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This community interest company (CIC) started out doing some good work calling out anti-migrant media coverage but soon broadened it’s aim to cover “transphobia”. I had begun to be aware of their stance but attacking a gay man for writing about how he is alienated by the new Pride flags and the homophobia coming from within the LGBTQIA+ community prompted me to have a closer look. Here they attack Sainsburys for advertising with the Daily Mail who had the temerity to publish an article by a gay man.

You can read that article here 👇. In it Doyle raises, perfectly legitimate, concerns about the erasure of sexual orientation and the homophobia coming from within the LGBTQIA + movement. He illustrates the takeover of Gay Rights organisation by tracing the history of the Pride Flag. Once a symbol of acceptance now a sign of intolerance.

Andrew Doyle

Looking at the website of Stop Funding Hate there was a clue in the form of one of their partners. Mermaids, a U.K. based charity who took a case to the Charity Commision to try to remove the charitable status of a Gay rights charity, LGB Alliance. We still do not have the outcome from that case but, in the meantime. the Charity Commission has opened an investigation into Mermaids, for alleged child safeguarding failures.

On checking the accounts of the company, registers number 10737024 I obtained the names of three principal players, Alexandra Parsons, Richard Cameron Wilson and Rosemary Ellum. Parsons and Ellum have easily traceable linkedin accounts where both women have their pronouns in their bio. Parsons teaches gender and sexuality studies and cut her teeth in the charitable sector after achieving degrees in English Literature and a PhD. She also undertook a post doctoral research post in “queer” activism.

Both Parsons and Wilson have worked for the Child Poverty Action Group with Wilson having worked for Amnesty International and Parsons for the Red Cross. Parsons currently works for the Wellcome Trust whilst also a casual worker in Academia. This is a common pattern, revolving door in the charity sector means the group think spreads swiftly through the sector.

Stop Funding Hate came to the attention of the United Nations, in 2017, quite a feat for a charity with only two employees, who both work from home.

From a focus on xenophobia they progressed to tackling discrimination against travellers but by 2019 they had expanded to cover LGBT issuess, beginning with raising concerns about Poland and its genuinely discrimstory attitudes to Lesbians, Gays and people who describe themselves as “transgender”. This is where it went awry. They begin to focus on “transphobia” which, by 2023, turns out to be attacking women who defend single sex sport.

At the same time as setting up Stop Funding Hate two of the directors were also involved with another charity, which has since ceased operating, Conscious Advertising Network (CAN). They describe themselves as an “intersectional” organisation with a similar modus operandi to Stop Funding Hate, which uses Social media to cause reputational damage to any company not towing the line. List of characteristics CAN are concerned about notice it is gender not sex.

In 2023 Stop Funding Hate produced an analysis of all types of “hate” in this report.

In and amongst genuine concerns about the views of far right groups Stop Funding Hate also identify feminists as responsible for hate because they don’t believe men can be women nor do they belong in single sex spaces, for women, or female sports. They also mischaracterise concern about highly sexualised Drag Queens reading library books to small children. Basically they are conflating basic safeguarding with “hate” and not able to distinguish the far right capitalising on public disquiet over sexualised displays with everybody who objects to DGSH is far right. This is just sloppy journalism and referencing Pink News just undermines the claim to being serious organisation.

In this document they manage to expand the definition of “hate” so broadly they sweep up Mumsnet! They also include this disingenuous attack on women’s rights campaigner. The word for this is “association fallacy”.

Unfortunately by making false assertions about one group the organisation undermine the whole report and thereby their credibility; it actually begins to look like they are manufacturing hate in order to garner income and to push their agenda.

Follow the Money.

As always we need to look at the funding. Both the Joseph Rowntree Trust and Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) fund Stop funding Hate. Rowntree crop up a lot on this blog as do PHF.

PHF fund Mermaids and Gendered intelligence, both Trans Lobby Groups.

PHF also have links to the Guardian, Yaounde can read more about that here. 👇

Why are the Guardian suddenly so woeful on women’s rights?

I expect to return to this organisation. 

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