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By coincidence I have just reached the Helen Belcher Chapter at the point of the New Year Honours list which has granted him an O.B.E. Helen remains in a heterosexual marriage and has fathered two children. He reportedly began his “transition” when his daughter was a toddler. Belcher is a Liberal Democrat Councillor and has also stood for parliament. Outside of his political work he is involved with Trans Media Watch is on the trans-advisory board for Stonewall and is also involved with trans actual and LGBT Consortium.

He has fingers in lots of pies which include advising Baroness Barker and attending the All Parliamentary Group for LGBT rights. I have written on the APPG group for LGBT before.

APPG on LGBT: Publication

This APPG have had their secretariat funded /provided by trans lobby groups such as Stonewall and Kaleidoscope trust. Belcher was also name checked by the Liberal Democrat MP, Layla Moran, as recorded on Hansard. Layla Moran, you may remember, is able to see into souls and discern who they really are:

The Liberal Democrats have also taken 1.4 million from the Pharmaceutical company that manufactures triptolerin which is the drug used to block puberty for children labelled “trans”. I wrote about that here:

Liberal Democrats & Big Pharma

Belcher, like a lot of these men, claims to have always known he was “different” and tells a familiar narrative arc of denial and repression until finally coming into their “trans” identity. He remains married to the mother of his two children.

He is one of many of the contributors to reference the BBC documentary about George/Julia Grant. This statement does contain a kernel of truth about how a man can possibly know what it is to be a woman.

In this chapter he outlines the lobbying undertaken by Trans Media Watch to influence editorial decisions of key broadcasters with the most initial success in capturing Channel 4 but Stuart Cosgrove, their employee, also facilitated access to the BBC. One of the earlier triumphs for the representation of “trans” people was “My Transsexual Summer” which tackled civil rights issues like being unable to work in a Bridal Wear shop.

Trans Media Watch managed to inveigle their way into OFCOM (Broadcast regulator) and the Press Complaints Commission. Some of these meetings were attended by Jane Fae who is a man who defends extreme porn and sexual fetishes like consensual slavery. The link to cross-dressing and sexual fetish is something that trans campaigners, I would argue, have successfully suppressed in U.K. media who are terrified of accusations of “transphobia”.

Belcher was delighted to secure the support of Lynne Featherstone, M.P. who also appears in this book and, at one point, launched an attack on actual feminists, ( those who defend women’s rights to exclude all males from female spaces) telling them they were not welcome in the Liberal Democrats.

Her words were also captured on Hansard. She didn’t hold anything back.

Belcher also approached the Labour media spokesperson and by this route was able to ensure Trans Media Watch were able to influence the Leveson Inquiry to raise issues of “transphobia” in the media.

Here he lists some of the people involved in Trans Media Action which was funded by both Channel 4 and the BBC.

One of the YouTube events on the Trans Media Watch channel also includes this person who may be known to Scottish women: Jennie Kermode. Kermode identifies as both “intersex” and “gender queer” and a journalist.

Belcher takes detour to attack journalist Susan Moore and Julie Burchill in this chapter. Worth including this superb clip where he mentions Julie Burchill calling these men “bed-wetter in bad wigs” .😂😂😂

He has continued to attack female journalists in recent history most notably Janice Turner. Turner is a Times journalist who has been a stalwart in covering women’s rights issues. Belcher made outrageous claims about suicides related to Turner”s journalism. Thankfully IPSO did not uphold Belcher’s claim despite being woefully captured by Transgender Ideology themselves.

Belcher has the temerity to bleat on about false claims of threats to free speech whilst, checks notes, trying to restrict free speech. He takes a moment to praise the Louis Theroux document whilst lambasting another documentary focussed on Ken Zucker’s clinic. I wrote about that documentary here. Belcher did not approve and complaints were made to the BBC.

Transgender Kids: Who knows best?

Belcher talks of a horrific climate where media articles were allowed to question whether men like himself were “real women’ but he ends with a round up of all the positive news, like the capture of prominent politicians and the corruption of erstwhile gay rights organisation, Stonewall. He is particularly pleased with Stonewall’s Vision for Change document which committed itself to ending sex segregated spaces and the sex by deception laws.

Belcher is more revealing in media coverage and in YouTube interviews. While standing as a prospective MP, for the Liberal Democrats, he simultaneously claims he gets more hostility as a Liberal Democrat, than a “trans woman” but also that he fears being murdered.

In another YouTube interview Belcher makes a claim for his right to use female spaces. Apparently his fear of the male facilities is to be taken seriously but women seeing Belcher, an obvious and rather large, male in single sex spaces is to be disregarded.

Yes, this is what we are saying. Men aren’t women. You can watch this interview in full, below.

Helen Belcher

He also claims that the following in this interview:

Here is another interview which makes it crystal clear he has no idea about women’s lives, he is not a woman, he is a selfish man willing to expose women and girls to real harm providing we validate him as something he manifestly is not.


He makes all the usual bonkers claims about genital inspections and then says this argument would lead to a tax on women who would have to get identity documents to prove they had female genitalia etc. I will say it again; we are not just letting any men enter women’s spaces we are selecting for men who don’t respect women’s boundaries. There are plenty of males who, feel at odds with their male sex who *still* use male spaces. The men who don’t respect female boundaries have a massive red flag over them.

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