Gender Diverse Youth. Part 2

Gender Diverse journeys.

This series will look at a project featured on the website This project interviewed twenty families who believe they have been sent a ”transgender child” and some of the youth’s who identify as transgender. This series will look at the young people. I have done a series on the parents. All linked in this thread: 👇

Parents of Trans Kids: Series 2

You can access the website here: 👇

Diverse Pathways

The research is funded by Oxford University, among others, and is a collaboration with Mermaids. Many prominent trans lobbyists were involved, including Katie Montgomery.

Cal Horton is also involved; a non-binary parent with a ”trans child” and someone I covered in another series on parenting ”trans” kids. You can read that series here: 👇

Parents of ”trans kids”

Full details of the sponsors and the researchers are in part one: 

Gender Diverse Youth. Part 1

I could say harsh words after wading my way through the cultish ramblings and internecine squabbling between the trans toddlers. However, onward I go, channelling my inner Sarah Stuart and wishing I had the biting wit of Ms Burchill.

The first thing to note is that spinning detransition as a ”diverse” journey is an attempt to co-opt their experience, of regret, as part of the full spectrum of ”gender journey’s”. It’s a public relations exercise and it illustrates just how prominent detransitioners experiences have become. This is the gender charlatans attempt at damage limitation.

There is also a retreat from the discredited framing of #BornInTheWrongBody so beloved of Mermaids.

Now we are encouraged to celebrate a multiplicity of ”trans-narratives” with the unintended (intended?) consequence that the trans umbrella needs to expand. In this way “transgender” Lobby groups seek to turn a lost battle into a victory. One contributor even pins the blame for this fixation on one trans-narrative on ”cispeople”; because we are not able to fathom multiple reasons for a trans-identity. Nope. We know being gay, autistic, childhood sexual abuse, being in foster care all make people susceptible to gender theism. Not to mention our old friends transvestic fetishism and autogynephilia; sexual paraphilias.

Another bit of stalinist bit of revisionism recurs with participants complaining they are expected to perform ”transness” and adhere to binary narratives to get access to treatments. Treatments which, by the way, tend to be female sex hormones for males and testosterone for females. Why, it’s almost as if the ”treatments” are based on the fact we are a sexually dimorphic species.

Here Ari complains about being held to a standard narrative by their skeptical parents:

Ezio complains that her mum expects her to want to use the men’s toilets but the women’s are nicer. 😳. Of course they fucking are! Because we don’t let men in them!

Shash has a bitch about ”trans-medicalists” who dictate what zie can do as a trans-man. Then a non-binary person (Eel) airs some feelings about schism’s and drama in the trans church. One ”transman” is accused of being practically a “terf”.

Eel is, she tells us, a very feminine guy but she hates her body and wants surgery. She complains of toxicity, from within the trans community, directed at anyone not regarded as ”trans” enough.

Seems as if there is a universal need in the trans community to construct an inverted hierarchy of most oppressed.

Here a speaker says they have never heard of anyone ever having regretted surgery and likens this to their tatoos which they have never regretted.

Others complain that ”cis” people try to force trans people into modelling a binary version of being trans and that the media sets impossible standards by showcasing ”passing” trans people. Another “trans man” who is Asian complains there is not enough acceptance of “feminine” trans men because ”racism”. Confused yet?

So, in summary. Nobody is born in the wrong body anymore. It’s ”cis” people who are obsessed with a standard ”trans-narrative” except for some “trans-medicalists” who don’t validate ”non-binary” people. Detransition is all part of a gender journey and nobody regrets surgery.

I do this full-time and I have no income. If you can support my work it would be gratefully received.

Researching Gender Identity Ideology and it’s impact on women’s and gay rights. I have a particular concern about the medical treatment we are giving to children and young people. Many are gay, autistic or victims of child sexual abuse.


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