM and served tea dressed as a maid at an event he organised.

He also campaigned against restrictions on pornographic access

At the same time as encouraging sado-masochists to have a platform and free speech for pornographers he was less keen on women’s voices being heard.

I will leave you to the more infamous odfod his tweets whilst a city councillor.

I am not really feeling the “Lesbian” vibe from Mx Brown.

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