Gender Diverse Youth. Part 4

Rites of Passage to become authentic self!

This series looks at a project featured on the website This project interviewed twenty families who believe they have been sent a ”transgender child” and some of the youth’s who identify as transgender. This series will look at the young people. I have done a series on the parents. All linked in this thread: 👇

Parents of Trans Kids: Series 2

You can access the website here: 👇

Diverse Pathways

The research is funded by Oxford University, among others, and is a collaboration with Mermaids. Many prominent trans lobbyists were involved, including Katie Montgomery.

Cal Horton is also involved; a non-binary parent with a ”trans child” and someone I covered in another series on parenting ”trans” kids. You can read that series here: 👇

Parents of ”trans kids”

Full details of the sponsors and the researchers are in part one: 

Gender Diverse Youth. Part 1

I am indebted to YouTuber, Exulansic, for crystallising my thoughts on the quasi-religious nature of the ”trans cult”. This section will cover the ritualistic nature of trans rites of passage. Smashing the gender binary turns out to involve a lot of performative behaviour associated with masculine and feminine sex stereotypes. Becoming your ”authentic self” also turns out to be quite a hazardous process for your health. The acceptance if the pain of these ”rites” is akin to the self-flagellation of religious penitents.

A female journey to “authentic self”

Here are some females talking about their ”trans-masculine” rites. First up we have Bee who is challenging the gender binary by appropriating ”masculinity” and then subverting expectations by being a female who presents feminine, if she wants to. There’s a teen vibe to Bee’s pronouncements.

Clothes have played a significant role in many youth subcultures since we invented the teenage demographic to fuel consumerism. Signalling membership of a group plays an important role in finding your tribe.

While writing this I took a detour to read a paper, by Friends of The Earth, which had many insightful thoughts on consumerism and identity formation. Transgenderism has been driven by a relentless mass marketing campaign and is a profit-making endeavour. The bodies of our young are the ”product” as they carve sex stereotypes into, and out of, their own flesh.

Another pertinent observation is the role played by social imitation, groupthink and peer pressure. Things can become a social norm “regardless of rationality”.

Breast Binding

Which takes me onto the subject of breast binding. Many of these women have adopted the practice and here are some of their observations. Patrick is performing the Holy Trinity: Hair cut ✅. New Wardrobe ✅ and breast constriction ✅.

Patrick describes this practice as “freeing” but also deeply uncomfortable. Self-flagellation reboot for the gender cult:

Jack reports the ”euphoria” on binding for the first time, a gender cult word for religious ecstasy:

Further exploration reveals some downsides but also neatly encapsulates the treadmill Jack has put herself on. Binding is painful but a double mastectomy will sort that out. 🤔

Some reported even more horrific experiences with breast constriction:

This is self-harm on a grand scale, yet we are valourising these girls as if the western world has morphed into a pro-ana movement. Here’s the list of side-effects from recent research.

So liberating! Here one participant explains that she cannot go anywhere without her binder. Even when nobody can see her, she must wear a binder.

The attention-seeking aspect is nicely illustrated by Loges. 👇. More tattoos piercings and a prosthetic penis because it’s better than passing unnoticed.

From prosthetic penis to standing to pee.

Another trans rite is the vertical urination ceremony. An article actually demanded men sit down to pee in solidarity with ”transmen”.

Here a trans-identifying female explains how it triggers their dysphoria seeing her male friends having a piss.

Asking men to change their behaviour, to avoid triggering dysphoric females, was never going to fly. Never mind somebody found a way to make it pay! You can sell prosthetic penises with a built in device so appropriate “himage” can be paid at the Urinal.

Male journeys to authentic self.

G also mixing it up. We met him earlier when he came to the realisation that his last relationship wasn’t a heterosexual relationship at all, because he is no longer a “cis” male. His journey is mainly about fashion, socialising and copying styles.

Male authenticity also centres the hair, long hair for a girl, make-up, prosthetic breasts or hormonal induced gynecomastia. What was missing was the practice of ”tucking” which is, I am told, fraught with health complications for men. There are lots of shopping trips, cos the Ladies love to shop, don’t they. 🙄. Then there are tears of joy in euphoric phases but tears of sadness when ”girl” clothes don’t fit. There is a long section on training to feminise the voice which seems like a lot of work. There is also a lot of self-loathing oozing from these stories. In my uncharitable moments I echo the sentiments of this cartoon.

All in all the male section can be summed up by this image and the word ”narcissism”.

I do this full-time and I have no income. If you can support my work it would be gratefully received.

Researching Gender Identity Ideology and it’s impact on women’s and gay rights. I have a particular concern about the medical treatment we are giving to children and young people. Many are gay, autistic or victims of child sexual abuse.


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