In part one I covered a report detailing how young activists strategised how to disseminate gender identity ideology and normalise talking about sex with the under twelves. In that I illustrated the links to Lloyd Russell-Moyles, a British Labour MP . You can read part one below:

Rainbow Resources 1

The document I am going to look at today is a later edition of the Rainbow Resources. I have searched, in vain, to get a PDF of the first version to which Russell-Moyles put his name. If I track it down I will cover it in this series. You can read the full document here:


The document recognises that the first edition was by Russell-Moyle. This was part of International Falcon Movement -Socialist Education International. Later we are told that the document was funded by the Council of Europe.

The organisations rely on the U.N declaration on the Rights of the Child and , to this end, they claim that children have as much ability to teach as to learn and that children are involved in the decision making process. This is quite fundamental to the ideology and why it conflicts with the idea of child safeguarding.

Here they claim they have been working with children on gender and sexuality for forty years.

In this edition they wanted to focus more on “trans” issues. They are also keen to stress that sexual rights are human rights and that children are not too young to discuss sexuality.

Allow yourself a wry chuckle at this next statement.

Naturally the oppose what the call conversion therapy but they include not just homosexuality but also “gender identity”. What this means, in practice, is that we end up “converting” gay kids to faux-straight adults by enclosing them in a medicalised closet. Also, because this is inspired by queer theory, they want to destroy social norms around different expressions of sexuality which brings us a world where we are not allowed to kink shame.

They next reference a pamphlet about child sexual development which has, unfortunately, has now been removed so I cannot interrogate the content.

There’s a section on being aware of your own privilege and biases and making sure you are self-aware and questioning your own adherence to stereotypical behaviour. In the next paragraph they advise that your identity is constructed not just by yourself but in dialogue with how others see you. (Tell that to the male “Lesbians”).

The next section tells us that everyone has a “gender identity” and uses the discredited statistic suggestion that 1% of people are born with a disorder of sexual development (DSD) which they call “intersex”. They provide the usual claptrap about “cisgender” and redefines sexual orientation to pretend that people are attracted to “gender identity” rather than biological sex.

The booklet then (sigh) uses the Gender Bread diagram to demonstrate their bonkers belief system.

Their definitions include “transvestite” without any recognition that some men cross-dress for erotic purposes.

Next up they confirm that they are informed by “Queer Theory”. It’s interesting to note that since 2014 we have seen an explosion of spicy straights claiming to be “Queer” that they argue undermines the LGBTI*.

Here is what they say about the family. 😳 They are clear that there needs to be empowerment of the child; the family may need “educating” and outside organisations have a role in shaping the child.

There’s a reasonable section on bullying and patriarchal language structure erasing women but, inevitably, they ruin it by opting for gender neutral language, preferred pronouns, and imposing their ideology by way of exercising the privilege they claim to be committed to eradicating.

As we know, from part one, the proponents of this ideology actually strategised that one way to overcome resistance, about talking to children about sex, is to hide the content of your “education”. They don’t repeat that (yet) but instead make the patronising assumption that resistance is borne out of ignorance.

Here’s the bit where they strategise to get the kids away from their parents, allay their fears by co-opting trusted professionals or charities and bury the content in wider issues.

There is a whole section on bullying which, ironically, uses bullying and public humiliation of any child who does not subscribe to their belief system. Finally these are the people they point to as role models.

Monroe Bergdorf who lost multiple appointments because of a failure to understand child safeguarding, who is on record making discriminatory comments about Lesbians and who parades himself as a pornified princess. Travis Abalanza who thinks teenage girls should be forced to share communal changing rooms, with him, at Top Shop. Or Fox Fisher who is still surgically mutilating their body twelve years after starting their testosterone journey.

It’s a no from me!

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