Megan Key: Update.

Megan Key has a senior role in the Probation services and came out as “transgender“ in 2013. Just two short years later Key was advising parliament on ”transgender” prisoners. Subsequent to publishing that piece I was pointed to further information on Megan. You can read part one here so you can understand why Megan’s sexual boundaries matter.

Megan Key: Probation Services

Meghan Key on Instagram.

Megan Key

There is no attempt to separate a work identity from social media profile so it is not hard to find. Here is Megan at a pride march which is posted on their instagram.

Key also laments the demise of a kink club.

This is posted on Key’s instagram once again showing how fetishising women’s bodies is so often clustered with other fetish activity. If this seems like a bit of over-reach all doubt will be dispelled when you listen to Key on a podcast they appeared on.

Thanks to a tip off I had the dubious pleasure of listening to a bunch of self-identified “sex-positive feminists” discuss sex on a “women only” panel.

Naturally they wore their ”progressive” credentials on their sleeves and included a male; none other than Key.

You can listen to the podcast here:

What do women want from sex?

What do women want from sex?

In this podcast we learn that Megan first had sex at the age of 29. They claim this was because of their ”Gender Dysphoria” but later we found out that they were also twenty stone and had body image issues. Key points out that they had ”gender affirmation surgery” at 41 and they used to identify as a Lesbian but they are now open to sex with all gender identities.

At 10 minutes in they talk about their sex life which now includes sex with men, women, ”trans” women and non-binaries. Later (37 minutes in) we will hear about Megan’s experience of having public sex with a ”non-binary” partner, in an exclusive gay men’s club that set aside one night for people ”assigned female at birth”, a category which Megan felt entitled them to attend. While having the public sex there were three people, who Key describes as ”women” who were having sex next to him. (They are now all facebook friends: cue audience laughter).

32 minutes in Key talks about red flag behaviour and bad boys. Some men who might appear abusive can be exciting. He says this after talking about working for the prison & probation services and working with survivors of domestic abuse.

Key goes on to talk about how exciting it is to have multiple relationships with people who meet your different needs; especially the excitement garnered from someone who ”treats me mean to keep me keen”

The next section is about holidays for young swingers and apps for young people who want more ”freaky” encounters and Megan is keen to say they attend parties for young swingers. (36 minutes in). Key says they were quite ”vanilla” until they transitioned but has now discovered queer porn which is ”amazing”. The person who introduced them to queer porn was into the kink scene. Cue more sharing from Megan. Followed by raucus laughter.

45 minutes in Key once again gets chance to talk about the queer sex he has with a lot of people and his neo-vagina’s insatiable appetite for ”lube” the ”slipping and sliding makes it a lot more fun“.

Next up one of the audience members introduces polyamory and this is an opportunity for Key to share details of his polyamorous relationship. Key lives with a partner but they don’t have much sex because they don’t meet Key’s needs. Partner is also ”trans” and not keen on monogamy so they are both in a committed relationship with a third party.

At 57 minutes Megan explains that their sexual orientation is now more fluid. As a man he considered himself straight because he had sex with women, then he described himself as a ”Lesbian” but now he rejects labels to describe all the queer sex he’s having. He’s just into sex with people (anyone?) now.

1:01 Megan describes a holiday with his ”cis-het” men friends and some “trans-femmes”. He could see there was an attraction between the ”cis-hets” and the ”trans-femmes” but the men were avoiding having sex with the ”trans-femmes”. According to Key this is about the stigma those men would attract if they engaged in sex with a ”transwoman” but, thankfully the millenials are a lot more open. He then proceeds to laud the openness of the LGBTQ community and how we ”cis-hets” could learn from their openness. He than quotes a Stonewall survey showing 50% of young people don’t identify as heterosexual. Next up a bit of cotton-ceiling rhetoric.

Next up someone (female) in the audience talks about deficits in sex education and one mum in the audience says nobody is too young for sex education and she thinks we should start it from birth! She also thinks it’s great that kids have no shame so you can teach them very young.

1:21 is another opportunity to tell the room he has been having a lot of sub-dom sex. Cue lots of raucous laughter and onto the raffle! One of the prizes is, predictably a pair of handcuffs and participants are recommended to share their prizes and tag in the companies who donated.

In conclusion Megan is one of the men working, in plain view, to undermine women’s rights to make any distinction between his identity and women as a different, sex-based, category. There are a number of such men in key policy positions who are being listened to on ”trans” issues with little regard for women’s rights. Our consent is being over-ridden in a big fuck you to #MeToo. I am going to do a series on men behind the scenes who will, seemingly, stop at nothing to force women to participate in their fantasy.

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Researching Gender Identity Ideology, it’s impact on women’s sex based rights and the massive policy capture. I have done much work on prisons, legal cases that put men in women’s prisons and the medical treatment of vulnerable kids/teens groomed to believe they are “transgender”.


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