Alison Pritchard: TRA behind the scenes? Part Two: GEO

Pritchard does have a social media presence but, certainly on twitter and facebook, they are not vocal on ”trans” rights. Perhaps when your CV has seen you deeply embedded, at a senior level, in the Civil Service you have all the voice and influence you need?

Prichard’s linkedin does not go back further than 2009 but elsewhere we can learn they have been with the Civil Service since 1987. Spent 5 years in Saudi Arabia working on UK Defence. Has also been responsible for the National Lottery.

Government Equality Office (GEO)

In this post I will take a quick look at the Annual report for the Government Equality Office (GEO) for 2010-11. Attached below 👇

annual-report GEO 2011

Ministerial responsibility came under Lynne Featherstone who you may remember for telling women fighting for our, sex based, rights that we were not welcome in the Liberal Democrats. Clip below 👇

Follow the money!

Also worth remembering that the Liberal Democrats have taken 1.4 million from Ferring Pharmaceuticals who manufacture Puberty Blockers which the NHS started giving to children as young as 10, via the Tavistock Gender Clinic. I covered the Liberal Democrat funding below.

Liberal Democrats & Big Pharma

This statement by Lynn Featherstone will give you an idea of how fanatical she is on this issue. It is for women like her that I coined the term ”Vichy Women”. How dare she call us ”faux feminists“ while rolling back women’s rights a hundred years!

So, what was the first thing Featherstone did as Minister for Women and Equalities? Got rid of the Women’s commission which dated back to 1969. Now women’s rights comes under the GEO and specifically under a Trans-Identified male whose interests are diametrically opposed to those of women. 👇

Abolish the Women’s National Commission!

I should point out that the Women’s National Commission showed early signs of capture back in the 2009 /10 Annual Report. The Home Office commissioned them to host a series of women only focus groups. They chose to include ”Transgender women”. This didn’t save them. They also ran a survey after partner organisations raised concerns about the threat to women only spaces, this might have been their undoing. They were due to report on the outcomes in what they described as an unprecedented level of response. Clip from the annual report below. 👇

Single Sex Services
Following concerns expressed by Partners that women-only services are under threat and that the gender equality duty was being misinterpreted by funders, the WNC ran a light touch online survey asking women about their experience of women-only services, whether they would choose a women-only service in certain circumstances and whether they valued having the option to go to a women-only service. We received 297 responses to this survey which is an unprecedented response to a WNC survey. We are looking in detail at the responses and will be reporting on this soon.

Senior Management Team.

Pritchard was in charge of the hen house and earning over 70k for the privilege!

The decision was also taken to end EHRC’s grant making powers and determined that the EHRC would no longer be required to foster good relations between different protected characteristics. This has significant implications when one protected group, Gender Reassignment, is demanding rights which the protected characteristic of Sex had been granted to defend single sex spaces.

This despite the overwhelming number of respondents opposing the repeal of this responsibility.

The decision was also taken to remove the responsibility to monitor the “gender” pay gap. This would be diluted to a voluntary scheme, once the GEO had set one up.

The GEO was now the lead on all Equalities issues which means that a man, who has a vested interest in the destruction of women’s rights is in charge of protecting them!

The GEO commenced multiple initiatives to advance ”transgender” rights under the misleading LGBT banner. (Misleading because Lesbians and Gay men are being harmed by the forced teaming with the T). The protected characteristic of sexual orientation requires recognition that sex exists, something Trans Activists which to be subordinate the ”Gender Identity”.

This is just a sample of the initiatives set out in the Annual Report to advance ”trans” rights.

Engaging with the Transgender Community to shape the governments first Transgender Equality action plan

Working to end homophobia and transphobia in sport (aka destroy female sport)

Supported the United Nations to embed the concept of ”Gender Identity”

I will return to Pritchard as he continues his career to examine any other pertinent activities which occurred on his watch.

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