Leicestershire NHS Trans Policy.

Here is the link to the policy produced by this NHS Trust. This one is dated September 2019. There is an updated one.

Transgender and Non Binary Patients – Supporting UHL Policy

You can access the full series on NHS “Transgender” policies at the link below:

NHS & Transgender: Series

This policy is, so far, the most authoritarian in respect of the way it mandates, both patients and staff, to comply with Gender Identity Ideology. We need a woman directly impacted to mount a legal challenge because the NHS must be forced to backdown.

I took the trouble to look at Leicestershire’s published policy on Single Sex Accommodation; which they are required to publish, monitor and have a system to report any breaches.

In that document the Trust include “sex” as a legally protected characteristic but add “gender” in brackets; even though that is not the Law. They claim the document abides by the provisions of The Equality Act but they do not address the issue of forcing women of faith to share mixed sex spaces or, indeed, the right of women to be held in single sex accommodation. This is despite producing a document that claims to be all about preserving single sex spaces. This is the NHS gaslighting women.

They know the actual law because they include the correct list of the protected characteristics within the same document. 👇

In the “transgender” policy they simply lie about the Law and replace “sex” with “gender”. The single sex accommodation policy is very easy to find on their website. It’s also easy to find the new Trans and Non-Binary policy from September 2022. I have downloaded that and will cover it in another post, after a quick look, I can only say it is even worse than the one I am covering today,

The advisor:

For the “Transgender” policy they are keen to advertise the input from a trans-identified male who sat on their Equality Advisory Group.

This would appear to be the Rebecca Shaw they consulted.

Shaw has a twitter account and posts about “trans day of visibility” and the debunking of autogynephilia. The old “my skirt lifted up”; happens to #GirlsLikeUs all the time. 😳

Vagina Monologues

Shaw also took part in a production of the Vagina Monologues and writes about it on their blog.

I like the “because I can” at the end. It has a certain sort of energy.

The Vagina Monologues were considered “transphobic” because these “new women” don’t have vaginas. Productions were halted because they were deemed to be “exclusionary”.

Now it seems zero vagina is not a bar to celebrating what you haven’t got! I like the “because I can!” at the end; has a certain type of energy.The first all male line up was in 2004. This despite the biological fact that none of these men have vaginas! Wherewere all my fellow Liberals, who leap on evidence of “cultural appropriation” when this performance took place.

One of the performers was Marci Bowers, a surgeon who performs the surgery known as “sex reassignment surgery”. Bowers is now the President of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health. Another one was Andrea James who is infamous for waging a hate campaign against Michael Bailey: the author of The Man Who Would be Queen.

The Policy.

The policy mandates the use of the patient’s preferred pronouns and name and warns staff not to make assumptions based on “appearance”. It also cautions staff to use this language even if it goes against the family. The patient is to be asked where they would prefer to be cared for and if it is a female ward, and he is male, his wishes should be respected.

They provide more guidance on this checklist.

The staff are urged to be mindful of discrimination from staff, or other patients, and warned that they should not share details of the patients real sex except on a “need to know” basis. It would be interested to know how rigidly they apply this because symptoms, test results, and medication doses all are impacted by someone’s biological sex. For example female heart attacks are often missed because medical staff are used to the symptoms in males; women present differently. Some measures of organ function are such that a normal reading, for a male, would be dangerous in a female. There has already been one case of a trans-identified female losing a baby because clinicians did not think her admission, with stomach pains, could be labour pains; because she presented and was recorded as, a male.

There is the usual dictionary to educate staff on the new speak demanded by this ideology. As you can see, just like East Cheshire NHS Trust, they include transvestites under their definition of “trans”. I draw your attention to this because, once again, they all seem to ignore the condition of “transvestic fetishism” which is sexually motivated. These men get an erotic charge by wearing women’s clothes and it comes with a side order of boundary violations and a desire for women’s participation in their sexual thrills.

The Trust has a lengthy glossary that includes agender, gender fluid, gender queer and even neutrois. Later they seem to have got cold feet about including “transvestite” and “transsexual” and issue this warning to staff. 👇. Basically they have used the term in their own policy but heaven forfend their own staff follow their own terminology,

This policy is also littered with veiled threats about which hospital policies you may be in breach; should you deviate from this, imposed, ideology. Staff are warned that they could face charges of “gross misconduct” and, even criminal charges for misgendering. This is quite draconian and, likely, outwith the law.

They at pains to be clear they will use the patient’s preferred pronouns etc even with family members. I can certainly understand the position of staff on this one, for the patient, but it seems provocative to stoke conflict with family members. However, an ideological crusuade it is and they also offer this advice, about children, which seems of dubious legality to me:👇. The hospital is instructing staff to expressly go against the wishes of parents even if the child is not deemed “Gillick competent”.

Gillick Competence

The Trust also are on the alert for “spurious” arguments about “discomfort’ to mask their “transphobia”. 👇

I am not surprised at the thinly veiled contempt for women emanating from this policy. The Trust clearly know the legally protected characteristics because they are included in their single sex ward policy. Yet, in the “transgender” policy all of this is forgotten and the Trust resort to blatant lies. The protected characteristic is “SEX” but the Trust use “gender”

So what about the Equality Impact. assessment? “No detriment was identified”.

To add insult to injury, after ignoring the protected characteristic of “sex” they had a special note that all Equality Impact assessments must consider the “trans” experience.


The authors reference the work of Stephen Whittle, from 2007. Whittle is a sex denialist activist having repudiated her own sex many years ago. I think they probably are referring to “Engendered Penalties” which I covered in my series on Whittle:

Stephen Whittle

They also reference the beleaguered charity Mermaids, The Gender Trust, who advised East Cheshire, and Christine Burns.

I will follow this up with the 2022, updated policy. At first glance that looks even worse but I see they have removed reference to “transvestites”.

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