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Africa: Neo-Colonialism

This post should give you a flavour of a co-ordinated campaign to spread Gender Identity Ideology throughout continental Africa. The document below is the report of a gathering of trans activists, for which I am indebted to a twitter user you can follow here


This event was a feeder event for a conference designed to connect Trans Activist with each other and, crucially, with funding sources.. For those of you who read the work of Jennifer Bilek this will be familiar territory.

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The conference is the brain child of the International Trans Fund. (ITF) They are backed by The Arcus Foundation, among others, which I wrote about here:


This is a summary of the amount if funding given to the International Trans Fund, since 2016

These are details of a couple of the grants.

This post will be based on this document 👇shared by a twitter user. . Attached below:


Changing Faces, Changing Spaces (CFCS)

The main conference is called Changing Faces, Changing Spaces and has been going since 2007. I have been unable to locate the conference report, but I have located the agenda and the report for the 2017 event.

The agenda is here with an excerpt highlighting the key role of Broden Giambarone.


The Ireland connection 

The keynote speaker is Broden Giambrone who played  role in getting the Irish Gender Recognition Act passed; which, controversially. allows self-identification of trans status. He talks about that here in a short YouTube for Open Society Foundations, who also fund this conference. Broden is the Director of ITF. 

Broden Giambrone

There is a further Irish connection since the treasurer for ITF is none other than Sara Phillips, of Ireland’s equivalent to Stonewall.

The pre-conference document sets out the priorities for trans-activists groups with some detail about their priorities and strategy. Most of the people with a “trans” identity have no access to what is described as ”gender affirming” care so this was a priority for the grass roots attendees.

Another key aim is to obtain legal recognition of the trans community with the clear implication that it should follow the Irish Model and be based on ”Self-ID” . This would be a disaster when it has long been recognised women face rape just trying to relieve themselves in the absence of safe toilet provision. Now any recent initiatives to provide facilities would end up mixed sex.

Of all the trans advocacy documents , I have read, this was also the most blatant in linking “trans” rights to engage in prostitution, which of course they call ”sex work”. The two issues are linked repeatedly in the document.

They are keen to raise awareness of ”trans” issues and, in particular, dispel the notion that it is connected to homosexuality, as below.

As I raised in this post promoting transgender ideology has had a negative impact on gay rights even in the Western context, how much more catastrophic could it be where homosexual rights are recent or non-existent? I wrote about this here :

Lesbian & Gay Rights in African countries.


The impact of Gender Identity Ideology on Gay men and Lesbians could be far worse in Africa.

Better a trans daughter than a gay son?

Another, particularly, chilling strategy is the use of social media to target the young. We are now witnessing a Tsunami of detransitioners who have woken up from their Tumblr induced, Trans, Trance. Imagine fostering this in countries without the same health services?


I have been told by African women that they don’t expect this to infect African society the same way as it has done in the U.K, North America and Australasia. I am not so sure. A generation of our kids have been brainwashed and the idea of #LadyPenis has emerged at breakneck speed. Puberty Blocker manufacturers have donated nearly 1.5 million to one political party, individual donors have given money to politicians who are now spouting queer their inspired garbage. I did not think this could happen here. I have long been of the opinion that I live in a very corrupt country (England) but that does not mean corruption is not also rife in Africa.

You can support my work here. My content is free and I work tirelessly but I can’t match the might of all these billionaire’s and their ”charitable” foundations without help.

Researching the neo-colonialism in exporting gender identity ideology, globally. Charting the impact on women’s and gay rights and hoping we are an effective fightback.


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