Gender Diverse Youth. Part 1

Part 1. Who funds the research?

This series will look at a project featured on the website This project interviewed twenty families who believe they have been sent a ”transgender child” and some of the youth’s who identify as transgender. This series will look at the young people. I have done a series on the parents. All linked in this thread:

Parents of Trans Kids: Series 2

You can access the website here: 👇

Parents of “transgender” children.

Health Talks is run by a charity called Dipex.

The Chair of the trustees is a Professor of Medical Education. One of the other trustees is a Professor of Medical Sociology at University College London.

I have looked at the annual report and the accounts of associated companies. .There’s not much to share. They do say they have sister organisations elsewhere in Europe and the United States. I will research further if I track these down.

The research, I am looking at was funded by the National Institute for Health Research, Nuffield Institute and the University of Oxford.

The people involved in the research project reads like a who’s who of Gender Identity Ideologues. Those of you who are not neophytes will know what to expect when I list the people credited on the website. Listed first is Lui Asquith of Mermaids a charity for ”transgender” children. Representatives of other “transgender” charities also appear. Jay Stewart from Gendered Intelligence, the Reeds from GIRES, a representative of the Proud Trust also appear. No list would be complete without a Stonewall representative and there is also someone from the Tavistock gender Clinic. Ruth Pearce is an academic and former colleague of Sally Hines, who has written a book on ”Trans Health” and is a trans-identified male.

Cal Horton is the researcher who also looked into this area; a non-binary parent with a ”trans child” and someone I covered in my series on the work Cal has published, on the same topic. (Quite possibly based on the same parents). You can read that series here:

Parents of ”trans kids”

Suffice to say, there were no skeptical voices involved in the research project.

As if that wasn’t bad enough they also sought input from one of the most misogynist trans-activists!

More to follow when I start to cover the detail. It is worse than I anticipated.

I do this full-time and I have no income. If you can support my work it would be gratefully received.

Researching Gender Identity Ideology and it’s impact on women’s and gay rights. I have a particular concern about the medical treatment we are giving to children and young people. Many are gay, autistic or victims of child sexual abuse.


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