Detransition: Series Summary

Here are links to my pieces on detransition for ease of reference.

Lisa Littman: Survey of detransitioners.

First up Lisa Littman. Here Littman undertakes a survey of detransitioners. Respondents give their reasons for accessing medical responses for their Gender Dysphoria and why they ceased treatment /re-identified with their natal sex.

Littman and Detransition

Cambridge Study. Data from Gender Clinic

In part two I look at a U.K study based on data from a U.K Gender Clinic. This study looked at 12 months of discharge data to assess whether those disengaging could be classified as detransitioners. They concluded that detransition rates are an under-estimate. They did not include the 3 suicides as anyway linked to post-treatment regret.

Detransition: Cambridge Study (2)

Survey done by a detransitioner

This is based in the work of a detransitioner which was published on the 4th Wave Now website. The survey is from 2016 and attracted responses from 200 detransitioners.

DeTransition: 4th Wave Now (3)

Survey in Journal of Homosexuality

This is another survey of detransitioners. It is in two parts to capture open comments from detransitioners. This was an on-line survey which attracted over 200 responses. Notably this was published in The Journal of Homosexuality.

Detransition Survey: Four

Here are the open comments:

Detrans Survey 4 (a).

Former staff member of the Tavistock.

This was a response to a series which appeared in the Journal of Childhood and adolescent heath. In this article Kirsty Entwhistle joins calls for more research and argues the testimony of detransitioners should make us rethink responses to dealing with Gender Dysphoria.

Detransition 5

Butler & Hutchinson

Calling for more research on desistance/detransition and guidance for clinicians on how to support this demographic.

Butler & Hutchinson

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