Gender Diverse Youth. Part 3

Gender Diverse journeys.

This series will look at a project featured on the website This project interviewed twenty families, who believe they have been sent a ”transgender child” and youth’s who identify as transgender. This series will look at the young people. I have done a series on the parents. All linked in this thread: 👇

Parents of Trans Kids: Series 2

You can access the website here: 👇

Diverse Pathways

The research is funded by Oxford University, among others, and is a collaboration with Mermaids. Many prominent trans lobbyists were involved, including Katie Montgomery.

Cal Horton is also involved; a non-binary parent with a ”trans child”. I covered another series on parenting ”trans” kids, based on work done by Horton. You can read that series here: 👇

Parents of ”trans kids”

Prepare yourself for endless navel-gazing, narcissism and some genuinely sad triggers for embarking on a medical pathway.

First up is Bee, who identifies as non-binary to escape the reality of sexual dimorphism, oops, I mean the “violent systems of kind of binary sex and gender …built by white supremacist patriarchal society”.

Many of the narratives are filled with the usual, adolescent, tales of not fitting in and the miraculous discovery of transgender narratives. These kids have fallen for a mass marketing campaign designed to appeal to vulnerable children / teens who don’t fit in.

One participant is relieved to find out he is not just a “weird” kid. Other participants had assumed they were gay but felt ill at ease as a ”flamboyant, feminine boy” . Could that have something to do with Grindr profiles specifying ”straight acting”? Does the gay community have a problem with gay men who are not ”macho”?

Others talk about adopting a ”trans” identity after a period of depression and mental illness. Tori came out as ”trans” after a vicious, homophobic attack.

Tori was also a flamboyant gay male until he was attacked and set on fire in what sounds like a gruesome experience. He recounts a tale from his childhood where he fervently wished he was a girl and, while he was accepted as a “effeminate” gay male, something still didn’t feel right. Now he knows there is another way to be. That would be the advertising campaign.

We seem to have created a world where flamboyant gay males are not flourishing. Males like Boy George and Marilyn rocked a vibe that challenged social norms for the male sex. They were not in flight from their sex and sexuality.

This is not progressive. It is the opposite of self-acceptance. It is no coincidence only one of these “identities” garners any profits for the gender medico-industrial complex.

Some of the other narratives seem like a desire to be “edgy” and not be a boring old male.

G gets to the heart of the matter. He found being male ”boring”. He didnt like the ”aesthetics” of masculinity. He also throws in the fact that he had been in a heterosexual relationship as a ”cis” man. There is no spot more lowly in the Gender Olympics than a ”cis, white,heterosexual, man”.

Some came to identify as ”trans” in response to the marketing on YouTube or movies or they identified with character’s in books. Once you become attuned to the trans-product placement you will see we are in the middle of a mass media campaign; the aim is to normalise a medically dependent existence. It is working. It is not just boring het males or flamboyant gays who are seduced by this propaganda. Eel👇 realises she is not just a Lesbian after reading a book by a “trans-man”. Summer identifies with Lili-Elbe from the film The Danish Girl.

Summer identifed as a feminist at University and decided the way to burnish his credentials was by ”living as a woman” , whatever that means. He decided to ”siphon” off the feminine as if he had found a tank of feminine essence. Interestingly, there is currently a lot of outrage about “black-fishing” where basic white girls darken their skin tone and mimic black hair and speech patterns. Often they perpetuate outrageous, negative stereotypes and their performances are parodic. How is this any different?

CJ Found ”queer theory” and trans-masculine YouTuber influences cemented (sold) her a trans identity.

Some of the sales pitch happened at social meet-ups hosted by Trans Lobby groups. 👇

In case it isn’t clear this is a mass recruitment drive. Gay males and Lesbians are especially vulnerable because homophobia has not disappeared and many of them are non-conformist, in terms of adherence to sex sterotypes. Some of the cheerleaders for this are gay males. {Crispin Blunt, Michael Cashman, Owen Jones and John Stryker of Arcus Foundation} and Lesbians {Ruth Hunt & Nancy Kelley of Stonewall, Linda Riley of Diva Magazine and Judith Butler, Queen of Queer Theory}. Did the Gay rights movement lay the seeds of their own destruction by allowing themselves to be force teamed with the T? What motivates these older homosexuals to betray their siblings?

I do this full-time and I have no income. If you can support my work it would be gratefully received.

The kids are NOT All right.

Researching Gender Identity Ideology and it’s impact on women’s and gay rights. I have a particular concern about the medical treatment we are giving to children and young people. Many are gay, autistic or victims of child sexual abuse.


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