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I thought it would be timely to add Ms Eagle to my series on Respect My Sex (to get my X), especially after her contribution in the Parliamentary debate on the definition of sex.

Which you can read here:

Legal Definition of Sex. Part 3

You can read the rest of that series on U.K. politicians here:

Respect my SEX to get my X

Angela Eagle became an MP In the 1990’s and is an open Lesbian and figures prominently on the list of gay influencers. She is also all in on the biological sex denying cult.

I began by looking at her funding which you can check at the Electoral Commission.

Angela Eagle Donors

Anthony Watson & GLAAD

Apart from her Union backers Anthony Watson cropped up a fair few times. In fact she has had over £90,000 from this source.

Correction it was £97,500

Anthony Watson was the first British person to sit on the board of GLAAD. This was originally a gay rights organisation (Gays and Lesbians against Defamation) but, in an all too familiar story, is now mostly an advocate for “trans” issues.

He has donated a lot of money to the Labour Party.

GLAAD collaborated with Arcus Foundation who crop up a lot on my blog because they are a key player in embedding gender identity ideology across the world.

GLAAD have a section on their website called The Accountability Project which is every bit as sinister as it sounds.

The Accountability Project

Here’s how they describe it:

It is effectively a black list. A U.K. journalist Helen Lewis has an entry as does JK Rowling.


The organisation, Save Women’s Sport, to stop biological men taking stealing women’s prizes also gets an entry as does any politician, or Doctor, trying to put the brakes on children being given puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and surgeries. Abigail Shrier, the author of a book on the Transgender Craze, also appears as does Deborah Soh another person skeptical about the Transgender issue.

Linda Riley and the Global Diversity Awards.

Another donor is Global Diversity Awards Ltd. That company appears to be in the middle of getting wound up and the only listed director is Linda Riley.

Linda Riley is another Lesbian who has decided to betray women. These two clips, from Private Eye will give you an idea of the calibre of this person. Riley is behind the Jack the Ripper Museum but on the planning application it said it would be a museum for women’s history. Dawn Butler is another recipient of Anthony Watson’s money.

Lord Waheed Ali

She has also received funding from Lord Ali, the first openly gay peer. He doesn’t appear to be a regular contributor in the House of Lords so I drew a blank on Hansard in terms of a clear statement of his views on Hansard.

As he works in the media it is likely that it would be social suicide to depart from the script. I did find one clip from an interview he gave on a project to raise the visibility of Gay Asians.

Andrew Davenport & Lawrence Kenright

Davenport is the maker of Telly Tubbys and In the Night Garden, children’s TV. There is nothing much to say about him on this topic. Kenright is a property developer in Liverpool who is setting up an organisation to field independent candidates in elections. The movement is called Liberate Liverpool. Here are a couple of statements following a row which broke out about one of the candidates on “transgender” issues. Guess which group don’t get a mention in their statement about intersectional issues.

That’s enough about Angela Eagle. She is unlikely to change her stance.

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