Rachel Levine: Trans Lash Media.

An interview with Dr Levine who is a “trans-identified man who is now assistant secretary of health for the Biden administration. This is part of a series looking at a podcast which received a large injection of cash. from Open Society Foundation.

The host is a “trans-identified” male. You can read about the foundations who bankrolled them in and some of their contributors in part one.

Translash Media Podcast.

This podcast certainly attracts some high profile interviewees. For anyone who may be unaware of Levine here is a bit of biographical information.

His personal life follows a predictable path for a late-transitioning male. Levine lived ina heterosexual marriage, fathered children and only adopted a “trans” identity very late in life, 2011 to be precise.

It was not long before he was gaining accolades for being the “first female”

He was also conferred the title of Woman of the Year in 2022.

The interview spends some time discussing Levine’s role during Covid, but it gets more interesting around the twelve minute mark. The interviewer, Imara Jones, asks about how Levine felt about his confirmation hearing and the line of questioning from another senator, Rand Paul. He does not pull his punches. You can watch it here:

Rand Paul v Dr Levine

Levine goes to some lengths to avoid asking a direct question about whether he supports medical interventions, such as puberty blockers, for minors. Rand repeats the question.

Rand Paul also points out that Levine is on record stating that he would accelerate the process for street kids; that is for homeless kids with no parents protecting them. Again Levine evades the question.

Imara Jones describes this as an aggressive line of questioning and commends Levine for his stoicism. He also points out, erroneously, that there has been forty or fifty years of research. This is not true. The only research covers the use of these drugs for kids with precocious puberty and even there we have lawsuits because of the negative consequences.

This article by Jennifer Bilek covers Levine who, like the elected representative in part one, was also backed by the LGBTQ Victory Institute.

Jennifer Bilek on Levine

Levine defends the care for “transgender youth” by quoting the Lobby group WPATH so now is a good time to remind ourselves of what Marci Bowers said about puberty blockers while he was president elect for WPATH.

Levine claims these are evidence led care standards and, sadly, he is able to back up his claims by listing how many organisations are using these medicines and how well supported they are by many, I would argue captured, organisations. He then proceeds to lambast bills which try to protect single sex sports and to limit these interventions on children. He also describes the treatment as “potentially life saving”. Imara Jones agrees that this is life saving treatment and is pleased that President Biden is promoting this intervention. Jones than also references a series he has done on the “Anti-Trans Hate machine”.

The interview continues with Levine talking about how proud he is to serve his country and how hopeful he is that he can educate people about “trans” people and help people overcome their fear of what they don’t understand. Jones then asks how Levine navigates being in such a high profile role as a “trans” person and how they coped with being misgendered. It ends with a paean to Levines leadership and role in the LGBTQ community. You can listen to the episode here:

Translash interview with Dr Levine

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