The Arcus Foundation is heavily invested in the dissemination of Transgender Ideology. To learn more about this you can do no better than reading Jennifer Bilek on this topic. This article here is a good summary.

Here is another one by Jennifer Bilek which is specifically focussed on the Arcus Foundation. 


The Arcus foundation has an online tool to check its grantees which you can find here:


Some foundations have a tool to extract the data to an excel spreadsheet which facilitates analysis. Unfortunately the Arcus Foundation don’t have an obvious way to do this so I manually populated 400 + lines of data, so I could pivot table and analyse where their Social Justice fund was allocated. I tracked from 2016 to April, 2021. I only looked at the Social Justice category but Arcus Foundation funds across many other areas. The scope of their largesse, arguably, means many organisations, who don’t propagate Gender Identity Ideology, may, nevertheless, be compromised by the financial benefits they derive from this association . (Bear in mind this is a live database so I noticed even historic descriptions of activities seemed to change. )

As you can see there was a total approaching $74 million dollars spent promoting Social Justice issues, during this period.  The majority had some aspect which promoted Gender Identity Ideology.  Where there was a focus 
2021-04-22 (7)on a particular region I noted it.  Where the project stated it’s aim was global I coded it to identify this ambition.  Where the project  identified international activity for specific regions I badged it “international” . I also noted the countries, identified as the focus, in the comments.  Note that many of the Arcus grantees  in turn, are also dispensing grants.  Thus, if a country you are interested in, does not appear to be a direct recipient it may, nevertheless, have received monies indirectly. 

For convenience I badged the funding as LGBTQ but, in reality, some of the grants omit the Q and others emphasise an I (for intersex). Some project detail is clearly focussed on sexual orientation but the project is still badged as variations of “LGBT”. I assume the Q is dropped, in some projects, because “queer” doesn’t have any currency in the countries where they are funelling funds.

Here is the spreadsheet.


A notable feature of the grants illustrates the tactic of forced teaming. This is where Trans Ideology proponents feign (?) alliances with established movements to establish “common cause” and piggy back on their reputations. The most obvious one is gay rights. Indeed Arcus donated $142,000 to Stonewall (Former Gay Rights Charity in the UK). This was just before Stonewall added the T to LGB and expanded their remit to cover Transgender issues. This was one grant. They also provided an additional $42,000 to support a project called “Rainbow Laces” to bring the LGBTQ into sport.

Arcus also gave Stonewall $75,000 to be involved in roundtable discussions to convince Business to back the LGBTQ because it was “good business strategy”. The aim was to “swing” these countries to their agenda.


At the time Stonewall changed direction it may have appeared, to their organisation, that the battles had been won in the United Kingdom.  I disagree.  The homophobia directed at our proto-gay youth has not gone away.  It may not have been as lucrative a cause but they could have done some good work in the U.K. They could also have campaigned to fight for the rights of Gay Men and Lesbians abroad.  They could have worked to stop the horrendous abuse of Gay men and Lesbians, in Iran, who were not accepted as homosexual but could have their surgery funded if they adopted a Trans-Identity.  Instead they opted for a more lucrative (?) path. 

It does not seem to have occurred to the bigwigs at Stonewall that the fight to defend same sex orientation depends on acknowledging that sex is a material reality. Transgender Ideology denies the reality of sex and therefore sex based attraction. That’s one of many conflicts between Trans rights and those of other groups.

But back to the Arcus Foundation:

Looking at the detail of these projects it was rare to find one that focussed on sexual orientation exclusively. Even where the project looked at same sex orientation the project was still labelled a variant of “LGBT” or “LGBTQ” to, effectively, join the causes together. By contrast there was a sizeable sum spent on exclusively “transgender” issues.

2021-04-21 (6)

9 million dollars allocated to exclusively Transgender causes. Interestingly if you search for the mention of “transmen” specific projects you will not find any. However some of the projects detailed do focus on “Transwomen” usually Transwomen of colour.

As I have noted before “transmen” tend to get deployed when they are pregnant or when it is easier to argue aganst the, sex based, rights of biological women. Their omission from any specific projects aimed at the needs of “transmen” screams good, old-fashioned, sexism to me!

It appears another tactic was to join with women Fighting for reproductive justice. This means that women’s fight to control their fertility is hijacked with trans organisations hitching their wagon to these long running campaigns. This grant is pretty transparent about its “strategic collaboration”.


2021-04-21 (1)

Another surprise, to me, is how much of a proportion is going to religious organisations including Evangelical Christians and Muslim organisations. Next time anyone tells you that you are in an alliance with religious groups heres a screenshot to share! Over $10 and a half million to religiouis organisations. These organisations were not simply those who you might have expected to hold liberal, progressive views on homosexuality or Gender Identity. Instead many in the United States were explicity Evangelical Christian Organisations deep in what we may have come to know as Trump supporting territory.

A couple of examples appear below from Atlanta, Georgia and Texas.

You will find similiar examples of “forced teaming” if you look at the grants focussed on racial justice or homelessness. There are also lots of grants to organisations looking at strategic litigation in the area of LGBTQ or exlusively “Transgender” organisations. A few projects are also engaged in educating/lobbying employees of the United Nations.

Many of the entries also talk of funding to “grow grassroots” activists. Somebody should explain that grassroots movements emerge organically. When you are targetting millions of dollars of funding to “grow” a movement you are engaged in Astro-turfing not grass roots activism.

The media narrative also comes in for some skilful manipulation. These are the organisations involved in journalism or documentary film-making who are taking the Arcus Cash. The explicit aim is to ensure media coverage is shaped by the Trans Lobby.

2021-04-22 (9)

This is an example of the way these grants are described: To “ensure that coverage is either neutral or positive”. Also to be organised to ensure a response to any negative media coverage. Journalism? or Advocacy?


As many of us are trying to point out to radical leftist groups who are screaming “transwomen are women” ,or other mindless mantras, mainly at feminists of the left, you are being manipulated by billionnaires. This is not a grass roots movement its an elite project and there is a lot of money to be made in fostering a bodily dissassociative condition that unmoors us from our sexed bodies.

If you can support my work it would be greatly appreciated. If you can’t please share.

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  1. The bottom line of all the Arcus stuff, which cannot be stated often or loudly enough, is that the Arcus Foundation’s founder, Jon Stryker, also owns a medical corporation that sells surgical equipment. Some of that equipment is used in “trans” surgeries. When Arcus funnels money into “trans education campaigns,” positive media coverage, and the like, young people are encouraged to call themselves “trans” and get “trans” surgeries, which in turn makes Stryker money. The whole concept of “trans medicine” also normalizes cosmetic surgery in general, which can only be good for Stryker’s bottom line.

    Jon Stryker used millions of dollars of Stryker stock to found Arcus. Because Arcus isn’t a philanthropic organization. It’s Stryker’s advertising department.

  2. I sent a donation via PayPal in recognition of your work on the Dentons doc a while back and for publicising Bilek’s work. Also, I FB’d it and a friend wrote back “There will be an international Gender Industry Watch network going online shortly. People are doing research now in many countries. Mainstream journalists are useless. Jennifer Bilek is doing great work.” Have you heard of the international Gender Industry Watch network?

  3. Sterling work. Is anyone else disturbed by the interest in primates, as evidenced by the list of grantees? I’d speculate that this is because of their similarities to us humans make them so very suitable for experiments.

  4. Have we got some hard work coming down the line from these despicable males who have no sense or care for the damaging of young and vulnerable people; the exploitation is way beyond outrageous. The more this is brought into the light,the better.

  5. It never seems to stop amazing me (& it shouldn’t for GAWD’s SAKE; after all I am 76!) the things of every kind the GREEDHEADS can find to monitize !


  6. Good stuff. Don’t want my comments published.
    The primate research has dodgy connections with cloning and artificial wombs and China. For word of mouth not articles.
    The most profound replacement of any need for women.
    No doubt you are aware of Tides who similarly use fronts to obscure their major interest in Genderism, see their articles on ‘Grasstops’.
    Major foundations/funders.
    Yes profits, but also some insane New Rules Based World Order agendas from the fund ‘owners’.
    I once went through several of the main funders years ago and their personal views unfortunately did not download etc didnt realise how much would be wiped.
    You have done excellent work over the years, and it is much appreciated.
    Did Stock give you a plaudit? – lol, I know 🙁
    (Oh the veil of refugees/asylum seekers/migrants has always been used but I see it being ramped up. )
    Very best wishes always.
    Thank you.

    1. Actually she has asked me to share the article and I am transcribing it for her. She already knew what I disagreed with and I have huge respect for her, I just diverge on some points. Let’s hope she cuts through to some people who wouldn’t read me, or Helen Joyce. (I will cover Helen’s book too soon.

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