Liberal Democrats & Big Pharma

I have covered this topic, in passing, on other blogs but, since local elections are coming up, in the U.K. here is some information on the Liberal Democrats, political party. They are very keen on promoting “trans rights” but in recent years they have an additional incentive.

The Times covered this story in 2019 but vastly underestimated the monies involved.

The Electoral Commission has a searchable database which you can use to track donation to individual politicians and political parties. Here is a link so you can see the results for the Liberal Democrats and Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

Ferring Pharma & Liberal Democrat’s

Here is the headline figure

Here is a PDF of the search results.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Here is a Freedom of Information request which confirms that Tripolterin is being used at the Tavistock, Gender Identity Service (GIDS). From 2011 this treatment began to be used in children as young as 11 and reportedly even one of 10 years old.


Tripolterin is also used in the treatment of sex offenders as detailed in this study of serious offenders held in maximum security conditions.


Details of the age range of the prisoners and their crimes is below. As you can say they were convicted of offences which include sexual assault, some on minors, hostage taking and arson. One continued to offend whilst in custody.

These are some of the side effects reported:

Further side effects were reported below. Testicular atrophy and hot flushes.

In these patients the intention was to reduce sexual aggression and indeed it is reported that it induced effects akin to ”surgical castration”.

Bear this in mind when it comes to exercising your vote in the May elections. If you believe women have a right to single sex spaces and not to be redefined against our will. If you don’t think we should be blocking puberty in minors, do the Liberal Democrats deserve your vote?

Let me remind you of the words of Lynn Featherstone, former MP and now in the House of Lords. This is what she said on the Liberal Democrats own website. (A post I can no longer link to, by the way). Here is a reminder.

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