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Given the topicality of the issue of prisons someone signposted me to two documents they provide on “trans” prisoners and a separate document on LGB prisoners, from the Prisoner’s Advice Service. Before I cover their guidance for “trans” prisoners I wanted to look at PAS.

You can find their website here:

Prisoner’s Advice Service

This is a registered company and a charity which operates in England and Wales. I have had a look at their records and nothing rings any alarm bells for any of the named Trustees.

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Then I went through their, publicly available, accounts from 2017 (earliest available). They make a point of saying they don’t take any government funding but, as a consequence, they are reliant on fund raising and this has exposed them to the many charitable foundations who use philanthropy to further their pet projects. Arundhati Roy called this “parlaying wealth into power”; nowhere is this more evident than in the societal grooming that has sold us synthetic sex identities, so named by Jennifer Bilek. This is a clip from Capitalism a Ghost story.

Sadly this quote begins with Roy describing “queer” activism and “sex worker” rights as a positive so it seems Roy, herself, has had her feminism circumscribed by the proponents of queer theory.

With this in mind I combed the accounts and annual reports of PAS to see who was funding them and who they were any partnerships that provided a clue on their stance on women’s sex based rights. The first clue was reference to training with a group calling themselves “Rights of Women”.

Below are the people who fund ROW, as documented in their own accounts. Esmee Fairbairn crops up a lot as a foundation who bankrolls “trans” ideologue groups as does Comic Relief and of course Garden Court Chambers who were the Law group involved in the Alison Bailey case.

To be fair to them I can find no evidence they are seriously committed to the “trans women are women” mantra though, though they do have this statement on their website.

It is telling that they do not appear to have spoken out about a male rapist being moved to the female estate but did find time to promote an event with Dr Proudman, who they follow on twitter and who had this to say.

I am straying into potential “fallacy of association” territory here but their follow list includes Nancy Kelley, of Stonewall, Stephen Whittle, trans-activist and a male barrister who is “trans” identified and is active in dismantling women’s rights; Moira White.

More digging in their public accounts reveal that PAS also partnered with trans advocacy groups. Bent Behind Bars and TELI.

The Trans Equality Legal Initiative (TELI) was founded by Tara Hewitt . Helen Belcher is also named as a co founder at the launch event held at Garden Court Chambers, A post about the launch is below.

T.E.L.I launch

Tara Hewitt is a trans-identified male who holds senior post in the NHS. He is also an ex Tory election candidate, anti-abortion, Catholic and a proponent of Bondage and sado-masochism.

You can read more about Tara Hewitt here:

Tara Hewitt: NHS.

For completeness I should also acknowledge the PAS also reference Karen Monaghan, now KC who has acted for many “gender critical” cases. It is perfectly possible that PAS are negotiating a difficult path trying not to betray female prisoners whilst also dependent on funding from those who want prisons organised on “Gender Identity” and not sex.

Something else I noticed was their partnership with Blackrock. We know from some diligent research, by Alan Neale, that Blackrock have investments in puberty blockers /cross sex hormones

On Blackrock.

Another Trust, Tudor Trust, I have encountered before also granted then £22,000 along with the Paul Cottingham Trust, who are new to me.

Most of the foundations, funding PAS, are not familiar to me, so, I will link them in case anyone is able to follow up these links. I did have a closer look at the Denton Charitable Trust,because of the Denton’s report, and because PAS report that Denton’s provided some legal help. 👇

However, as far as I can ascertain, it seems wholly unconnected. Here is the full list of foundations, just in case anyone else has intelligence or would like to do some digging.


I think PAS *may* be an example of a charity caught in a pincer movement. They want to remain independent from government funding but have ended up dealing with the “queering” of the charitable foundation sector. Like women’s refuges maybe they are forced to accept this funding and the ideology that goes with it, or cease their work. Maybe they are resisting as best they can? I hope the more I dig it will confirm this opinion because the charity do valiant work.

Next I will cover their “transgender” policy and their, separate, LGB policy. The fact they are separate *may* be a good sign. Let’s find out.

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