NHS Policy ignores Sex! (Part 2)

Those of us who have been looking at Transgender policies, at NHS Trusts, have noticed that they are much more difficult to find. For a previous post, on Birmingham Hospital, I was sent an email copy of a policy which I had not found but was, apparently, available to employees. My suspicion is that NHS Trusts know that women are checking whether they are defending single sex spaces for vulnerable, female, patients. I suspect more of them are restricting their policy to their “intranet” to hide these policies from the general public. The policies for their employees are still mainly available and they tell a diabolical tale.

You can see the rest of this series, including part 1, at the link below. The Trans ideologues have been hard at work for decades and the women’s rights groups are notable by their absence. Men (in the main) have been allowed to write policy that primarily impacts women; just because they claim to have transcended their biological sex.

NHS & Transgender: Series

This policy is from the East Cheshire NHS Trust. I couldn’t find a pdf so I had to screen shot it. This is the link to the policy. Searching the NHS Trust website yields zero results .

Transgender support Policy

I have archived it too. Before I get to the policy see the link to the policy I could find easily. Here the Macclesfield hospital, part of the Trust insist that they operate single sex spaces.

What the trust policy actually says is that people should be treated according to how they identify, irrespective of their sex, which they cover by some guff about genital configuration; as if that’s irrelevant.

The policy drips with the language of the captured; tell tale sign is echoing the belief that sex is “assigned at birth” rather than observed and recorded; which is the case for over 99% of us. The policy is drafted with one group in mind who consider themselves “transgender”. They admit, however, that the policy will impact patients, staff, visitors, and contractors. Females make up 51% of the population but, I suspect,, will we are over-represented in the patient population, Most women will have a hospital experience via pregnancy and childbirth even if they are otherwise healthy. Our longevity also means we are likely to need hospital admission in later years. Did this Trust speak to any women’s groups? NO!

They did get help drafting the policy from The Gender Trust. This policy was drafted over a decade ago.

Part 1 covers The Gender Trust and man behind it.

NHS Policy ignores Sex! (Part 1)

Advice given by The Gender Trust to the NHS.

I should no longer be shocked at the betrayal of women, by the NHS, but, I confess, I was appalled at the gaslighting in this document. It begins by a statement on patient centred care and then pitches the notion of “most persecuted minority” and lays down the law about not tolerating any discrimination; which, I presume, covers women recognising a man’s biological sex. How bigoted!

The NHS Trust do make a statement about their opposition to discrimination on the following grounds 👇. This is a doctored list of the, legally, “protected characteristics” which they list but get them wrong and include “gender” instead of “gender reassignment”. More sleight of hand to come later in the document.

These are the facts about rape in hospitals. In the U.K. the crime of rape involves a penis. These are all Men!

After some stern words about disciplinary measures for non-compliance they move on to a list of definitions. In this section they make it clear they include “transvestites as “trans”. Given we know there is a paraphilia known as “transvestic fetishism” the hospital are recognising men ,with a sexual fetish, under the “trans” umbrella and as “women” according to their wishes.

The document goes on to say that some people may emerge as “trans” overnight. This becomes important because the Trust insist that, even these “overnight” “transitioners”. Note also that the badly worded Gender Recognition Act (GRA) allows a misrepresentation of the law that, in fact, does limit the rights of men, even with a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) to female only spaces. A right which is poorly tested, via case law, and very much ignored in policy and practice.

There is a long section about the “privacy clauses” built into the GRA and the fines associated with disclosing the sex of a person, if disclosed to you in an official capacity. This, legally mandated, sex denialism, is why hospital staff are obliged to LIE to women’s faces if they see an obvious man in a female only space.

The section on the Human Rights Act (1998) acknowledges that one persons’s Human Rights cannot limit the Human Rights of another group; this is exactly what the NHS is doing here. Letting men’s rights trample over women’s rights. Forcing women to change in front of biological males is a form of torture, and, frankly, sexual assault. This is a reminder that men are treated as the default human.

This next but is contradictory on the Occupation requirements which were designed to restrict certain roles to a particular sex. This was supposed to allow female only rape crisis counsellors and for women to refuse intimate care from men. This is what the Trust has to say. The second paragraph contradicts the first.

There follows a detailed section on the employment of “transgender” people and the process for ensuring criminal record checks are obtained without revealing someone’s sex. I have a long-standing concern that this seems to rely on honestly disclosing your previous names and also, even if they are honest about their previous names, this means they can hide their sex from the employer.

After making it clear that there are no restrictions based on any bodily changes the NHS here mandates that females must accept males in their toilets and changing rooms. To be clear Nurses in my local trust are not allowed to wear their uniform on the way to, and from, work so must change, at work, twice a day.

This is the problem with the “real life test” it forces women to serve as handmaids to these men and validate him as something he is not; irrespective of her own discomfort. No man who really “identified” with women would be comfortable forcing them into this position. It shows a level of entitlement I can only describe as “male”. The sooner the NHS is forced to remove all these policies the better.

After another reminder about the severe punishments for “bullying and harassment” ; clearly designed to override women’s rights to object, the NHS Trust proceeds to explain that a man’s wishes are paramount. (I am saying “man” here because females don’t present the same risk to men and those who insist on being in men’s spaces are placing themselves at risk. At the same time these women are also disrespecting male boundaries).

As you can see the NHS trust prioritise part-time “women” over actual women; the biological and only kind. It gets worse: 👇 I cannot even bring myself to be grateful for the crumbs offered at excluding *some* men from open showers.

Single Sex Facilities.

There follows a long section on single sex facilities. Beginning with this belter. Here “full transition” can still mean the person has “Different genital or breast sex appearance”. This is absolute madness!

There follows a section on times where people will be held on the ward for their sex, in the case of females having hysterectomies who think they are men. It is noticeable that a female example is used here. {What the hospital should really be asking themself is why they are performing unnecessary hysterectomies on young women.}

I wonder how many women are going to be gratuitously offended by this policy of trying to ascertain your biological sex. Women are already being asked for preferred pronouns even while pregnant! Notice also the directive to comply immediately with the patient’s preference to be accommodated with the opposite sex illustrative of a total lack of consideration for female (or male) boundaries.

Apparently if sex is indeterminate it should be inferred from “presentation” and clothing but heaven forfend we take into account the sexed bodies. Imagine waking up in the male ward because you have short hair and wear trousers? Or worse, if you are a woman who has lost your hair because of chemotherapy or your breasts through a double mastectomy; you are already feeling stripped of your femininity and the hospital just compounds matters. I am not saying that the sex of a woman, in this situation, becomes unrecognisable but even to ask these questions, as a matter of routine, creates the potential for real offence and distress.

The next bit is unintentionally “transphobic” and raises issues about the differential of females post testosterone and males. The hospital betrays that it knows men generally don’t pass as women.

This brings us into the difficulty of “trans men” and female spaces. They do tend to pass, at least superficially, as men. Hence all the “gotchas” when people post their pictures and ask if women would be comfortable with these “women” in our spaces. Clearly many of us would not be, just based on appearance; they are likely to disrupt the social norms in female spaces. Which brings me to the difficulties faced by female detransitioners. I already know of a couple who feel like there is no way back and now dealing with a new kind of “sex dysphoria” about their actual sex. I wish I had an easy answer to this that doesn’t add to the distress of detransitioned females. Obviously I welcome then back into female spaces but I can’t undo any physical changes which may mean they are questioned, What a mess!

Parental Consent.

The next section makes it clear that the rights of parents must be over-ridden by the hospital staff if the child wishes it even if they are not deemed Gillick Competent. As mad as I would have been if my son was put on a female ward, against my wishes, my anger would be dwarfed if I were the mum of a girl placed on a male ward. As a parent I would then, potentially, face the anger of the parents of girls who resented my son being was placed with them, against my wishes. There is also an asymmetry, based on sex, here, my son would likely be more safe on a female ward, the reverse would be true for females. Because, guess what? Sex Matters!

The Impact Assessment.

The Trust acknowledges that 51% of the population is female but I can’t see a break down of the sex of its patients but I am going to hazard a guess that women make up the vast majority of their patients; given our longevity.

It then goes through each of the protected characteristics, bar one, to pretend they are in compliance with the Equality Act (2010). Before I get to the most egregious example I just want to say they have not addressed the impact of people with Muslim or Orthodox Jewish women; who are unable to share mixed sex spaces. Neither have they considered the heightened vulnerability of disabled women, forced to share spaces with men, including transvestic fetishists. Similarly for older women they have an enhanced vulnerability and may be deeply distressed by being lied to about the sex of the “woman” in the next bed.

However they sank really low with the omission of any consideration of one of the protected characteristics. They omitted SEX and they substituted “gender” ; making it clear this included “transgender” people. They then have the gall to say this policy will impact positively! I am genuinely unable to contain my anger at this.

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