Leigh Finke: Legislator (Part 2)


Companion piece to another on the trans identified male, Leigh Finke, you can read part one here 👇. Part one covers who funds him and what limited, biographical, information is in the public domain.

Leigh Finke: LGBTQ Victory Fund

Leigh Finke who is now a legislator in Minnesota. Elected in November 2022 he was instrumental in passing bill HF1655 which added “Gender Identity” to the list of protected characteristics and bill HF0146 which makes Minnesota a “sanctuary state” for any child/youth now unable to get on a medical pathway to facilitate what ideologues call “transition”. Rather than cover the bills, in detail, in the first part, I decided to do a stand alone blog for anyone who wants to scrutinise the legislation.

HF1655 amends existing legislation to add the notion of “gender identity”. It also removed some discriminate measures against homosexuals. Probably the most talked about is this clause because it removed the section making it clear paedophilia is not regarded as a sexual orientation. Part one covers why this is a dangerous development even if, as Leigh Finke argues, the sexual exploitation of children is covered by criminal statutes,

As usual the definition, if you can call it that, of “gender identity” is absurd, counterfactual, circular and illogical. It allows people to claim to be men or women, both or neither, irrespective of ther sexed bodies with no requirement for surgical modification. Male and Female are unmoored from their physical embodiment and the law prohibits discrimination on the basis of “gender identity”, even though it is an internal feeling not visible to the naked eye. What this means, in practice, is the ability of men to access female only spaces even those where women are undressing or otherwise vulnerable. It is also enshrining the notion of a “woman” with a penis in law.

We are in the same territory as Caligula, who appointed a horse as senator!

The bill also contains a clause about setting up a programme of education to promote anti-discrimination, for which read re-education to make sure workers don’t rebel against this crazy legislation. Moreover they have a clause about accepting private finance to support the work of the responsible department. It would be worth keeping an eye on any cash coming into this department because it seems they are anticipating an influx of cash. Could they already have made a backroom deal? (I usually check Arcus Foundation and Open Society Foundation online databases. Arcus grants are up to 2022 but OS only till 2021. It will be interesting to see if they stop publicising this data now they are aware of a higher level of scrutiny. One to keep an eye on).

The other bill covers the Minnesota State response to other jurisdictions who are restricting or banning the medically “transitioning” children and young people. Those states may have legal powers to remove a child whose parents are undertaking these medical interventions on their children. Because of the complications around which state is responsible for the child, perhaps because one parent resides in Minnesota, they have enacted legislation to say they will not comply with an order made on this basis.

The bill sets out the usual restrictions on interfering with decisions where a child comes under the aegis of another state. These are not to be adhered to in the case of a child who would be restricted from these medical interventions in their home state. A child who is getting treatment in Minnesota, of this particular type, would be treated as a child of the state.

Legislation was passed to allow emergency custody arrangements to “protect” a child from abusive siblings or parents and my reading of this is the “abuse” may be defined as such simply because “gender affirming” care is withheld.

The document details what is covered by the phrase “gender affirming care”. It includes puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and, while they are coy about the details, mastectomy, castration and penile inversion. Imagine having your child removed, by the state, you remove your teenage daughter’s breasts or to castrate your son? (This is already happening in Australia, Canada and some states in the United States. In the U.K there are already parents referred to social services because they don’t “affirm” their child as the opposite sex.I know one of those parents).

The other key part of the bill varies the legal rights of other states to extradite someone who has committed a felony in another state. Since some states are enacting laws to criminalise the sterilisation of children and the removal of healthy body parts Minnesota has stated it will not comply with extradition for these crimes.

I hope this wakes people up. When people claim children have agency and “bodily autonomy” we should be aware that it is not just paedophiles that want to argue children can consent to sexual activity; the medico-industrial complex want to mine our children’s bodies for profit and they are prepared to bulldoze parents out of the way. There has been a huge propaganda operation to get to this point but now they are emboldened enough for a full frontal attack on parental rights. We are inculcating “gender dysphoria” via the education system and lobby groups are buying off politicians. Why else would Ferring Pharmaceuticals, maker of puberty blockers, have given the Liberal Democrats (U.K) £1.4 million? That’s a lot of money in U.K politics and this is dwarfed by the money from the Pritzker family going to, mainly Democrats, in the United States.

For the curious. Here are the two bills.

HF1655.1 HF0146.1

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Leigh Finke: LGBTQ Victory Fund

Leigh Finke is yet another trans-identified male, bio says She/Her who has been elected to State Legislature, this time in Minnesota. He was supported by the LGBTQ Victory Fund. who are, in turn, funded by Arcus Foundation.

He was bankrolled by the LGBTQ Victory fund who are,in turn, funded by Arcus Foundation. Here are the grants they have received from Arcus. There aim is to get people under the LGBTQ umbrella into elected /appointed office. The first piece in this series covered Zoey Zephr followed by Rachel Levine,who are also trans-identified males funded by the same outfit.

You can access the rest of the series here:


Leigh Finke.

According to sources he began identifying as She/Her in 2017 and was formerly employed by the A.C.L.U. (American Civil Liberty Union) who are mainly forcussed on strategic legislation and campaigning on trans issues; having also partaken of Arcus Foundation Funding.

Binke was elected to Minnesota State Legislature in November 2022 and was recently instrumental in passing an executive order to make Minnesota a sanctuary state for children /teens whose own States are increasing regulation of “trans” healthcare. In a familiar tactic this treatment is promoted as an alternative to “coffin or closet”.

He was also proposed a bill which, while it did repeal some provisions that were discriminatory to homosexuals, but also passed “Gender Identity” provisions. Finke was very proud of this bill (HF1665) but got some backlash for the removal of provisions making it clear that sexual orientation did not cover relationships between adults and children. Text in yellow is the deleted text. Finke has repudiated any negative interpretations and claims this is because sexual offending against children is covered under the criminal statutes

You can see the amendments in the document below.

FInKe Minnesota Bill

It may indeed be wrong to leap to the most damning conclusions but the LGBTQ+ movement would do well to recognise that they are coming under increasing scrutiny and suspicion from those of us aware of the historic infiltration into gay rights politics of organisations like N.A.M.B.L.A. (North American Man Boy Love Association) and P.I.E (Paedophile Information Exchange). You can still find a website for N.A.M.B.L.A though PIE was disbanded in 1984. Here is an article showing how these determined predators were able to gain respectability from Human Rights Organisations. It may be naïveté rather than nefarious intentions but, these neophyte legislator should learn some lessons from this, if we are watching men with these predilections will be watching too. Whether intentional, or not, you are sending a clear signal that child safeguarding will be weakened on your watch.

Article on P.IE., in the U.K., below. 👇


Finke is also the editor of a book for queer teens in which he says children as young as 11 can experience sexual attraction and he advises cutting off contact with any adults in your life who don’t affirm your identity. Again, cutting off parents from their family is both a tactic of cults and a safeguarding risk. Parents, with sad exceptions, tend to be most primed to protect their child’s welfare.

It’s a book written for Christian Youth and he uses biblical verses to claim Jesus loved “queer” people by referencing passages which talk about eunuchs.

He also has a YouTube channel which shows he is a fully paid up member of the queer theory brigade.

Gender Traitors

I can’t find out much biographical detail about Finke and what he did before 2017. I will do a companion piece to this covering the public debate about the passing of another bill, (HF0146)on providing “gender affirming” (or “sex denialism”) medicalisation of children and young people. It’s well worth a stand alone piece to cover all the interested parties who helped to get this strategic legislation passed.

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Rachel Levine: Trans Lash Media.


An interview with Dr Levine who is a “trans-identified man who is now assistant secretary of health for the Biden administration. This is part of a series looking at a podcast which received a large injection of cash. from Open Society Foundation.

The host is a “trans-identified” male. You can read about the foundations who bankrolled them in and some of their contributors in part one.

Translash Media Podcast.

This podcast certainly attracts some high profile interviewees. For anyone who may be unaware of Levine here is a bit of biographical information.

His personal life follows a predictable path for a late-transitioning male. Levine lived ina heterosexual marriage, fathered children and only adopted a “trans” identity very late in life, 2011 to be precise.

It was not long before he was gaining accolades for being the “first female”

He was also conferred the title of Woman of the Year in 2022.

The interview spends some time discussing Levine’s role during Covid, but it gets more interesting around the twelve minute mark. The interviewer, Imara Jones, asks about how Levine felt about his confirmation hearing and the line of questioning from another senator, Rand Paul. He does not pull his punches. You can watch it here:

Rand Paul v Dr Levine

Levine goes to some lengths to avoid asking a direct question about whether he supports medical interventions, such as puberty blockers, for minors. Rand repeats the question.

Rand Paul also points out that Levine is on record stating that he would accelerate the process for street kids; that is for homeless kids with no parents protecting them. Again Levine evades the question.

Imara Jones describes this as an aggressive line of questioning and commends Levine for his stoicism. He also points out, erroneously, that there has been forty or fifty years of research. This is not true. The only research covers the use of these drugs for kids with precocious puberty and even there we have lawsuits because of the negative consequences.

This article by Jennifer Bilek covers Levine who, like the elected representative in part one, was also backed by the LGBTQ Victory Institute.

Jennifer Bilek on Levine

Levine defends the care for “transgender youth” by quoting the Lobby group WPATH so now is a good time to remind ourselves of what Marci Bowers said about puberty blockers while he was president elect for WPATH.

Levine claims these are evidence led care standards and, sadly, he is able to back up his claims by listing how many organisations are using these medicines and how well supported they are by many, I would argue captured, organisations. He then proceeds to lambast bills which try to protect single sex sports and to limit these interventions on children. He also describes the treatment as “potentially life saving”. Imara Jones agrees that this is life saving treatment and is pleased that President Biden is promoting this intervention. Jones than also references a series he has done on the “Anti-Trans Hate machine”.

The interview continues with Levine talking about how proud he is to serve his country and how hopeful he is that he can educate people about “trans” people and help people overcome their fear of what they don’t understand. Jones then asks how Levine navigates being in such a high profile role as a “trans” person and how they coped with being misgendered. It ends with a paean to Levines leadership and role in the LGBTQ community. You can listen to the episode here:

Translash interview with Dr Levine

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Translash Media Podcast.

Interview with Zooey Zephr

Decided to have a digest the content on this podcast to see where more of the Trans Lobby Group money is going. This was after I was told that the founder,, Imara Jones, a trans-identified male, had been invited to the United Nations under the heading UN Women.

Turns out that Jones was given $200,000 by Open Society Foundations for his podcast.

The podcast focus is on what Jones calls “black trans women”. and details how this demographic are marginalised and oppressed. Jones would appear to be the exception having a quite high profile career and access to education at Columbia University and London School of Economics. He also attracted funding from fellowship programmmes and obtained a post at the White House under Bill Clinton. He then secured another post working for Bill Blasio, the mayor of New York.

Zooey Zephr

I have selected this episode which looks at the election of a trans-identified male, Zooey Zephr, to represent a district in Montana. This episode reveals the money ploughed into initiatives to get these men elected.

Zephr was supported by an initiative called Women To Win campaign. As you can guess it was not about women at all.

It transpires that Women to Win programme was funded by LGBTQ Victory Institute and was developed to promote LGBTQ women and encourage them to obtain public office. The organisation credit Ascend with funding the programme; who make it clear that their definition of “woman” is, let’s say elastic.

A quick check on the grants awarded by the Arcus Foundation revel that they have ploughed quite a bit of money into the LGBT Victory Institute to support the election of this demographic. This funding dates back to 2008.

Here is a selection of how those grants were described.

Zooey Zephr describes himself as a bisexual and appears to be in a relationship with another trans-identified male who is a content creator on “trans” issues.

This is how Erin describes their work.

He seems particularly proud of making sure gender confused folks can get access to synthetic hormones with no gatekeeping.

Zephr appears to have crowd funded for their castration and penis inversion.

Zephr’s legislative priorities are making sure men can compete in female sport and removing the defence of “trans or gay panic”. This is used as a defence /mitigation for people who commit violence against a sexual partner who obtained sex by deception by not disclosing their biological sex. I am not a fan of any violence but I do support criminalisation of obtaining sex by deception.

It also appears Zephr had a background in competitive sport; it’s not known whether he competed on female teams but it is clear he supports unfair sport for females.

I will probably visit this podcast again and do a series. For today I think this gives a flavour of what we are up against.

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