The Lobby Groups and Key Influencers: Trans Britain (Part 2)

Working my way through this book by Christine Burns. Subtitle is “Out of the Shadows” so I think it only right that we expose the organisations /individuals working to undermine Women’s rights, gay rights and children’s safeguarding.

You can read part one here:

C.Burns: Trans Britain

All About Trans

The book documents how we have reached saturation point with “trans” characters appearing in all the main soap operas beginning with Hayley Cropper, in Coronation Street. All About Trans is the lobby group behind much of the media capture.

You can find their website here: 👇

All About Trans

This is how they describe their work:

On their website they also quote an endorsement from Evan Davis, a journalist who formerly worked for Newsnight (a role he left in 2008) and is now a presenter on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme.

One of the people acting as a consultant is Ugla Stefania, who is a trans-identified male and in a heterosexual relationship Fox Fisher. Both featured in part one. Ugla wrote the introduction to the Denton’s document which laid bare the strategy to embed Gender Identity Ideology throughout society. If you have not read my piece on The Denton’s Document, it’s well worth a look. Full document linked if you want to go to the primary source.

All About Trans is part of an umbrella organisation On Road Media who boast relationships with a wide range of media organisations, including the BBC. They also boast an impressive list of financial supporters among charitable foundations. The NHS, National Union of Journalists, National Lottery are amongst those listed as partners. One of the charitable foundations listed in The Paul Hamlyn Foundation which appeared in my series on The Guardian. PHF shared a trustee with the Trust that oversaw the Guardian Media Group and they have funded an array of trans lobby groups, including Mermaids.

You can find that series here:


On reading the Annual Report for 2o20 I also came across a familiar face.

This is Megan Key who gave evidence to the House of Commons about “Transgender” prisoners. He works for the Prison service and thinks a man who has committed sexual offences, against women, can nevertheless be housed in the female estate. I covered him in these two pieces.

Megan Key: Probation Services

Megan Key: Update.

Another collaborator is Ayla Holdum. Ayla talks about how he re-educated Sun readers who had covered his “transition” in sensationalist style. Ayla managed to get the article removed.

Holdom is a trustee of Stonewall and a Patron of Mermaids. He is married, to a woman, and describes himself as a “mum”.

Here he is confirming that he is a heterosexual man.

Next up Rebecca Root and Kellie Maloney (who we met in part one).

This was on BBC Two but was promoted as “love across the age gap”. It is no longer available on BBC iPlayer.

Root is also in a relationship with a woman and has quite a few film credits. He played a nurse in The Danish Girl and also made an appearance in The Queens Gambit in 2020. This is the case with a lot of netflix shows who try to sneak “trans” characters in on a regular basis. This serves as product placement for the Gender Industrial Complex.

Here he is celebrating feeling “sexy” as a woman and how getting “chatted up” feels like an achievement.

Finally we can’t leave out Annie Wallace. Wallace is also a patron of Mermaids and i plays a character in Hollyoaks. This soap included an episode where Wallace was incarcerated, in a women’s prison and HE was portrayed as a victim of bullying.

He also advised Coronation Street on the character of Hayley Cropper which was organised by Burns. Wallace also claims to have “transitioned” in his twenties and he hid his biological sex until he was in his fifties. Like many feminists I am blocked from Wallace’s twitter feed but he makes a habit of attacking women fighting for sex based rights and enjoys calling us “hysterical”, like a good old fashioned sexist.

I am not very far through this book and Wallace gets a chapter all of his own. Doubtless there will be more to say about his contribution.

For the next piece I will cover the trans-activists who have tried, some succeeded, to gain political office.

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